Jun 14, 2008

All participants of the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools-Science (ICASS) and the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition are reminded to be in their school uniform during the contests which will be held simultaneously on June 28, 2008 at 8:00 o'clock in the morning.

Rio Tinto Participants should bring the following:
- B or 2B lead pencils
- Eraser
- Ruler
- Calculator

For the ICASS just bring with you B or 2B lead pencils and erasers. The test will last only about 1 hour and 30 minutes.The contests will be held in different venue

Sto. Domingo Grace Village, Quezon City
a. Aquinas University of Legazpi Science High School,Legaspi City
b. BESTCAP Career College, Inc., Tarlac City
c. Colegio San Agustin, Binan- Binan Laguna
d. Learning Link Academy- Silang, Cavite
a. Bethany Christian School, Cebu City
b. Trinity Christian School, Bacolod City
c. West Visayas State University, Iloilo City
a. Oro Christian Grace School-Cagayan de Oro City
b. MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School-Iligan City
c. Zamboanga Chong Hua High School-Zamboanga City

Other venues will be announced later.

Since the opening of classes in most schools in the Philippines will start in the second week of June, then the organizers have approved to base the Grade/Year Level of the participants in the previous school year 2007-2008 and not the incoming school year 2008-2009.

Please check the names of participants and the corresponding levels listed below. Should there be discrepancy in the entry, please do the necessary correction through an email to Mr. Robert Degolacion at rjd182001@yahoo.com. Likewise, for those who registered and whose names are not found in the list, please do also email to us by writing the name of the participant, school and the grade/year level for SY 2007-2008.


1 Acosta, Derrick Myles -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
2 Ang, Clyde Wesley Si -Chiang Kai Shek College
3 Asia, Erik Darwin -College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac
4 Bauzon, Jam Cailah -BESTCAP Career College, Inc.
5 Booc, Samexcelantha Benn -Living Spring Academy
6 Calledo, Jean Anton -Living Spring Academy
7 Capudoy, Daniel Rico -BestCap Career College, Inc.
8 Chan, Cary Albert Dy -Saint Jude Catholic School
9 Chen, Wilmer Mathe -Grace Christian High School
10 Comaling,Angelika Louisse -Cagayan De Oro City Central School
11 Contreras, Amanda Anja -St. Paul College, Pasig
12 Cu, Chars Agustin -Lanao Chung Hua School
13 Cunanan, Rufa Aisha -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
14 Daniel, Ian -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
15 Dantes, Alex Nicole -College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac
16 Dee, Henry Angelica Lao -Saint Jude Catholic School
17 Destura, Terri Danielle -La Salle Academy-Iligan
18 Domantay, Patrick -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
19 Go, Xavier Jefferson Ray -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
20 Guanzon, Jamcailah -BestCap Career College
21 Hintural, Mhyles Danielle -Colegio San Agustin- Bi?an
22 Ho, Shannon Gail -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
23 Holaysan, Stan Anderson -Bethany Christian School
24 Liu, Anna Ysabel -Grace Christian High School
25 Llorin. Alyssa Gewell -St. Paul College, Pasig
26 Mariata, Francine Monina -St. Paul College, Pasig
27 Mendoza, Koby Lawrence Kaw -Saint Jude Catholic School
28 Midel Leonard Louwin -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
29 Nanasca, Danielle Tammy -BestCap Career College
30 Prado, Jean Nathan -BestCap Career College
31 Pua, Gillian Jenine -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
32 Sy, Kyla Isabel -Lanao Chung Hua High School
33 Taladua, Aline -Living Spring Academy
34 Talampas, Joseph Jude -Cagayan de Oro City Central School
35 Tan, Celina Reyna -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
36 Tan, Katrina Cristina -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
37 Tee, Rylle Ashley -Xavier School
38 Tejano, Anna Mikaela -Cagayan de Oro City Central School
39 Yanong, David James -Living Spring Academy
40 Yeo, Micah Kimberly -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
41 Zamora, Jingle -Cagayan de Oro City Central School

