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Jul 13, 2007

The Contest Venues in the Philippines are as follows:
Metro Manila Area : St. Stephen’s High School
Region 1, Dagupan City : Pangasinan Universal Institute
Region 2, Cagayan Valley : Tarlac Bayanihan Institute
Region 3, Tarlac and Angeles City : Tarlac Bayaniyan Institute
Region 3, Bulacan : St. Mary’s College of Baliwag
Region 4A, Laguna : Colegio San Agustin, Binan, Laguna
Region 4A, Cavite : British International School
Region 4B, Palawan Region : Palawan Hope Christian School
Region 5, Bicol Region : Naga Hope Christian School
Region 6, Western Visayas : Trinity Christian School
Region 6, Western Visayas : Iloilo Central Commercial High School
Region 7, Central Visayas : Siliman University-School of Basic Education
Region 7, Central Visayas : Cebu Eastern College
Region 9, Western Mindanao : Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Region 10, Northern Mindanao: Oro Christian Grace School
Region 10, Lanao del Norte : Oro Christian Grace School
Region 11, Davao City : Davao Christian High School
General Santos, South Cotabato: Gen. Santos Hope Christian School :


Since the competition will take place under exam condition, then the following guidelines are disclosed so that the participants will not only be guided accordingly but also be reminded of the “What to do’s” and “What to know’s” during the contest.

A. Participants must be at the testing venue 30 minutes before the contest time . Please be in your complete school uniform. Always display your school ID in the duration of the competition.

B. Use only B or 2B Lead pencil. Ballpoint and ink pen or faint pencil markings may not activate the computer reader and if so, answer sheets cannot be read and are therefore treated as being unanswered.

C. Do not make ANY other marks on your answer sheet as these may make the sheet unreadable.

D. During the Exam:
-Silence is to be maintained at all times.
-You must not leave your seats. If you have any other questions or problems, please raise your hand and wait for a supervisor.
* Working time allowed is:
- Middle Primary and Upper Primary papers: 1 hour (60 minutes)
- Junior, Intermediate and Senior papers: 1 and 15 minutes (75 minutes)
* There is no extra reading time.
* There are 25 multiple-choice questions, each with 5 possible answers given, and 5 questions that require a whole number between 000 and 999. The questions generally get harder as you work through the paper.
* The questions have been thoroughly checked. Each question stands as written. No further explanation of questions can be provided.
* This is a competition not a test; do not expect to answer all questions. You are only competing against your own grade/year, so different grades/years doing the same paper are not compared.
* Read the instructions on the Answer Sheet carefully. Ensure your name, division, school and school year are filled in. It is your responsibility that the Answer Sheet is correctly coded.
* Diagrams are NOT drawn to scale. They are only intended as aids.
* When your teacher gives the signal, begin working on the problems.
* If you wish to leave the room, a supervisor must accompany you.

E. The Answer Sheet
* Record your answer on the reverse of the Answer Sheet (not on the question paper) by
FULLY coloring/blackening the circle matching your answer.
* Your Answer Sheet will be read by the machine. The machine will see markings even if
they are in wrong places so please be careful not to doodle or write anything extra on
the Answer Sheet. If you want to change an answer or remove any marks use a plastic
eraser and be sure to remove all marks and smudges.

F. Scoring System:
Questions 1 to 10 are worth 3 points, 11 to 20 are worth 4 points and 21 to 25 are worth 5 points. Questions 26 to 30 are worth 6,7,8,9 and 10 points respectively. No penalties apply for wrong answers. Maximum score equals 135 points.

G. Other Important Concerns:
* Middle Primary and Upper Primary contestants may work on scratch paper and
teachers may explain the meaning of words in the paper. We do not allow the use of
* Junior, Intermediate and Senior contestants: NO calculators, slide rules, log tables,
math stencils, mobile phones or other calculating aids are permitted.
* A language dictionary may be used, but it must first be thoroughly scrutinized by a
supervisor. Graph paper, ruler and compasses are allowed but are not needed.
* Borrowing of equipment is strictly NOT allowed.

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