The Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines (MTG) is a non-stock, non-profit organization of mathematics teachers committed to develop and promote excellence in Mathematics education and training in the Philippines. It was organized in 1995 by a group of teachers who are all mathematics trainers in their respective schools. It began with a movement called "The Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program" headed by Dr. Simon L. Chua and Prof. Rechilda P. Villame, MTG's president and external vice-president respectively.

Originally, MTG members were private schools in Metro Manila only, but through annual seminars, workshops and training, membership grew in number. Now on its thirteenth year, MTG has almost 3 000 school-members and 40 training centers nationwide, from as far as Vigan City at the north, and General Santos City at the south. Future recruitment will be opened for public schools.

MTG institutionalizes excellence in mathematics education and training in the Philippines to upgrade the discipline to meet international standards and to provide the basis for scientific and technological manpower needed for the country’s education, modernization and industrialization.

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