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Oct 25, 2004

Our dynamic president of the MTG, Dr. Simon L. Chua, my good friends in the Mathematics Circle of the MTG coordinators, my fellow trainers, teachers, MTG kids, visitors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

Welcome to the City of Friendship,
Welcome to the Land of the Chocolate Hills
Welcome to the Home of the Trainers
Welcome to the Place of White Beaches and Sandy Shores
Welcome to Tagbilaran City, the Land of peace loving and hospitable people
Welcome to Bohol Wisdom School, the MTG center in Bohol.

It gives me great pleasure and pride to host this 2004 MTG Seminar Workshop in conjuction with the 2004 Young Mathematicians Conference. I was very inspired by the warm response of the students, principals and teachers who have come to join us in this important event today. What a prestigious gathering of smart and brainy people like us… all because of Mathematics. Thank you for the positive support for the cause of excellence in Mathematics education. It is a great to be a part of this gathering of Mathematicians all over region 7. These are WOW PEOPLE!!! Let us give a WOW CLAP for all of us who are here today!

We are delighted that there are many of us who share the same interest and challenge in Mathematics. WHY, because I am very elated to know that there are many of us who are in love with Mathematics. For me, solving math problems is my favorite sport becaue Math is as fun and as exciting game! It is pretty exciting to be craking your head to solve a problem. It is great to be teaching and learning Math. People who are good in Math would surely earn he respect and admiration of your friends or peers. You will have a big edge… if you are Excellent in Mathematics.

My experience in Math has taught me so many things and I am sure this will do the same thing to you. The MTG experiences do not only sharpen our minds but also it deepens our appreciation about life, it teaches you how to struggle and strategize your success. It will also develop your self-interdependence. In Mathematics, you will maximize your fullest potential and indeed it is a mental discipline subject. You will grow socially, culturally and mentally. Thus, we learn more about life through MATHEMATICS. Hence, students who are good in Math are considered gifted children… Wow, you are gifted children! True? Yes, our motto for this seminar is.. BE A STAR IN MATH!!! Why people who are excellent in Math, should always be humble about it. God will give you more wisdom, if one is humble! So, be a star in Math! Remember to be smart is to be humble.

Along this note, we would like to extend cordial welcome to everyone to this 2004 MTG Seminar-orkshop. We hope that everyone will make the most of this mathematics training and enjoy every minute of it.

On behalf of the entire MTG staff Bohol Chapter, welcome and mabuhay!

Dr. Jose Caberte

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