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Oct 07, 2008

The Final Round of the 1st SHARP-MTG Math Trail and Problem Solving Competition had been another exciting experience for the 60 participants from 15 school finalists that wrestled to finish the contest, grasp the mark of distinction and gain the hurrahs of the coaches, parents and supporters around. The thrill of trailing the cues and clues from the 9 checkpoints added to the blissful mathematical adventure at the contest venue, the Grace Christian College last October 4, 2008.

The contest which contained mind-boggling problems and used simulated and real props had not only enhanced the participants' mathematical skills but also had provided them different explorative experiences. The 15 teams knew their goal, made a plan and pulled the trigger as they led each other, shoulder to shoulder, to the last minute at the problem solving area. They obviously consulted each other before writing the final answer. Indeed, it was a teamwork showing what really matters is what one does with what one has.

 On the other hand, observations showed that some participants lack skills while others were simply not accustomed to using scientific calculator, which obviously made them feel inconvenient in solving the problem. If some participants were only familiar with the use of the calculator, it should really have been a great help to them. Another observation was that some teams did not use the metric system.  ­

 Moreover, the contest in its entirety was successful. The final scores had been so close, showing the very tight fight. Thus, a simple one point could really change names and faces in the top three slots. It can also be said that scores garnered by the leading teams were very crucial where a simple mistake would mean a victory for the other teams. Though the team scores were not that wide a margin, yet the winners had emerged.

 And so the champ is St. Jude Catholic School composed of Arielle Elise Chua, Carmela Antoinette Lao, Audrey Celine Lao, and Vance Mikhail Uy.?Taking the Second Place was the Grace Christian College with team members were Aileen Giselle Chua, Sean Timothy Cheng, Jeremy Lance Yap, and Gisel Ong Chiang Kai Shek College got the Third Place with team members were Henry Jefferson Morco, Matthew Ng, Andrew Sia and Ervin Frederick Dy.

Indeed, the presence of the other 12 teams had given the 1stSHARP-MTG Math Trail and Problem Solving Competition a resounding success. They, too, deserve everyone's congratulations for showing their impressive mathematical prowess. To the winners... our salute to you!

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