1 Abuel, Allan Calvin -Learning Link Academy
2 Alfaro, Jacy -Grace Christian High School
3 Alsumaiti, Nasser Maah -Learning Link Academy
4 Alvovendas, Maria Jennica -St. Paul College, Pasig
5 Asia, Albert Thomas -College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac
6 Balajadia Peach Denielle -Learning Link Academy
7 Banaria, Francesca Helene -St. Paul College, Pasig
8 Bautista, Genesis Ryan -Learning Link Academy
9 Brosoto, Mig Franz -Learning Link Academy
10 Cansino, Princess Mae -BestCap Career College
11 Capudoy, Karl Samuel -BestCap Career College
12 Caro, Liam Gabriel -Learning Link Academy
13 Castro, Alexander Sebastian -Learning Link Academy
14 Castro,Luis Miguel -Learning Link Academy
15 Chan, Sabrina Rae -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
16 Chanco, Jethro -Learning Link Academy
17 Chavez, Zach Sebastian -Learning Link Academy
18 Chen, Dorothy Jem -Philippine Cultural High School
19 Cheng, Josh Roshown -Grace Christian High School
20 Cheng, Sean Princeton -Grace Christian High School
21 Chua, Thri?a Joy -Grace Christian High School
22 Colinares, Faye Angela -Learning Link Academy
23 Corro, Emmanuel Raymond -Learning Link Academy
24 Cu, Erica Marie -Lanao Chung Hua School
25 Cua, John Wesley -Grace Christian High School
26 Dacasin, Rachel Anne -Learning Link Academy
27 de Castro, Frederico Francesco -Learning Link Academy
28 De Gracia, Justine Lordy -Living Spring Academy
29 Estampador, Gabriel Angelo -San Beda College Alabang
30 Faelden, Gregory Grant Learning -Link Academy
31 Farrales, Alexandria Sofia -Learning Link Academy
32 Fernandez, Renee Calista -St. Paul College, Pasig
33 Galla, Jose Alain -Learning Link Academy
34 Go, Gene Jr. -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
35 Gomos, Katrina Marie -San Beda College Alabang
36 Guzman, Vanessa Anne -Grace Christian High School
37 Ho, Jonas Andrew Ho -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
38 Hung, Cenalyn Sedenia -Philippine Cultural High School
39 Jimenez, Maria Gianina -Learning Link Academy
40 KimYi Ju -Learning Link Academy
41 Kotah, Karljan -Philippine Cultural High School
42 Laygo, Gabriel Jireh -Learning Link Academy
43 Li, Mark Aaron -Grace Christian High School
44 Lim, Lady Clairinne -Grace Christian High School
45 Lim, Lonita Mari -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
46 Lim, Marielle Francesca -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
47 Lizarda, Mary Claire -San Beda College Alabang
48 Lopez Vito, Nemi Daney -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
49 Los Ba?os, Sebastian -Learning Link Academy
50 Luis, Mariel -Grace Christian High School
51 Manzo, Charles Justin -Learning Link Academy
52 Mercado, Colin Szymon -Learning Link Academy
53 Mercado, Michael James -College of the Holy Spirit, Tarlac
54 Ng, Karen Roz Go -Saint Jude Catholic School
55 Ng, Lian Sanro -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
56 Obal , Mysha Brikz -Learning Link Academy
57 Ong, John Montgomery -Grace Christian High School
58 Ong, Orex John -Trinity Christian School
59 Papa, Hannah Mikaela -Learning Link Academy
60 Po, Natalie Herschel -Living Spring Academy
61 Quintana , Paulo Raphael -Learning Link Academy
62 Ratilla, Gabrielle -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
63 Rigor, Princess Jeane -BestCap Career College
64 Rodrigo, Don Derek -Learning Link Academy
65 Saavedra, Joaquin Kyle Vincent -Learning Link Academy
66 Samson, Jose Lorenzo -Learning Link Academy
67 Santamaria, Bryan Thomas -San Beda College Alabang
68 Say, Vince Benedict -Saint Jude Catholic School
69 See, Katrina -St. Paul College, Pasig
70 Shi, Vincent -Grace Christian High School
71 So, Selena Marie -Grace Christian High School
72 Soro?o, Terence Craig -Learning Link Academy
73 Sy, Adrian Reginald -Saint Jude Catholic School
74 Sy, Andrew Lawrence -Saint Jude Catholic School
75 Tan, Breana Shinelle Keane -Grace Christian High School
76 Tan, Isabella Mae -Saint Jude Catholic School
77 Tee, Rhenz Aaron -Xavier School
78 Tiu, Christian Daniel -Grace Christian High School
79 Tiu, Nicole Lauren -Grace Christian High School
80 Tolentino, Juan Miguel -Learning Link Academy
81 Valdez, Donamae -Learning Link Academy
82 Valdez, Nicole -Learning Link Academy
83 Wong, Kingsley Shawn -Grace Christian High School
84 Yu, Jasmine Kayla -Grace Christian High School


