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Jun 15, 2008

After having gone from the series of rigidly intensive trainings, the MTG kids have shown no sign of backing out to pursue the challenges of the math contests abroad especially the 2008 International Mathematics Competitions (IMC) which will be held in Singapore on July 18-21, 2008.

This year, the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines has identified thirty-two (32) qualifiers and four (4) alternates’ mathematically-prepared elementary participants who will compose the Philippine team for the above mentioned contest in Singapore. These young Pinoy math warriors will engage in a stiff battle of the brains with the friendly competitors from China, India, Malaysia and Singapore to mention a few.

The list of alternate participants in the recently concluded In house summer training camp in Deeco Technological Institute last April 15 to May 14, 2008 will officially represent the Philippines in the IMC Singapore since they showed commendable performance.

The 2008 IMC is open to primary/elementary pupils and secondary students. The competition is usually done according to grade/year level, thus the award is also given based on grade/year level.

Other than the objectives of this contest to awaken the public awareness on the importance of mathematics and to encourage everyone to study hard the subject, the goal also includes sharpening of mathematical skills and competence in preparation for the International Mathematics Olympiad.

The members of the official list of elementary participants as disclosed by the MTG, Philippines are as follow:

1. Adrian Reginald Sy- St. Jude Catholic School
2. Andrew Lawrence Sy- St. Jude Catholic School
3. Vince Benedict Say- St. Jude Catholic School
4. Jason Joseph Fernandez- San Beda College, Alabang
5. Kaye Janelle Yao- Grace Christian High School
6. Marc Adrian Yu- St. Stephen’s High School
7. Benedict Ryan Tiu- St. Stephen’s High School
8. Lorenzo Carlos Baquiran- Jaro I Elementary School
9. Danica Mae Berunio- Blessed Lights Int’l Christian Academy, Naga City
10. Aira Alyssa Kue- St. Joseph School, Zamboanga City
11. Ryan Jason Ng- St. Jude Catholic School
12. Leo Emmanuel Sombiro- Solomon Integrated School de Iloilo
13. Ethan Riley Chan- Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
14. Reine Jiana Reynoso- St. Paul College, Pasig
15. Abigail Laureen Sy- St. Jude Catholic School
16. Daniel Christian Ong- UNO High School
17. Keith Brian Yu- St. Jude Catholic School
18. Karli Ang- Philippine Institute of Quezon City
19. Darren Anthony Khow- St. Jude Catholic School
20. Wilford Jason Julio- St. Jude Catholic School
21. Charina Raisa Tan- Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
22. Charles Emerson Ngo- Leyte Progressive High School
23. Mark Patrick Celon-Diliman Preparatory School
24. Kerwin Edfrey Utanes- San Beda College, Alabang
25. Johanne Michael Flores- Youngster Christian Learning Place, Iligan City
26. Katrina Mae Palaganas- St. Mary Mazzarello School of Negros Occidental
27. Pia Isabel Lim- St. Pedro Poveda College
28. Jerome Claude Palaganas- De La Salle- Canlubang
29. Sarji Sukarno Tanggol- Iligan City East Central School
30. Daniel Young- Jubilee Christian Academy
31. Christopher Rabi- Cebu Eastern College
32. Joseph Jireh Eguia-Xavier University-Cagayan De Oro City
33. Ana Karenina Batungbakal– San Beda College – Alabang
34. James Okusa– Victoriano D. Tirol Advance Learning Center, Tagbilaran City

1. Raenelle Ean Ngo– Chiang Kai Shek College
2. Mario Antonio Ongkiko– Xavier School
3. Benson Tan– Jubilee Christian Academy

Furthermore, the above participants should start showing their intention and confirmation of participation by e-mailing at philemic@yahoo.com within 3 days after the posting of this announcement. Failure to give an affirmation on or before June 14, 2008 means that the participant is backing out from the Philippine team, thus, MTG will give slot to other interested participants.

The participants for the high school level will announce just after the competitive examination will be given this coming Saturday at Arellano University for the qualifiers in Metro Manila Area only.

Other international mathematics competitions in China and Indonesia will be announced later. We advised all the qualifiers and alternates to keep update on the MTG website.

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