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Jan 09, 2009

A total of nineteen Filipino kids have been placed in the Canadian Student Honor Roll for their much-- admired performance in the 2008 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) - a collaborative activity between the Canadian Mathematical Society(CMS) and the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) . The 2008 COMC was participated by the   8 207 high school students from several regions in Canada and from participating countries as the U.S.A., Hong Kong, Netherlands, Beijing and Nanjing of China, Kuwait, and the Philippines.

Since competitors faced twelve problems which tested their intuition and their mathematical skills, two Pinoy math wizards managed to reap medals for themselves for obtaining scores that demonstrated their ability to analyze and to write clear solutions. These two math warriors were among those few achievers in Group 3 that scored between 71 - 74, they are:

1.  John Russel Virata - Gideon Academy
2.  Earl Chua  -  Grace Christian College

The seventeen other winners whose performance as reflected by their invaluable mathematical skills gave much impact to the victory of the Philippine team have been awarded with Distinction Certificates. The ACHIERVERS are:

1. Jonathan Wong  - Grace Christian College
2.  Amiel Sy - Philippine Science High School, Main Campus
3.  Carlo Francisco Adajar - Southridge School
4.  Aileen Giselle Chua - Grace Christian College
5.  Aldric Reyes - Chiang Kai Shek College
6.  Carmela Antoinette Lao - St. Jude Catholic School
7.  Ricci Ryan Rojo- Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
8.  Geraldine Baniqued - St. Paul College,Pasig
9.  Ma. Regina Onglao - St. Paul College,Pasig
10. Zheng Rong Wu - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
11. Stephanie Saavedra - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
12. Arielle Chua - St. Jude Catholic School
13. Angeline Baniqued - St. Paul College,Pasig
14. Gisel Ong - Grace Christian College
15. Kennard Sychingping - Chiang Kai Shek College
16. Matthew Ng - Chiang Kai Shek College
17. Ostin John Ong - Trinity Christian School, Bacolod City

Dr. Simon Chua, MTG President, congratulates the winners for continuing striving for excellence. He also congratulates the parents for their ceaseless encouragement and support in bringing out the best from these math-gifted kids and the schools for their unwavering commitment in molding these mathletes to be achievers in many ways. Dr. Chua's remarks, "our kids have always manifested competence in taking the solid challenge of the international math contests" only show his strong conviction on the capability of our Filipino youths to rise above in the name of excellence.

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