1 Absalon, Alyssa Rose SJ -San Beda College Alabang
2 Acevedo, Roxanne Angelica -St. Paul College, Pasig
3 Alvarez, Vince Roi -Colegio San Agustin- Bi?an
4 Andres, Gia Marie Angelika -BestCap Career College
5 Ang, Jim David -Living Spring Academy
6 Apresto, Samantha -BestCap Career College
7 Avelino, Sebastia -Learning Link Academy
8 Balnaja, Jo Anne May -Living Spring Academy
9 Bulambao, Stephen Nebres -Grace Christian High School
10 Cabig, Annika -St. Paul College, Pasig
11 Carranceja, Jason Carlo -Grace Christian High School
12 Casano, Hanna Sabenit -San Beda College Alabang
13 Casares, Ethan Christofer -Grace Christian High School
14 Castillo, Adrien Fedrich -Learning Link Academy
15 Castro, Alex Jemimah -Grace Christian High School
16 Chan, Ethan Riley -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
17 Chan, James Jordan -Grace Christian High School
18 Chen, Anan -Philippine Cultural High School
19 Chen, Wendilyn Mae -Grace Christian High School
20 Chua Goy, Nadia Jill -Grace Christian High School
21 Chua, Austin Edrich Cheng -Saint Jude Catholic School
22 Chua, Edrich Hans -Grace Christian High School
23 Chua, Jayson -Grace Christian High School
24 Chua, Kimberly Louisse -Philippine Science High School
25 Chua, Vhalery Vie -Grace Christian High School
26 Chun, Annika Clerisse -Grace Christian High School
27 Concepcion, Francis -Philippine Cultural High School
28 Cristobal, Kevin Benedict -Grace Christian High School
29 Dacasin, Valerie Joy -Learning Link Academy
30 Demaisip, Kamilla -Learning Link Academy
31 Demaisip, Katrina -Learning Link Academy
32 Eugenio, Nicole Antonette -Philippine Cultural High School
33 Fajardo, Kyla Hazel -Learning Link Academy
34 Filio, Isaiah Rey -Learning Link Academy
35 Fortugaleza, Nathan -Learning Link Academy
36 Francisco, Mario Maximo -Learning Link Academy
37 Garcia, John Vergel -Learning Link Academy
38 Gerona, Eunice -Colegio San Agustin- Bi?an
39 Guiang, Gillian -San Beda College Alabang
40 Guinto, Mina Althea -Learning Link Academy
41 Infante,Jaime Carlos -Learning Link Academy
42 Jestre, Kim Jozel -BestCap Career College
43 Kim Sun Woo -Learning Link Academy
44 Laborada, Jan Daniel -Grace Christian High School
45 Lacson, Kristine -San Beda College Alabang
46 Lao, Ma. Czarina Angela -Saint Jude Catholic School
47 Laygo, Alexis Jirah -Learning Link Academy
48 Ledesma, Bianca -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
49 Lee, Ava Celeste -Saint Jude Catholic School
50 Lim, Marie Gayle -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
51 Lim, Marion Antonie -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
52 Lim, Mikhaela Francesca -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
53 Lim, Mycah Robin -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
54 Lim, Tonita Mari -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
55 Linsangan, Bettina -St. Paul College, Pasig
56 Liu, Anne Gabrielle -Grace Christian High School
57 Mabanta, Iris Marie -Saint Paul College, Pasig
58 Macalalad, Nadine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
59 Macalino, Pierre Geoffrey -San Beda College Alabang
60 Madriaga, Danielle Alexandrine -San Beda College Alabang
61 Magtibay, Giuseppe Angelo -Learning Link Academy
62 Mendoza, Joan Lisebeth -Saint Paul College, Pasig
63 Mirhan, Carl Kevin -Bethany Christian School
64 Mondilla, Roel Timothy -Living Spring Academy
65 Nanaman, Gem Gabriel -Living Spring Academy
66 Nava, Gilian Kirstin Nava -Grace Christian High School
67 Naval, Teresa Isabel -Saint Paul College, Pasig
68 Ng, Steve HK -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
69 Ngo, Arvy Daniel -Grace Christian High School
70 Onglao, Ma. Andrea Kristian -St. Paul College, Pasig
71 Pe?as, Carlos Jan -San Beda College Alabang
72 Perillo, Michael Vincent -Learning Link Academy
73 Puno, Raul Nicholas -Learning Link Academy
74 Quintos, Gabriel Rose -Saint Paul College, Pasig
75 Rapadas, Larissa Ann Pauline -Saint Paul College, Pasig
76 Reyes, Mary Grace Stephanie -Saint Paul College, Pasig
77 Saavedra, Laureen -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
78 Sebastian, Alyssa Rose -San Beda College Alabang
79 So, Wyeth -Grace Christian High School
80 Sohn Katy -Learning Link Academy
81 Sumaoang, Sarah Minette -BestCap Career College
82 Sunga, Elise Grace -Saint Paul College, Pasig
83 Sy, Dominique Hannah -Grace Christian High School
84 Sy, Patricia Jayne -Grace Christian High School
85 Sy, Raven -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
86 Taladua, Earl -Living Spring Academy
87 Tan, Carl Aaron -Grace Christian High School
88 Tan, Catherine Ann -Saint Paul College, Pasig
89 Tan, Kyla Camille -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
90 Tan, Matthew Ryan -Saint Jude Catholic School
91 Tolete, Kaihl Denver -BestCap Career College
92 Torres, John Joshua -Learning Link Academy
93 Torres, Coleen Marie -College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac
94 Ureta, Leona Shylene -Saint Paul College, Pasig
95 Villamangca, Kayla -Grace Christian High School
96 Villanueva, Arvin James -Divine Light Academy
97 Wee, John Lorenz -Grace Christian High School
98 Wee, Nicole Leanne -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
99 Yang, Jayne Eunice -Grace Christian High School
100 Yao, Kaye Janelle -Grace Christian High School
101 Yap, Denice Joy -Grace Christian High School
102 Yu, Angelo Chris -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School

