The Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines was organized in 1995 to help the Philippine Government particularly the Department of Education, Culture and Sports uplift the standard of mathematics education and training in the country. The guild achieves this goal by forming different projects for mathematics teachers and gifted students.

1. Mathematics Educator Update Seminar-Workshop

A. In 1998, the Guild invited Professor Qiu Zonghu, the former Vice Chairman of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad Committee, to conduct seminars in Metro Manila and Cebu City.
B. In 2003, the Guild conducted a seminar-workshop on How to be Effective International Math Coaches, with the famous Canadian Mathematician Dr. Andy Liu as the guest lecturer.
C. Every year the Guild conducts three seminar-workshops for educators in different regions of the country.
D. Recently, Dr. Leng Gangsong, the principal coach of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad National Team, 2003, will arrive at May for a two weeks seminar to trainors and the contestants of the Filipino national team.
These seminar-workshops aim to provide training for the professional growth and advancement of our mathematics teachers and to keep them abreast with the dynamic field of mathematics.

2. Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program

The guild shares the trusts of developing and empowering human resources through training programs and the vision of making Filipino students become globally competitive particularly in international mathematics competitions. It is for these reasons the Mathematics Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program (MTFKTP) was instituted. It has been developed to help teachers motivate, stimulate and develop mathematically gifted and talented Grades 3,4,5, and 6 pupils and from first year to fourth year high school students. The program aims to:

1. foster interest in and awareness of the power of mathematics.
2. provide stimulating mathematics problems.
3. identify talented Filipino Kids, recognizing their achievements nationally and providing support that will enable them to reach their own level of excellence.
4. prepare them to international math competitions
5. provide Filipino global competitiveness and national/international brotherhood.

3. Young Mathematicians' In-House Intensive Training Program

This is the second to the last stage of the program where all successful trainees of the MCFKTP are invited for a three to five days In-house training. A screening committee decides on who will be part of the Philippine Delegation to an international math competition based on their tests and child's ability to deal with others in-group.

The Training Program Director notifies the schools and the parents regarding the child's admittance to the program, which prepares them for international math competitions.

4. Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program

The summer enhancement program is a compulsory for all the MTG trainees who successfully passed the In-House Intensive Training Program and eventually represent the Philippines to any international math competition. The training usually lasted for three to four weeks.

Within the weeks' schedule, the contest committee will conduct series of test to the trainees. There will be about twelve to twenty tests are given to the participants to enable the contest committee to identify the performance or status of each participants and thereby use their overall performance as a reference for the selection of team members to the international competition.

Affiliation with International Organizations and International Math Contest Organizers

1. Popularization Committee of Chinese Mathematical Society (Organizer of China Primary and Middle School Mathematics Olympiads), Beijing, China
2. Chiu Chang Mathematics Fund, Taipei, Taiwan
3. Po Leung Kuk (Organizers of Primary Mathematics World Contest), HongKong
4. Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools, Bellmore, New York, USA
5. The Tournament of Towns (Intercity Mathematics Olympiads for Secondary Students), Russia
6. The Centre for Education in Mathematician and Computing, University of Waterloo (Organizer of Canadian Math Competition for Secondary School Students), Ontario, Canada
7. The Australian Mathematics Trust (Organizer of Australia Mathematics Competition), Canberra, Australia
8. The Mathematical Association of America (Organizer of American Mathematics Competition), USA

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