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May 31, 2005

The Philippines showed commendable performance in the recent concluded Asia Inter-Cities Teenagers Mathematics Olympaid (AITMO) 2005 held at Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran City on May 24-27, 2005. There were 124 participants representing thirty-one teams from six countries and territories namely the five different provinces in China, two districts of Hong Kong, India, two cities of South Africa, four cities/municipality of Taiwan, and the Philippines. The Philippine delegations to this event was composed of fifty-two high school math wizards representing thirteen regions in the country.

While the cast of over-all winners in the PEMIC were diverse, the story was different in the case of AITMO. Changchun, Quanzhou, and Ningbo Cities, all representing China, bagged first, second, and third places respectively for the over-all ranking in the competition.

However, this does not mean that the Philippine delegation did not go home with its fair share of awards. John Henri Ma (4th year, Trinity Christian School, Bacolod) and Chiara Rosario Lanuza (1st year, Philippine Science High School) led all Philippine representatives by bagging gold medals in the individual competition.

In addition to the two medalists, there were also five silver medalists, eleven bronze medalists, and nineteen merit awardees from the Philippine delegations in the individual competition.

Meanwhile, Cebu City Team, composed of:

Jon Henry Ma and Alvin Belleza (3rd yr, Ateneo de Manila High School),
Kyna Elyse Cheu (3rd yr, Sacred Heart School–Jesuit), and Emmanuel Lance Plan (3rd yr, Ateneo de Manila High School), were among the only three teams who got the gold medal in the team competition. Among the other Philippine teams, two teams bagged silver medals, while the four other teams earned bronze medals for themselves.

Below is the Individual and Team Results for the Philippine Teams:

AITMO Individual Results

Ma, Jon Henri
Lanuza, Chiara Rosario

Alaban, Jhay Ralph
Cheu, Kyna Elyse
Ang, Charles William
Chua, Nellie Margarette
Tan, Daniel Andrew

Chua, Elvis
Go, John Garret
Plan, Emmanuel
Tan, Raymond
Cari?o, Miguel Isidro
Ceralde, Abegail
Clerigo, John Carlos
Dy, Melissa Janelle
Escolar, Emerson
Saavedra Richmond
Belleza, Alvin

Telosa, Leo Patrick
Co, Washington
Dizon, Sharlene
Gamboa, John Oliver
Koh, Stephen John
Choi, Davin Carlos
Lau, Arnold Lindros
Yap, Andrew Vincent
Choi, Franchesca
Chua, Jonathan Aldric
Chua, Renard
Falcon, Rafael Louis
Hao, Paul Julian
Jumilla, Glen Joseph
Simbul, Jomo-Vittlo
Sy, Darren Mendell
Sy, Luke Wicent
Templonuevo, Ezra Joy
Adjar, Carlo Francisco
Avecilla, Minerva Bianca
Lim, Calvin Bernard
Macabenta, Ezra Jed
Miravite, Anna Patricia
Pamillo, Ray John
Araya, Kim
Garcia, Virgil Gabriel

AITMO Team Contest Results

Cebu City: GOLD
Members: Jon Henri Ma
Kyna Elyse Chue
Emmanuel Plan
Alvin Belleza

Metro Manila: SILVER
Members: Charles William Ang
Elvis Chua
John Garret Go
Chiara Rosario Lanuza

Bacolod City: SILVER
Members: Carlo Francisco Adajar
Miguel Isidro Carino
Nellie Margaret Chua
Leo Patrick Telosa

Zamboanga City: BRONZE
Members: Jhay Ralph Alaban
Abegail Ceralde
Richmond Saavedra
Julius Jay Torralba

Davao City: BRONZE
Members: Kim Araya
Renard Chua
Raymond Tan
Aileen Gail Versoza

Naga City: BRONZE
Members: Emerson Escolar
Virgil Gabriel Garcia
Alister Lusuan
James Christopher Pang

Dumaguete City: BRONZE
Members: Stephen John Koh
Anna Patricia Miravite
Ray John Pamillo
Jomo-Vitto Simbol

Kudos to all the MTG Kids for making our country proud of you!!!

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