1 Aala, Ma. Jean Camille -Learning Link Academy
2 Alano, Isabel Anne -San Beda College Alabang
3 Alberto, Ralph Angelo -San Beda College Alabang
4 Ang, Adrian Sedrick -Grace Christian High School
5 Ang, Karli -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
6 Ang, Kimberly Mae -Grace Christian High School
7 Antido, Katrina -Learning Link Academy
8 Aquino, Solana Beatrice -St. Paul College, Pasig
9 Baratang, Lizette Anne -BestCap Career College
10 Bartolome, Katrina Isabel -Saint Paul College, Pasig
11 Baterna, Marga -Living Spring Academy
12 Batungbakal, Ana Karenina -San Beda College Alabang
13 Cao, Joshua Eldrick -Learning Link Academy
14 Castro, Jose Lorenzo -Learning Link Academy
15 Chan, Alvin Heinrich -Philippine Cultural High School
16 Chan, Randy Stanford -Saint Jude Catholic School
17 Chanco, Julian -Learning Link Academy
18 Cheng, Deany Hendrick -Grace Christian High School
19 Chiong, Nicole Regina -Saint Paul College, Pasig
20 Choi Jung Yun -Learning Link Academy
21 Chong, Justin Bryan -Grace Christian High School
22 Chua, Holiday -Grace Christian High School
23 Chua, Kirsten Nicole -Grace Christian High School
24 Co, Alyssa Ann -Philippine Cultural High School
25 Colinares, Frances Anne -Learning Link Academy
26 Constantino, Clyde -BestCap Career College
27 Cruz, Ana Felicia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
28 Dagamac, Dustin Edmund -Learning Link Academy
29 Dajao, Danica Rose -Tetuan Central School
30 Dee, Arianne Hershee -Saint Jude Catholic School
31 Dela Cruz, Anna Michaella -Saint Paul College, Pasig
32 Dela Cruz, Miguel Pocholo -San Beda College Alabang
33 Deluria, Cassandra -Saint Paul College, Pasig
34 Destura,Gail Denise -La Salle Academy- Iligan
35 Dimatatac, Mary Joy -San Beda College Alabang
36 Dizon, Joseph Raymond -PAREF Southridege Private school
37 Escobia, Annalyn -Learning Link Academy
38 Estrella, Joseph Matthew -Learning Tree Child Growth Center
39 Estampador, Camille Therese -Saint Paul College, Pasig
40 Fernandez, Kevin Oliver -Grace Christian High School
41 Gabuat, Nathaniel -Learning Link Academy
42 Galvan, Daniel John Felix -San Beda College Alabang
43 Gelacio, Vince Jian -Living Spring Academy
44 Gimeno, Neil Lester -Living Spring Academy
45 Gomez, Elliah Bettina -Learning Link Academy
46 Guzman, Katrina Nicole -Grace Christian High School
47 Jimenez, Maria Gabrielle -Learning Link Academy
48 Josol, Michael -Learning Link Academy
49 Kim Jun Seok -Learning Link Academy
50 Kue, Aira Alyssa -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
51 Kwok, Kristine Celine -Grace Christian High School
52 Lam, Eileen Phoenix -Grace Christian High School
53 Laureta, David -Learning Tree Child Growth Center, Inc.
54 Lee, Eunice Isobel -Grace Christian High School
55 Li, Miltton Abraham -Grace Christian High School
56 Licop, Sidney -Learning Link Academy
57 Lim, Aileen -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
58 Lim, Jesse Mae -Philippine Cultural High School
59 Lim, Marie Gayle -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
60 Lim, Marion Antonio -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
61 Lin, Joal Rose Dalupan -Saint Jude Catholic School
62 Lizarda, Philip -San Beda College Alabang
63 Maghinay, Juliu Curr -Living Spring Academy
64 Marcado, Chloe Isobel -Living Spring Academy
65 Maog , Maria Bettina -Saint Paul College, Pasig
66 Marces, Karaline Cammille -Bethany Christian School
67 Mercado , Samantha Coleen -Learning Link Academy
68 Montales, Lara Andrea -Colegio San Agustin
69 Morales, Juancho Miguel -PAREF Southridge Private School
70 Morata, Josefina Cristina -Learning Link Academy
71 Ng, Seanne Daphne- -Saint Jude Catholic School
72 Ngan, Benjamin Caleb -Grace Christian High School
73 Ngo, Raenelle Ean Ang -Chiang Kai Shek College
74 Ocana, Jennifer Beatrice -Saint Paul College, Pasig
75 Ochoa, Michelle Marie -Saint Paul College, Pasig
76 Onagan, Therese Ann -Saint Paul College, Pasig
77 Ong, Hans Bryan Geremy -Grace Christian High School
78 Oni?eza, Teresa Julia -Learning Link Academy
79 Park So Jung "Anna" -Learning Link Academy
80 Placido, Aimee -Learning Link Academy
81 Po, Kimberly Clair -Living Spring Academy
82 Pollentes, Marc Angelo -San Beda College Alabang
83 Que, Sean Wyndell -Grace Christian High School
84 Ramos, Carlos Janmari -Learning Link Academy
85 Ramos, Derryck -San Beda College Alabang
86 Reandelar, Chloe Ann -Learning Link Academy
87 Reta, Ma. Rosario Francesca -Learning Link Academy
88 Reyes, Frances Isabel -Saint Paul College, Pasig
89 Reyes, Ma. Sophia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
90 Reynoso, Reine Jiana -Saint Paul College, Pasig
91 Rojo, Rachel -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
92 Rondain, John Stephen -San Beda College Alabang
93 Ruiz, Bea Camille -Saint Paul College, Pasig
94 Santos, Conrigo Boja -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
95 Santos, Jan Jeric -Grace Christian High School
96 Sarte, Ma. Jenefy -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
97 See, Anne Rachel -Saint Jude Catholic School
98 Siao, Alexandra -Lanao Chung Hua High School
99 Siao, Aliki Marie -La Salle Academy- Iligan
100 Siy, Benjamin Myron -Grace Christian High School
101 Sy, Abigail Laureen -Saint Jude Catholic School
102 Tan-Palanca, Isabel Luisa -Saint Paul College, Pasig
103 Tan, Neil Brian -Grace Christian High School
104 Tan, Timothy James -Trinity Christian School
105 Tee, Russell Austin -Xavier School
106 Tibi, Angela Modori Olivia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
107 Tio, Dielle -St. Stephen's High School
108 Tordesillas, Janelle Eira -Learning Link Academy
109 Torres, Justin Bryce -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
110 Tui, Sterling Alvin -St. Stephen's High School
111 Uy, Mikaele Angelina -Saint Jude Catholic School
112 Valdez, Camellia Mae -BestCap Career College
113 Valera, Natalia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
114 Villonco, Camille Bianca -Saint Paul College, Pasig
115 Vincoy, Nathan Francis -Learning Link Academy
116 Wang, Timothy Ryan -Chiang Kai Shek College
117 Wee Ebol, Keighley Shayne -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
118 Wong, Samuel -Grace Christian High School
119 Ylanan, Jan Antoinette -Saint Paul College, Pasig
120 Yu, Kristine Larissa -Grace Christian High School
121 Yu, Sean Tristan -Grace Christian High School

