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Dec 06, 2008

Sudoku- a game that has taken the world by storm made the nearly 1500 of its enthusiasts from the elementary, high school and tertiary levels with dozens of professionals to meet eye-to-eye during the simultaneous conduct of the Regional Elimination Round of the 3rdPhilippine Sudoku Super Challenge organized by the MTG, Philippines and Business Mirror in 19 contest venues on November 29, 2008.

The participants did not only brave the challenge to solve the 14 mind-boggling or brain-bending math free number puzzles in 90 minutes but also stood up to brazen out the other famed Sudoku wizards in their respective cities. Since they were only armed with their speed and accuracy in letting the right number fall in the right place, some participants made use of the time wisely and surely by turning in the contest papers earlier than the allotted time in order to avail of the bonus points.

Indeed, those puzzlers who felt better to be in a competition managed themselves to get better scores, thus, pushing their chance to be venues winners in these three categories Sudoku Grand Master for the professionals and college students; Sudoku Wizardfor the high school students; and Sudoku Whiz Kids for elementary kids. From the bulk of participants at the start of the elimination rounds, these Sudoku aficionados had been trimmed to 96 finalists who will meet head-on in the National Finals scheduled on January 31, 2009 at SM North in Quezon City.

The final results show that 15 finalists will vie for the title, Sudoku Grand Master, 52 for the Sudoku Wizard and 21 for the Sudoku Whiz Kids.

  Name of Qualifier Area/Region
1 Tan, Timothy James Bacolod City
2 Alcorde, Richmund Batangas City
3 Hernandez, Mikaela Batangas City
4 Reyes, Mari Feliz Batangas City
5 Marcelo, Riah Ann Bulacan
6 Vintola, Carmela C. Dumaguete City
7 Jayme, Jaybayl Abril Iloilo City
8 Poral, Neil Phillip Iloilo City
9 Enguerra, Romeo II Laguna
10 Solidarios, Candice Laguna
11 Flores, Nicole Andrea Lucena City
12 Ang, Nathaniel Ryan T. Metro Manila
13 Lao, Ma. Czarina Angela S. Metro Manila
14 Asetre, Lulu Naga City
15 Pataño, Nelle Olongapo City
16 Sarmiento, Aries Olongapo City
17 Cua, Mark Davidson Pangasinan
18 Yap, Jody Nicole Tacloban City
19 Chan, Ethan Riley Zamboanga City
20 Go, Gene Jr. Zamboanga City
21 Rojo, Rachel Zamboanga City



  Name of Qualifier Area/Region
1 Cansino Jr., Enrique Bacolod City
2 Ploteña, Ma. Joenelle Bacolod City
3 Corañez, Aldwin Batangas City
4 Garcia, Marc Joseph Batangas City
5 Mejia, Princess Batangas City
6 Pucyutan, Grace Joanne Batangas City
7 Cruz, Richard Bulacan
8 Maniago, Areej Bulacan
9 Perez, Franklin Evan Bulacan
10 Lim, Michael Louie D. Cagayan de Oro
11 Neri, Michelle Cagayan de Oro
12 Uy, Jerrica Cagayan de Oro
13 Go, Cybile Liana Cebu City
14 Holaysan, Sed Cebu City
15 Loquero, Cristyne G. Cebu City
16 Rabi, Christopher Cebu City
17 Toledo, Athea Cebu City
18 Ho, Brandon Davao City
19 Loo, Vincent James Davao City
20 Odarve, Reneire Davao City
21 Olegario, Mariel Davao City
22 Infante, Francis Dumaguete City
23 Cayabyab, Jarevi Ilocos Region
24 Padaong, Alvin Jarley A. Ilocos Region
25 Pelayo, Peter Joenel A. Ilocos Region
26 Lim, Eli Justin Iloilo City
27 Tiu, Chester Iloilo City
28 Tiu, RJ Lawrence Iloilo City
29 Yu, Vincen Gregory Iloilo City
30 Canillas, Ruthe Lindsey Laguna
31 Concepcion, Georemie Arrianne Laguna
32 Lomibao, Liezl Laguna
33 Magtagnob, Kim Laguna
34 Laurenz Almeniana Legazpi
35 Garcia, Shene Lucena City
36 Cardinal, Joel Edward B. Metro Manila
37 Lim, Hazel Abigail Metro Manila
38 Shi, Hazel Joy Metro Manila
39 Masaluñga, Brian James T. Naga City
40 Mallari, Ellaine Olongapo City
41 Ong, Ericson Olongapo City
42 Valeña, Patricia Olongapo City
43 Cervantes, John Jay Joshua Pampanga
44 Calicdan, Jamaica Marie S. Pangasinan
45 Chan, Joanna Kristell G. Pangasinan
46 Bartoline, Catherine Tacloban City
47 Martillo, Jasper Tacloban City
48 Rostata, Jorgeatte Tacloban City
49 Andico, Agnes Alexandra Zamboanga City
50 Decear, Kimberly Zamboanga City
51 Gonzales, Pedro II Zamboanga City
52 Rojo, Ricci Ryan Zamboanga City


  Name of Qualifier Area/Region
1 Gaurana, Andrea Xayide Bacolod City
2 Ong, Frederick Bacolod City
3 Ariel Chumacera Batangas City
4 Azenith Gallano Batangas City
5 Meynardo Alberto Batangas City
6 Rex Alejandro Batangas City
7 Valcos, John Robert Bulacan
8 Jennifer Silan Cagayan de Oro
9 Ang, Wendell Cebu City
10 Machacon, Alec Pius D. Cebu City
11 Oliveros, Joey Davao City
12 Viloria, Pablo M. Ilocos Region
13 Concepcion, Geomel Laguna
14 Laurenz Almeniana Legazpi City
15 Salayong, Ronan Lucena City
16 Miraflores, Eriberto T. Jr. Metro Manila
17 Ostera, Allan Metro Manila
18 So, Ricky G. Metro Manila
19 Tan, Mark Benedict Metro Manila
20 Alix, Alejandrew Pampanga
21 Zuniega, Glenn N. Pampanga
22 Baluntang, Ronel Zamboanga City
23 Sy, Robin Zamboanga City


The 2nd SUDOKU National Finalists who participated in the competition abroad are automatically national finalists in this 3rdPhilippine Sudoku Super Challenge. They are the following:

1. Bella, Herbie
2. Cua Sarah Jane                     
3. Chan, Matthew Chris             
4. Chan, Alvin Ian                      
5. Dee , Mariel Alexis
6. Manalon, Maridel                    
7. Oh, Jacqueline Joyce
8. Regner, Jayhan
9. Tio, Dielle             
10. Uy, Jerrica                                       

For more information and inquiries you may contact Joyette of Business Mirror at her mobile number 09286312146 or Mr. Roberto Degolacion at 09173246302.

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