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May 10, 2018

Three Filipino mathletes struck back with another perfect score, a consistent feat showing their seemingly inexhaustible number prowess, this time in the Hypatia and Fryer contests run by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) of the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Andres Rico Gonzales (Colegio De San Juan De Letran), who is one of the best in his batch, showed his flair for mathematics more eloquently than most of his peers as he scored 40 out of 40 in the Hypatia contest.

Filbert Ephraim Wu (Victory International School) and Sean Matthew Tan (Jubilee Christian Academy) unleashed their math might, leaving their Fryer contest paper impeccable.

The good harvest went on as three more Filipino math wizards ended as top scorers in the Galois and Euclid contests. Finishing the contest with flying colors is Sted Micah Cheng from Hope Christian High School for his impressive performance in the Galois Contest.

Joining the short list of top scorers are Julian Raymund Yu from British School Manila and Sean Anderson Ty from Zamboanga Chong Hua High School whose CEMC medals await them for their big success in the Euclid contest.

In addition, there are forty-nine other math wizards who are deserving of particular honor for winning in this year’s CEMC.

The CEMC develops and administers many internationally recognized contests to help to inspire the next generation of students to develop an interest in and love for mathematics and computer science.

The full list of winners from the Philippines are as follows:

1Julian YuBritish School Manila11MedalEuclid
2Sean Anderson TyZamboanga Chong Hua High School11MedalEuclid
3Bryce Ainsley SanchezGrace Christian College9DinstinctionEuclid
4Vincent Dela CruzValenzuela City School Of Mathematics & Science9DinstinctionEuclid
5Immanuel BaleteSt. Stephen's High School9DinstinctionEuclid
6Steven ReyesSt. Jude Catholic School9DinstinctionEuclid
7Jonathan YuPhilippine Christian Gospel School10DinstinctionEuclid
8Stefan Marcus OngSt. Jude Catholic School10DinstinctionEuclid
9James Matthew YoungIloilo National High School - SSC10DinstinctionEuclid
10William KingBethany Christian School10DinstinctionEuclid
11Ryan Jericho SyChiang Kai Shek College10DinstinctionEuclid
12Andres Rico Gonzales Colegio De San Juan De Letran10DinstinctionEuclid
13Dion Stephan OngAteneo De Manila Senior High School10DinstinctionEuclid
14Fedrick Lance LimZamboanga Chong Hua High School10DinstinctionEuclid
15Gabrielle CandanoUniversity Of Sto. Tomas Legazpi10DinstinctionEuclid
16Filbert WuVictory Christian International School7Medal Fryer
17Sean Matthew TanJubilee Christian Academy7Medal Fryer
18Sigfred KwanZamboanga Chong Hua High School7DistinctionFryer
19Vanessa JulioSt. Jude Catholic School8DistinctionFryer
20Maria Monica ManlisesSt. Stephen's High School9DistinctionFryer
21Lance LimSt. Jude Catholic School8DistinctionFryer
22Sarji Elijah BonaPalawan Hope Christian School8DistinctionFryer
23Trisha SiaChiang Kai Shek College9DistinctionFryer
24Noel Stephen DequitoXavier School Nuvali7DistinctionFryer
25Deanne AlgenioMakati Science High School8DistinctionFryer
26Keean TangUno High School8DistinctionFryer
27Enzo Rafael ChanBayanihan Institute7DistinctionFryer
28Marco Erano DumaleDe La Salle University - Laguna Campus8DistinctionFryer
29Sean Eugene ChuaXavier School San Juan8DistinctionFryer
30Andrei Lenard ChanZamboanga Chong Hua High School8DistinctionFryer
31Sted Micah ChengHope Christian High School9Medal Galois
32William KingBethany Christian School10DistinctionGalois
33Gabrielle CandanoUniversity Of Sto. Tomas Legazpi10DistinctionGalois
34Al Patrick CastroMakati Science High School9DistinctionGalois
35James Matthew YoungIloilo National High School - SSC10DistinctionGalois
36Charles ShiPhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan10DistinctionGalois
37Fedrick Lance LimZamboanga Chong Hua High School10DistinctionGalois
38Stephen James TyZamboanga Chong Hua High School9DistinctionGalois
39Naomi Anne KingSt. Jude Catholic School9DistinctionGalois
40Ryan Jericho SyChiang Kai Shek College10DistinctionGalois
41Hiraya MarcosPhilippine Cultural College9DistinctionGalois
42Daryll KoSt. Stephen's High School9DistinctionGalois
43Nate Brevin QueBayanihan Institute9DistinctionGalois
44Neil Bryant QueBayanihan Institute10DistinctionGalois
45Aiman Andrei KueZamboanga Chong Hua High School9DistinctionGalois
46Andres Rico GonzalesColegio De San Juan De Letran10Medal Hypatia
47Julian YuBritish School Manila11DistinctionHypatia
48Sean Anderson TyZamboanga Chong Hua High School11DistinctionHypatia
49Bryce Ainsley SanchezGrace Christian College9DistinctionHypatia
50Stefan Marcus OngSt. Jude Catholic School10DistinctionHypatia
51Immanuel BaleteSt. Stephen's High School9DistinctionHypatia
52Steven ReyesSt. Jude Catholic School9DistinctionHypatia
53Vincent Dela CruzValenzuela City School Of Mathematics & Science9DistinctionHypatia
54Dion Stephan OngAteneo De Manila Senior High School10DistinctionHypatia
55Xavier GoZamboanga Chong Hua High School12DistinctionHypatia

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