1 Aguilar, Kyle Darryl -Philippine Cultural High School
2 Alejandro, Jan Antoinette -Saint Paul College, Pasig
3 Alfaro, Marie Monse -Saint Paul College, Pasig
4 Ang, Bryan -Philippine Cultural High School
5 Atienza, Marian -Saint Paul College, Pasig
6 Balajadia, Kathleen Jose -Learning Link Academy
7 Balite, Perseus Homer -San Beda College Alabang
8 Bongalon, Christian Joseph -Learning Link Academy
9 Briones, Jasper Frederick -Oro Christian Grace School
10 Brodeth, Michael -Colegio San Agustin- Makati
11 Castillo, Christopher Gabriel -Learning Link Academy
12 Castro, Robert Kyle -Grace Christian High School
13 Cheng, Sean Timothy -Grace Christian High School
14 Cheung, Phoebe Lyn -Philippine Cultural High School
15 Chua, Edward Heinrich -Grace Christian High School
16 Co, Kenneth Tan Xavier School -Learning Link Academy
17 Conejero, Antonio Rafael -Learning Link Academy
18 Cruz, Anna Rominia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
19 Dalpatan, John Stephen -Learning Link Academy
20 Depaylan, Mariefel -MSU- IIT Integrated Development School
21 Eguia, Joseph Jireh -Ateneo De Cagayan, High School
22 El Debbar, Hanna Mohammed -San Beda College Alabang
23 Esquivel, Amanda Christine -PAREF Rosehill School, INC
24 Filio, Jeremiah Isabelle -Learning Link Academy
25 Fuerte, Danielle Angela -Learning Link Academy
26 Galvan, Daniel Joshua -San Beda College Alabang
27 Gilos, Daniela Marie -Learning Link Academy
28 Go, Brendon Matthew -Xavier School
29 Go, Johanna Wileen -Saint Jude Catholic School
30 Hungchiuming Kenneth Enrico -Xavier School
31 Kho, Niel Benjamin -San Beda College Alabang
32 Lao, Audrey Celine -Saint Jude Catholic School
33 Lao, Erica Patricia -Immaculate Conception Academy
34 Lim, Maeredithe -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
35 Lui, Emily -St. Stephen's High School
36 Macalino, Marie Danielle -San Beda College Alabang
37 Magdales, Eldren Jyron -Learning Link Academy
38 Maghirang, Marvyn -Learning Link Academy
39 Mayoralgo, Aldrich Aldwin -Xavier School
40 Mendez, Alyssa Jenica -Learning Link Academy
41 Mendoz, Ameray -Learning Link Academy
42 Milante, Richard -Chiang Kai Shek College
43 Morales, Gaea Patrice -Saint Paul College, Pasig
44 Morco, Henry Jefferson -Chiang Kai Shek College
45 Muyco, Camille Austine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
46 Ng, Kenrick Royce Go -Xavier School
47 Nuguid, Sara -Saint Paul College, Pasig
48 Ong, Eugene Russell -Grace Christian High School
49 Ong, Olsen John -Trinity Christian School
50 Ong, Samuel Christian -UNO High School
51 Puno, Ruiza Ma. Fatima Angeli -Learning Link Academy
52 Ratilla, Daniel -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
53 Rayos, Del Sol, Angela -Saint Paul College, Pasig
54 Regino, Selina Terry Ann -Tetuan Central School
55 Renes, Jeiro -San Beda College Alabang
56 Santiago, Christelle Anne -Saint Paul College, Pasig
57 Sayson, France Christine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
58 Sanchez, Paula Nadine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
59 Sison, Richie Rainer -St. Stephen's High School
60 So, Sigourney -Grace Christian High School
61 Soro?o, Abigail Joyce -Learning Link Academy
62 Sy, Vincent Juluis -St. Stephen's High School
63 Tan, Anna Beatrice -Saint Paul College, Pasig
64 Tan, Bianca Nichole -Saint Paul College, Pasig
65 Tan, Carlo Patrick -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
66 Tan, Charina Raisa -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
67 Tan, Earl Alexjeandre Sio -Xavier School
68 Tee, Royce Adrian -Xavier School
69 Teston, Raya Sofia -San Beda College Alabang
70 Tierra, Cathy May -Tetuan Central School
71 Tordesillas, Jessica Ellice -Learning Link Academy
72 Torres, Justin Bryce -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
73 Turingan, Casey Oliver -San Beda College Alabang
74 Valera, Sofia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
75 Victorino, Clara -Saint Paul College, Pasig
76 Wee, Leilani Joy -Grace Christian High School
77 Yao, Jhereme Khyle -Grace Christian High School
78 Yao, Mark -British School of Manila
79 Yu, Abraham Timothy -Learning Link Academy


