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Jun 04, 2004

Anxiously waiting for a phone call, a call that could
possibly change my life forever, an for higher learning have been
creeping in my veins for several days, then came the moment, on a pale
Tuesday afternoon, my cell phone rang. It was a (Mathematics Trainers’
Guild) MTG officer asking me if I am interested to go Zamboanga for an
intensive Math Training, my face lip up, followed by an assurance that
I’ll be going to the training. I became restless, knowing that my dream
to be one of the few “mathematically –inclined ” is just within reach.

A few people were against my departure for Zamboanga at first, but
then, they realized that it was not that bad after all, I’ve also
gathered some information about the lecturer, which made me more
decided to push through no matter what. “A Math Olympiad gold medallist
Trainor”, “Phd in a well respected school” and a hefty undisclosed
amount for his lecture fee. It was really mind bogging.

The departure: Excited but composed, as I reach the airport to
leave home for a life-defining two-week trip, I remembered a
well-renowned saying. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
After a little over an hour flight, I finally reach my destination,
“Zamboanga City”. After a good night sleep at a local hotel, the first
day of “class” unfolded, a prayer, the national anthem and an almost
“too good to be true” introduction of the professor, then we were all
business. 10 problems for the first 3 hours of the day, 10 problems
meant 10 pages on my notebook, that was even more than what I’ve copied
two years in my high school Math it was a sign we were geared toward a
bright light, and it also meant that the dreams of MTG Philippines of
making our country the best in at lest in Southeast Asia is finally
coming true, then another 3 hours in the afternoon followed the first 3
hours of disbelief in the morning, disbelief that we’ve finally here,
studying the hardest mathematical problems in the world. Then after the
6 hours a two hours session in the night caps a day of fruitful
experience and unparalleled learning.

After the day, everyone’ tired but certainly fulfilled down but
definitely not out, hoping for a long rest, but is actually still
longing for more, the professor who is based on Shanghai and a local of
Hunan Province turned out to be the one that I thought I could only see
in international contests receiving gold medals with his trainee, I
still can’t believe that I’m really experiencing this now this chance I
think is a one that certainly not more than a handful could enjoy.

We’re on our last day, this is certainly a blessing that I would
cherish for a lifetime, thanks to MTG for giving this chance to further
love my mathematical abilities!

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