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Jun 04, 2004

A renowned mathematician from Shanghai University, China arrived in the Philippines on May 6, 2003 to facilitate a two-week Mathematics Olympiad Summer Training Program in Zamboanga City. The math-training program conducted on May 7-20, 2004 held at the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School and was attended by selected Mathematics
Trainers’ Guild (MTG) Trainees and High School Math Teachers and Coaches across the country.

The MTG Philippines hosted the math-training program, which aims to prepare the participants and hones more their mathematical skills to represent the Philippines in different international math competitions. The Philippines, as its record speaks, has reaped several covetous international recognitions, awards and citations for the best shots its
contestants gave in contests held in China, Thailand, Indian and USA.

To strengthen the Philippine Teams, MTG invited Dr. Gansong Leng, head of the Mathematical Olympiad Research Center, Shanghai University, China to equip the participants with latest theories, techniques, and strategies on how to solve International Mathematics Olympiad problems.

In fact, the former Vice Chairman of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad Prof. Qiu Zonghu highly recommended the guest lecturer because of his great contributions as team leader and coach that brought home to China 8 gold medals in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). Likewise, he believed our country has high esteem particularly to the leadership of the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild president Dr. Simon Chua who is well known for his dedication and major contributor to the laudable achievements and recognitions our country received
internationally especially in the field of mathematics competitions.
Hence, the presence of Dr. Leng is a great advancement for the
Philippines to shine more in the competition arena.

Dr. Gangsong Leng has a very extensive achievement profile in the
field of mathematics. He has written more than thirty (30) articles on
mathematical research and contributed them to international magazines
for publication. He is a recipient of the Best Doctorate Dissertation
Awards and received the 2nd place in Progress Award in Science. He was
also given the highest recognition as an Outstanding National Team
Coach in the integration of Theory and Practice.

Moreover, MTG’s commendable achievements such as this training
program redound to Dr. Simon Chua’s effective leadership as President
of the MTG and MTG officers Mr. Anthony Ang, Mr. Roberto J. Degolacion
and Dr. Eduardo dela Cruz. Their initiative anchored on the MTG’s
principles and goals has made the guild go this far.

Likewise, the commendable support and warmed hospitality of Mr.
Noel Navarro, Josephine Tan, Ellen O. Tan, parents of ZCHHS and Tsu Chi
friends make our visitors feel Zamboanga as their second home and a
safe place to live.


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