1 Alfaro, Marie Monse -Saint Paul College, Pasig
2 Ang, Jennifer -Grace Christian High School
3 Ang, Michelin -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
4 Apor, Almira Doreen Abigail -Rosevale School
5 Aytona, Fiona Margarita -Saint Paul College, Pasig
6 Baritua, Raymund -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
7 Blanco, Clyde -Philippine Science High School
8 Castillo, Janica -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
9 Cembrano, Kimberly Joyce -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
10 Chan, Beyan Casper -Grace Christian High School
11 Chan, Janssen Lawrence -Saint Jude Catholic School
12 Chua, Elise Angeli -Grace Christian High School
13 Chua, Howayne -Grace Christian High School
14 Chuck,Muta -Turkish Tolerance High School
15 Co, Adrian Raphael -Xavier School
16 Co, Aldwin Aldrich -Philippine Cultural High School
17 Cua, Andrew -Philippine Cultural High School
18 Cua, Hubert -Philippine Cultural High School
19 De Ocampo, Ain Mae -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
20 Dy, Juliet -Grace Christian High School
21 Gervacio, Arianne -Grace Christian High School
22 Goy, Neil Jordan Chua -Grace Christian High School
23 Guzman, Hannah Vania -Grace Christian High School
24 Ibarra, Ma. Virginia -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
25 Ko, Alvin -Grace Christian High School
26 Kotah, Janssen -Philippine Cultural High School
27 Laborada, Danica -Grace Christian High School
28 Lao, Bridget -Grace Christian High School
29 Lao, Carmela Antoinette -Saint Jude Catholic School
30 Laohoo, Janelle Nathalie -Grace Christian High School
31 Lee, Arvin Kendrick -Grace Christian High School
32 Lee, Owdelyn -Grace Christian High School
33 Lim, Antonie Kyla -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
34 Lim, Antonie Kyna -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
35 Lim, Dominique -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
36 Lim, Margaret -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
37 Lim, Sean Austin -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
38 Lua, Dickson Albert -Grace Christian High School
39 Lugnasin, Ma. Salve Mae -Philippine Science High School-Argao Cebu City
40 Luis, Marvin -Grace Christian High School
41 Macam, Denise -Saint Paul College,Pasig
42 Malabuyo, Katherine Nicole -San Beda College Alabang
43 Marces, Karen Dixie -Bethany Christian School
44 Meguizo, Kyle Justin -Saint Jude Catholic School
45 Mendoza, Julian -Grace Christian High School
46 Mirhan, Clarisse Veronica -Bethany Christian School
47 Molion, Michael Steven -Philippine Science High School
48 Mojica, Jaztin Adrian -San Beda College, Alabang
49 Muyco, Camille Austine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
50 Ng, Mykhael -Grace Christian High School
51 Ong, Claudene Abigail -Saint Paul College, Pasig
52 Ong, Jeremy Ivan -Grace Christian High School
53 Peralta, Katherine -San Beda College Alabang
54 Pitero, Gerlyn Joy -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
55 Po, Leonard Benedict -Bethany Christian School
56 Pua, Gillian Jeremie -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
57 Pua, Raymond -Grace Christian High School
58 Que, Shaun Wesley -Grace Christian High School
59 Rosal, Thomas -Xavier School
60 Rica, Ariel Raye -Philippine Science High School
61 Rillera, Ara Patrice -San Beda College Alabang
62 Saavedra, Cathlyna Eden -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
63 Sanchez, Anna Monina -Saint Paul College, Pasig
64 Santiago, Christelle Anne -Saint Paul College, Pasig
65 Santos, Andrei Mishael -Berea Arts and Science High School
66 Tan, Nicholas -Xavier School
67 Tieng, James -Xavier School
68 Tui, Sabrina Ada Belle -St. Stephen's High School
69 Uy, Danica -Grace Christian High School
70 Uy, Maedeliene -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
71 Victorino, Clara -Saint Paul College, Pasig
72 Wee Ebol, Nikolai Bles -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
73 Wong, Gian -Philippine Cultural High School
74 Wong, Sarah Jessica -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
75 Yao, Kent Daniel -Grace Christian High School
76 Yap, Jeremy Vance -Grace Christian High School
77 Yap, Stephanie Ann -Grace Christian High School
78 Yu, Ryan -Xavier School

