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Aug 07, 2007

The Philippines made an impressive achievement in its first ever participation in the RIO TINTO Big Science Competition held on June 30, 2007 under the supervision of the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines and the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI). The said competition encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills. It combines science with information technology to encourage young science-minded students to explore and engage in science education. It also creates opportunities for contestants to discover the relevance of science in our world.

With this participation, the high school students have proven that they are capable of going beyond mathematics competition and that they can be at par with their foreign counterparts in this competition. With the encouraging number of Filipino participants who took part in the
competition, five were successful to garner the Certificate of High Distinction, and thirty seven received the Certificates of Distinction and one hundred thirteen were awarded with Certificates of Credits for being in the remaining 35%.

The following students receive the Certificates of High Distinction for having been in the top 2%.

1. Paul Julian Hao - Chiang Kai Shek College

2. Leandro Isla - MUS-IIT (Integrated Development School), Iligan City

3. Immanuel Encarnacion - Philippine Science High School-Main Campus

4. Maria Regina Paz Onglao - St. Paul College- Pasig

5. Jann Adriel Sy- Xavier School

These are the contestants who receive the Certificates of Distinction for being in the next 13%.

1. Sed Anderson Holaysan - Bethany Christian School, Cebu City

2. Erika Charmaine Yap - Chiang Kai Shek College

3. Wanju Kang - Colegio San Agustin-Makati

4. John Derrik Tee - Grace Christian High School

5. Erika Alexandria Chua - Grace Christian High School

6. Harold Tan - Grace Christian High School

7. Jonathan Wong - Grace Christian High School

8. Kathrine Dianne Fernandez - Grace Christian High School

9. Bryan Koa - Grace Christian High School

10. Shu-Cheng Lin - Grace Christian High School

11. Deo Charis Mostrales - MUS-IIT (Integrated Development School), Iligan City

12. Ernesto Mapi-Ot Jr. - MUS-IIT (Integrated Development School), Iligan City

13. Michelle-Alexis Co - Philippine Science High School-Main Campus

14. Lance Co Ting Keh - Philippine Science High School-Main Campus

15. Chiara Rosario Lanuza - Philippine Science High Schoolv-Main Campus

16. Tobit James Narciso - Philippine Science High School-Main Campus

17. Patrick Harry Balite - Quezon City Science High School

18. Mary Krystelle Bunyi - San Beda College- Alabang

19. Rigel Stewart Espiritu - San Beda College- Alabang

20. Justin Patricia Carpio - San Beda College- Alabang

21. Ivan Hope Turingan - San Beda College- Alabang

22. Carmela Antoinette Lao - St. Jude Catholic School

23. Patrick Adrian Ong - St. Jude Catholic School

24. Jo Levin Marcelo - St. Mary’s College of Baliwag, Bulacan

25. Geraldine Baniqued - St. Paul College-Pasig

26. Sarah Patricia Dela Fuente - St. Paul College-Pasig

27. Kim Ranielle Vinas - St. Paul College-Pasig

28. Vicky Onglao - St. Paul College-Pasig

29. Jus Charleson Chua - Xavier School

30. Adrian Rafael Co - Xavier School

31. Rafael Ku - Xavier School

32. Evan Niccolo Lao - Xavier School

33. Marquis Alexandre Tan - Xavier School

34. Arnold Lindros Lau - Xavier School

35. Charles Anthony Lim - Xavier School

36. Melvin Floyd See - Xavier School

37. Nielson Nick Alinsangan - Zambo. A.E. Memorial Science High School, Zamboanga City

The DOST-SEI in tandem with the MTG broadens not only the mathematical dimension of the Filipino youths but also the scientific inclination of the students through the RIO TINTO Big Science Competition. Through the students’ exposure in this contest coupled with the result measures the extent of the scientific knowledge of our kids and thus reflects the present instructional set-ups in schools which include the questions on “what is taught and how is taught” in the science class. Hopefully, the results of the RIO TINTO will give educators the insights on how to strengthen science education in the Philippines.

Moreover, the results of the competition and the certificates have just been sent to your respective schools. In few days time, both result and certificates will be in your hands. Congratulations!

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