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Dec 09, 2004

The Mathematics Trainers' Guild Philippines (MTG), Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) and the Department of Education will host the 2005 Philippine Elementary Mathematics International Contest which is schedule on May 23-28, 2005. This significant event hopes to gather more that 50 teams from all over the world. Interested countries may read the rules and guidelines of the PEMIC 2005.


A. Objectives

The general objective of the international mathematics competition is to develop the mathematical talents and skills of the elementary/primary school students.

Specifically, the objectives are as follows:

To provide an opportunity to exchange information on mathematics education and practice throughout the world.
To foster friendly relation among students, coaches and leaders worldwide.
To give gifted elementary students the opportunity to show their mathematics potential.
To provide opportunity to develop, guide and improve the mathematics curricular offerings from different countries.

B. Participation and Responsibilities

1. Participation in the PEMIC 2005 is by invitation. Each invited country is entitled to send not more than two teams.
A team is composed of a leader, a deputy leader, and four (4) contestants.

Contestants should be enrolled in an elementary school in academic year 2005 and must be born on or after 23rd May 1992.

English and Chinese will be the official languages of the PEMIC 2005.

The organizers of the PEMIC 2005 will provide free hotel accommodation including meals during the duration of the contest schedule.

Traveling foreign teams are responsible for their transportation expenses to the contest venue.

The schedule for submission of team entries or confirmation to join the PEMIC 2005 is on or before 28th of January 2005. Likewise, each country must fill up the entry forms or e-mail or fax it to the organizer.

C. The Contest Guidelines

The PEMIC 2005 will be conducted into two parts:
Individual Competition
Team Competition

Each participating country must contribute 2 sets of proposed problems each. Five (5) problems for Individual Competition and another five (5) problems for the Team Competition. All problems must be provided with solutions and answer keys. Participating countries must e-mail or fax their contributing contest problems on or before 28th of February 2005.

The proposed problems must fit or suit the elementary school level.

The schedule for the arrival of team leaders must be on 23rd of May 2005. They will discuss, select and translate the proposed problems to be included in the contest.

Contestants are not allowed to bring with them books, calculators or computers in the contest hall.

The solution to the problems will be assessed and evaluated by the Jury Committee, which is appointed by the PEMIC 2005.

D. Medals and Trophies

The winners are awarded trophies, gold, silver, bronze medals and merit awards.

Each participant will also receive a certificate of participation.

Individual Prizes

Half of the total participants will be awarded medals based on their performances in the Individual Contest.
The number of gold, silver, and bronze medals and merit awards is in the ratio of 1: 2: 3: 4.

2. Team Prizes

First, second, and third prize trophies are awarded to the top three teams in the different groups.

3. Group Prizes

The scores of the top three members of each team in the individual competition will be summed up to identify the winners in the group prizes. If the scores of two or more teams are the same, the winner will be based on the group whose member got the highest score in the individual competition.

E. Entry Visas to the Philippines

PEMIC 2005 participants from other countries need visas for entering the territory of the Philippines. It is important to note that all participants must carefully check all their visa requirements before entering and leaving the Philippines.

F. Medical Care for PEMIC participants

The Organizing Committee will procure accident insurance to all participants during the official period of the competition. The insurance will cover accidents leading to death or permanent damage of the body. Medical services to non-local residents can be expensive in the Philippines; therefore all PEMIC participants are advised to arrange medical insurance for themselves.

For safety reasons, contestants are advised not to leave the site without being accompanied by their guides or leaders.

G. Schedule

23 May (Monday) Arrival of Team Leaders
24 May (Tuesday) Team Leaders Meeting & Arrival of Deputy Team Leaders and Participants
25 May ( Wednesday) Team Leaders Meeting & Tour
26 May (Thursday) Opening Ceremonies & Individual and Team Contests
27 May ( Friday ) Tour and Closing Ceremonies
28 May (Satruday) Departure

H. For more Information, you may contact Dr. SIMON L. CHUA, MTG President

Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines
c/o Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Gen. Vicente Alvarez Street
Zamboanga City 7000 – Philippines
Telefax no. : (+63) 62-9923045
Mobile no. : (+63) 9178479525
Email address : simon_l_chua@yahoo.com or
Visit our contest website: www.pemic2005.org

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