1 Ang, Hillary Millicent -Grace Christian High School
2 Acevedo, Rachelle Anne Marie -Saint Paul College, Pasig
3 Angeles, Niel Patrick -Philippine Science High School
4 Ayroso, Elvis Jeremy -Philippine Science High School
5 Balete, Camille Louise -Grace Christian High School
6 Balite, Portia Heidi -Philippine Science High School
7 Baniqued, Geraldine -Saint Paul College, Pasig
8 Bayunda, Bea -Saint Paul College, Pasig
9 Benipayo, Ariana -Saint Paul College, Pasig
10 Bernaldez, Mikhael -Aquinas Univ. of Legazpi Science H.S.
11 Bitancur, Marcial Jr. -Aquinas Univ. of Legazpi Science H.S.
12 Blomdahl, Josephine Therese -Saint Paul College, Pasig
13 Bunyi, Mary Kryslette -San Beda College Alabang
14 Caba?a, Charmaine Joy -San Beda College Alabang
15 Cabanes, Hans Vladimir -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
16 Cham, Luigi Marshall -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
17 Chan, Hannah -Grace Christian High School
18 Cheong, Selene Roselle -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
19 Ching, Beverly Joy -Grace Christian High School
20 Ching, Jeryl -Grace Christian High School
21 Chua, Angelyne -Grace Christian High School
22 Chua, Charlene Lynette -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
23 Chua, Jus Charleson -Xavier School
24 Chua, Samantha Denise -Grace Christian High School
25 Chuabio, Vernon -Grace Christian High School
26 Co, Faustine -Grace Christian High School
27 Co, Joan Catherine -Grace Christian High School
28 Co, Michelle Alexis Tan -Philippine Science High School
29 Co, Nerisca Anne -Philippine Cultural High School
30 Daella, Menandro Isagani -Beda College Alabang
31 Dagmang, Cornellius Elfie -Philippine Science HS- Argao
32 David, Denise Marie -Saint Paul College, Pasig
33 De la Fuente, Sarah Patricia -Saint Paul College, Pasig
34 Dela Cruz, Katherine Diane -Grace Christian High School
35 Dy, Kenn Carlson -Lanao Chung Hua High School
36 Emper?o, Early -San Beda College Alabang
37 Escolar, Richelle -Grace Christian High School
38 Flaminiano, Katrina Viel -BestCap Career College, Inc.
39 Fuentes, Alleana Micaela -Saint Paul College, Pasig
40 Gamboa, Jessica -Grace Christian High School
41 Garcia, Lawrence Neal -Bethany Christian School
42 Genoguin, Ralph Kevin -Trinity Christian School
43 Guiao, Erwin -Grace Christian High School
44 Gutierrez, Nelda -Philippine Cultural High School
45 Hao, Beverly Joyce -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
46 Hao, Hilary Joyce -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
47 Holayson, Sed Anderson -Bethany Christian School
48 Inguito, Jacob Noel -Philippine Science HS- Argao
49 Itang, Corazon Ericka -Philippine Science HS- Argao
50 Ko, Roselyn -San Beda College Alabang
51 Kho, Kevin -Xavier School
52 Ku, Kimberly -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
53 Ku, Raphael Lesmond -Xavier School
54 Lao, Evan Niccolo -Xavier School
55 Liao, Angela -Grace Christian High School
56 Lim, Patricia Abigail -Saint Paul College,Pasig
57 Limsiy, Goldielyn -Grace Christian High School
58 Logoc, Angela Jeaselle -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
59 Ma?osca, Alyanna Claudine -San Beda College Alabang
60 Mendoza, Francesca Gianelli -Philippine Institute of Q.C
61 Mendoza, Joannie Pauline -Saint Paul College,Pasig
62 Ong, Chelsea Phoebe -Grace Christian High School
63 Ong, Debbie Eileen -Grace Christian High School
64 Ong, Gisel -Grace Christian High School
65 Ong, Ostin John -Trinity Christian School
66 Genoguin, Ralph Kevin -Trinity Christian School
67 Pakson, Paul Stephen -Philippine Science HS- Argao
68 Rodriguez, Ron Christian Neil -San Beda College Alabang
69 Salonga, Renniel Elijah -San Beda College Alabang
70 Samorano, Frances Nicole -Grace Christian High School
71 Santos, Alexandra Ma. Francia -Saint Paul College,Pasig
72 Scamaniano, Katrina -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
73 Sia, Kim -St. Stephen's High School
74 Sumaoang, Aldwin -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
75 Sy, Camille Kristine -Chiang Kai Shek College
76 Syoima, Emily -Philippine Cultural High School
77 Tan, Inna Jae -Grace Christian High School
78 Tan, Marquis Alexandre Sio -Xavier School
79 Virata, Aeron Jason -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
80 Verceles, Janel -Saint Paul College,Pasig
81 Wee Ebol, Kimberly -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
82 WU, Zheng Rong -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
83 Yap, Meir Steven -Grace Christian High School
84 Ylanan, Aveline Marie -Philippine Science High School
85 Yu, Kevin Bryan -Grace Christian High School
86 Zhang, Zixin -Grace Christian High School

