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Jan 11, 2018

The best side of the Filipino number lovers shines once again as one hundred thirty two have been triumphant to grasp top honors for the country at the 2017 International Mathematics and Assessments for Schools (IMAS) conducted in December last year.

Out of the 2237 Filipino participants, more than 1000 threaded their way through the top, earning high distinction certificates for notching scores above 95 percentile, distinction certificates for achieving scores above 85 and below 95 percentile, and credit certificates for scoring above 50 and below 85 percentile.

Just as many Filipino math achievers who made great headway in the international math contests, 41 middle primary, 45 upper primary and 51 secondary students went through great lengths in IMAS, winning high distinction awards with the chance to claim their stake for more excellence in the second round scheduled in March this year.

This year a total of 214 whiz kids stayed ahead of the pack for breezing away with the distinction award while 793 others succeeded to get credit certificates.

These are the following students who obtained high distinction certificates and are now qualified to participate in the 2nd round of IMAS in March 2018.

  Names of Participants Division
1 Te, Jerome Austin Middle Primary
2 Hong, Ian Gabriel T. Middle Primary
3 Saludo, Kristner Sheyn S. Middle Primary
4 Saluta, Michael Angelo Middle Primary
5 Salome, Charles Patrick Middle Primary
6 Tongson, Michael Gerard Middle Primary
7 Co, Sophie Jill D. Middle Primary
8 Un, Andrew Lim Middle Primary
9 Wong, Jayce Preston Middle Primary
10 Sajorne, HeinekenJOyce Middle Primary
11 Tan, Anika Gayle Middle Primary
12 Lozada, Anton Derek Middle Primary
13 Acosta, Claire Mitzi Middle Primary
14 Yu, Clare Bernice Middle Primary
15 Sze, Chael Mathew Villanueva Middle Primary
16 Tunguia, Sophia Kirsten Middle Primary
17 Veldez, Chelsea Alen Middle Primary
18 Ababon, Iris Lexi Q. Middle Primary
19 Wee, Ruth Samantha Middle Primary
20 Berana, Jerrold Kyler Middle Primary
21 Mendoza, Von Mark II Middle Primary
22 Sumogba, Hedrique Kristof Middle Primary
23 Chua, Kolby Carter Middle Primary
24 Angeles, Dian Anika Middle Primary
25 Guinto, Kyrus Noah Middle Primary
26 Amper, Shawn Renfred Middle Primary
27 Magpantay, Mika Antonette F. Middle Primary
28 Lodriguito, Florence Alexandra Middle Primary
29 Gumban, Giorgio Othello Middle Primary
30 Lim, Heaven Thodore Middle Primary
31 Chan, Alexandra Louis Middle Primary
32 Collantes, Evan Nathaniel Middle Primary
33 Briones, Kody Middle Primary
34 Bergantinos, Audrey Marielle Middle Primary
35 Felix, Reuben Joseph Middle Primary
36 ANGELES, Sean Pio Derrick Middle Primary
37 Siaco, Kate Dominique Middle Primary
38 Lao, Gabrielle Denise Middle Primary
39 Yu, Renee Therese Middle Primary
40 Cabiao, Tyrone Lemuel V. Middle Primary
41 Condino, Jia Ruth Lauren Middle Primary
42 Paredes Dy, Alvann Walter Upper Primary
43 Letran, Walsh Nico Adrian Upper Primary
44 Romasanta, Sofia Kenan Upper Primary
45 Dela Cruz, Rovi Gabriel Upper Primary
46 Torreon, Ambrose James Upper Primary
47 Dizon, John Florence Upper Primary
48 Hong, Zachary Aiden Upper Primary
49 Liao, Hashanti Nikisha Upper Primary
50 Dolar, David Matthew V. Upper Primary
51 Magpantay, Davis Nicholo A. Upper Primary
52 London, Jarvey Meejel C. Upper Primary
53 Yap, Christian James Upper Primary
