Aug 10, 2008

More than a score of schools have sent the names of their participants for the 2008 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools-English (ICAS-English) which will take place on August 12, 2008. The response of these schools to the ICAS-English has been overwhelmingly great especially this competition is the first ever in the Philippines, developed by the Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) of the University of New South Wales and will be jointly conducted by the MTG and ICAS Philippines.

In ICAS-English, reading and language skills are assessed in a ranged of texts. Participants are required to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesize information in and about texts, focusing on the aspects of reading for meaning in literary texts, reading for meaning in factual texts, textual devices, syntax and vocabulary.

The venue of the competition for the Metro Manila area will be the Grace Christian College (formerly Grace Christian High School) at Sto. Domingo St., Grace Village, Quezon City. The contest venues for the other regions in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will be announced later here at the MTG website.

The following are the lists of schools with their number of entrants/participants per level who will take the ICAS-English. The total participants as of the present is more that one thousand already.

There are several sample contest problems posted at the website of the University of Southwales at www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/prepare/practice_questions.
Paper A for Grade 3, Paper B for Grade 4, Paper C for Grade 5, Paper D for Grade 6, Paper E for Grade 7 and 1st Year, Paper F for 2nd year, Paper G for 3rd year and Paper H for 4th year high school level.

Note: In the event the number of entrants/participants do not match with your data, please let us know immediately by emailing us at rjd182001@yahoo.com or contacting us at this mobile 0917-3246-302.

National Capital Region

1. Chang Kai Shek College-Total entries=2
   1st year-1   4th year-1

2. Colegio San Agustin,Makati City-Total=162
   1st Yr-45 2nd Yr-25    3rd Yr-60 4th Yr-32 

3. Grace Christian College-Total entries=227
    GR3-24 GR4-34      GR5-16     GR 6-32
    1st Yr-21 2nd Yr-21   3rd Yr-46  4th Yr-33  

4. Hope Christian High School-Total entries=25
    GR3-4 GR4-4      GR5-3     GR 6-4
    1st Yr-1 2nd Yr-3   3rd Yr-2  4th Yr-4     

5. Makati Science High School-Total entry=1
    1st Yr-1   

6. PAREF-Rosehill School-Total entry=1
    1st Yr-1   

7. Philadelphia High School-Total entries=37
   GR3-3 GR4-5      GR5-3     GR 6-8
   1st Yr-5 2nd Yr-4   3rd Yr-4  4th Yr-5     

8. Philippine Science High School,Main-Total entries=5
   1st Yr-2 2nd Yr-1   3rd Yr-1    4th Yr-1     

9. Saint Jude Catholic School-Total Entries=35
   GR3-7 GR4-11      GR5-2     GR 6-12
   1st Yr-1 3rd Yr-1    4th Yr-1

8. San Beda College Alabang-Total Entries=60
   GR4-4        GR5-6       GR 6-11
   1st Yr-10 2nd Yr-10   3rd Yr-10    4th Yr-9

9. St.Mary's School,Cagayan de Oro-Total Entry=1
   2nd Yr-1

10. St. Paul College,Pasig-Total Entries=99
   GR3-14 GR4-14      GR5-19     GR 6-18
   G7/1stYr-17 2nd Yr-1    3rd Yr-11  4th Yr-5     

11. St. Stephen's High School-Total Entries=4
    GR6-3       1st Yr-1

12. Xavier School-Total Entries=5
    GR3-1 GR4-1      GR 6-1   G7/1st Yr-2

1. Blessed Lights International Christian Academy-Total Entries=23
    GR3-4 GR4-6       GR5-8     GR6-5
2. Tarlac Living Faith Academy-Total Entries=23
   GR3-3 GR4-3      GR5-3      GR6-5
   1stYr-1 2nd Yr-3   3rd Yr-3   4th Yr-2 
1. Iloilo Central Commercial High School-Total Entries=18
   1stYr-4 2nd Yr-2   3rd Yr-3   4th Yr-9 

2. St. John's Institute (Bacolod)-Total Entries=128
   GR3-18 GR4-14      GR5-18      GR6-17
   1stYr-4 2nd Yr-16   3rd Yr-21   4th Yr-20 

1. Ateneo de Zamboanga Univerisity-Total Entries=14
   GR5-6      GR6-8
2. Filipino Turkish Tolerance School-Total Entries=25
   GR3-2 GR4-3      GR5-2      GR6-1
   1stYr-7 2nd Yr-3   3rd Yr-4   4th Yr-3 

3. Lanao Chung Hua School-Total Entries=35
   GR3-3 GR4-3      GR5-6      GR6-6
   1stYr-5 2nd Yr-3   3rd Yr-4   4th Yr-5 

4. Living Spring Academy (Iligan City)-Total Entries=58
   GR3-18 GR4-9      GR5-15      GR6-16
5. Philippine Science High School,CMC-Total Entry=1

6. Zamboanga Chong Hua High School)-Total Entries=34
   GR3-3 GR4-10      GR5-14      GR6-6

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