1 Agapito, Jeff Rey -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
2 Alenton, Mary Cris -Rosevale School, Cagayan De Oro
3 Amurao, Angela Camille Hua -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
4 Ang, Jim Darrell -Lanao Chung Hua High School
5 Ang Micah Belle Marie -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
6 Baniqued, Angeline -Saint Paul College, Pasig
7 Barcebal, Glenn Ian -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
8 Basilla, Jomari Ace -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
9 Brito, Leslie Mae -Grace Christian High School
10 Chan, Kristine Dianne -Grace Christian High School
11 Chang, Arlene Jane -Grace Christian High School
12 Cheng, Erika -Grace Christian High School
13 Cheng, Kevin Andrew -Grace Christian High School
14 Chiong, Sandra Rose -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
15 Chong, Tait Justin -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
16 Chua, Aileen Giselle -Grace Christian High School
17 Chua, Earl John -Grace Christian High School
18 Chua, Erika Alexandria -Grace Christian High School
19 Chuabio, Germaine -Grace Christian High School
20 Co, Ann Catherine -Lanao Chung Hua High School
21 Cua, Milthon -Grace Christian High School
22 de Asis, Suzanne Frances -Grace Christian High School
23 De Luna, Frances Camille -Saint Paul College, Pasig
24 Delos Santos, Alfred -Aquinas Uni. of Legazpi Science H.S.
25 Domingo, Carolyn -Philippine Cultural High School
26 Espino, Adrian Ronald -San Beda College Alabang
27 Hanz, Janine Marie -Philippine Cultural High School
28 Hungchiuming, Camile Elise -Xavier School
29 Jumaway, Dylan Alexandra -Best Cap Career College, Inc.
30 Kho, Kirstie -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
31 Koa, Louie -Grace Christian High School
32 Kua, Terence Lincolne -Grace Christian High School
33 Lau, Arnold Lindros -Xavier School
34 Leong, Robert Neil -Philippine Cultural High School
35 Lim, Bernadette -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
36 Lim, Charles -Xavier School
37 Lim, Eli Justin -Iloilo Central Commercial H.S
38 Lim, Lady Catherine -Grace Christian High School
39 Lim, Lizbeth Marie -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
40 Llanes, Kim -Grace Christian High School
41 Lumicao, Anthony Victorio -Rosevale School, Cagayan De Oro
42 Ngan, Samuel Ivan -Grace Christian High School
43 Ong, Alyssa Marie -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
44 Ong, Arienne -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
45 Ong, Germaine Lei -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
46 Ong, John Khaynier -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
47 Ong, Patrick Adrian -Saint Jude Catholic School
48 Ong, Rachel Mae -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
49 Onglao, Ma. Regina Paz -Saint Paul College, Pasig
50 Que, Mark Steven -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
51 Rojo, Ricci Ryan -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
52 Saavedra, Stephanie Eden -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
53 Sanchez, Aaron Zibeon -Grace Christian High School
54 Santiago, Janina Denise -Saint Paul College, Pasig
55 Santos, Marc Daniell -Sta. Isabel College - Manila
56 See, Melvin -Xavier School
57 Sia, Chanel Marie -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
58 Sia, Myles -St. Stephen's High School
59 Sing, Jocelyn -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
60 So, Samantha Elaine -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
61 So, Thomas Derrick -Grace Christian High School
62 Sumaway, Dylan Alexandra -BestCap Career College, Inc.
63 Sy, Jann -Xavier School
64 Sy, Jillian Kristel -Chiang Kai Shek CollegeSy
65 Sy, Paula Myles -Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
66 Sy, Wenchester -Grace Christian High School
67 Tan Sim, Eric Russel -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
68 Tan, Arric Lance -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
69 Tan, Dann Julis -Chiang Kai Shek College
70 Tan, Harold -Grace Christian High School
71 Tan, Joana Kristina -Grace Christian High School
72 Tan, Jordan -Xavier School
73 Tan, Justin Edward -Grace Christian High School
74 Tan, Sandra Beverly -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
75 Tiu, Kimmy -Grace Christian High School
76 Turano, Nikki -Saint Paul College, Pasig
77 Uy, Caitlin Joyce -Chiang Kai Shek College
78 Uy, Lizette -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
79 Uy, Vance Mikhail -Saint Jude Catholic School
80 Valcarcel, Joeferlo -Xavier University High School
81 Vocal, Ericka Kirsten -Saint Paul College, Pasig
82 Yap, Albert Mitchell -Grace Christian High School
83 Yap, Christine Michelle -Iloilo Central Commercial H.S
84 Yap. Gian -Xavier School
85 Yap, Judith Monique -Philippine Cultural High School
86 Yu, Jerome Bryan -Grace Christian High School
87 Yu, Rachel -Grace Christian High School
88 Yu, Vincent Gregory -Iloilo Central Commercial H.S

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