URGENT!! 2014 AMC Participants with no School Name
Date Posted: 2014-09-17

The Australian Mathematics Trust that runs the Australian Mathematics Competitions had released the names of Filipino participants with lacking of basic information in the 2014 AMC answer sheets, thus their names will not be included in the list of their respective schools, therefore, they may not be able to receive their certificates. The following participants are given only 48 hours from this posting to supply this basic information through this email:

a. Name of Participants
b. Name of school
c. School address
d. Year / Grade Level


    Code Name   Yr/Div
1   1310C Dacillo Christine 3MP
2   1310C Pilapil Althea 3MP
3   1311C Binas James Tyrone 5UP
4   1306A Tabanao Leigh Andrei 5UP
5   1312C Joaquin Raven Dessery 6UP
6   4320C Perez Mark-Francis 7J
7   1307C Bernardino Angelo 8J
8   1307C Bernardino Laurence 8J
9       A Elvas Recor Frank 8J
10   1308C Gravamen Kenneth 8J
11   1309C Dela Cruz Jasson 10I