54 Enad, Ernest Dwyane Upper Primary
55 Mariano, Joshua Miguel Upper Primary
56 Avancena, Noreen Isabelle Upper Primary
57 Dimayacyac, Armea Helena G. Upper Primary
58 Reyes, Lauren Upper Primary
59 Rillera,, Ramon Enrique T. Upper Primary
60 Tan, Jerome Samuel Upper Primary
61 Dalangin, Gadriel Symone Upper Primary
62 Ngo, Justin Miguel Upper Primary
63 Ching, Enzo Grant Upper Primary
64 Eligio, Jared Upper Primary
65 Sanico, John Benedict Upper Primary
66 Yeo, Sean Kendrick N. Upper Primary
67 Chan, Kei Hang Derek Upper Primary
68 Gochian, Alexandra Brianne Upper Primary
69 Genovatin, Alexis Griff S. Upper Primary
70 Alingod, Lorraine Aisha C. Upper Primary
71 Dela Fuente, Jence Enrico P. Upper Primary
72 Recio, Salvador Upper Primary
73 Landicho, Maria Bernadette Upper Primary
74 NG, Tristan Cooper Upper Primary
75 Tiampong, Shana Camille Upper Primary
76 Calimlim, David Addison Upper Primary
77 Lim Tiong Soon, Krystal Upper Primary
78 De Ocampo, Axel E. Upper Primary
79 Pabillano, Allan Dave Upper Primary
80 Sia, Benn Jethro Upper Primary
81 Lei, Tracy Lauren Teo Upper Primary
82 Landicho, Juan Rafael Upper Primary
83 Valaquio, Ziron John Upper Primary
84 Custodio, Joshua Allen Upper Primary
85 Sansaet, Giacerise DC. Upper Primary
86 Chan, Ethan Jared Upper Primary
87 Dalida, Raphael Dylan Junior Division
88 Tan, Cassidy Keler Junior Division
89 Bernardo, Jose Maria S. II Junior Division
90 Bermudez, Dominic Lawrence Junior Division
91 Lim, Lance Heinrich Junior Division
92 Noceda, Erin Christen Junior Division
93 Wu, Filbert Ephraim S. Junior Division
94 Martinez, Enrico Rolando Junior Division
95 UY, Robert Frederick Junior Division
96 Casugbo, Marianne B. Junior Division
97 Khoo, Justin Teng Soon Junior Division
98 Tangog, Gwyneth Margaux Junior Division
99 Algenio, Deanne Gabrielle Junior Division
100 David, Malks Mogen Junior Division
101 Tan, Rickson Caleb Junior Division
102 Ubanos< Filbert Joseph Junior Division
103 Palomar, Wesley Gavin Junior Division
104 Ang, Vince Dexter Junior Division
105 Julio, Vanessa Ryanne Junior Division
106 Tang, Kean Nathaniel Junior Division
107 Tamayo, Annika Angela Mei Junior Division
108 Chua, Shawn Darren S. Junior Division
109 Dequito, Noel Stephen Junior Division
110 Chan, Enzo Rafael Junior Division
111 Dumale, Marco Erano Junior Division
112 Ong, Dion Stephan Junior Division
113 Arcadio, Jodi Marcia Junior Division
114 Quintin, Jan Cedric Junior Division
115 Tan, Frederick Ivan Junior Division
116 Tan, Patricia Angelica Junior Division
117 Torralba, Jeremie Keon Junior Division
118 Chua, Kian Colin Junior Division
119 Kwan, Sigfred Kerwayne Junior Division
120 Trompeta, Seth Marchen Junior Division
121 Ching, Lyonel Justin L. Junior Division
122 Narvasa, Jose Oliver Junior Division
123 Ilagan, Gerard Elmer Junior Division
124 Teng, John Raphael Junior Division
125 Maceda, Danela Kayla Junior Division
126 Calubayan, Phylline Cristel Junior Division
127 Tan, Sean Matthew G. Junior Division
128 Lim, Manuelle Christian Junior Division
129 Ong, Carlos Benedict Junior Division
130 Gonzales, Andres Rico III M. Junior Division
131 Padayao, Russell Lei Junior Division
132 Parra, Ma. Leibniz Charisse D. Junior Division
133 Picart, David Kyle R. Junior Division
134 Carambas, Gabriel Cheo Junior Division
135 Marquez, John Henry Junior Division
136 Tiong, Gregory Charles Junior Division
137 Oringo, John Angelo Junior Division

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