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Feb 06, 2009

The American Regions Mathematics League (ARML), in cooperation with Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines is holding ARML Local here in our country on Saturday, March 21, 2009.

We are inviting all high schools in the country to participate in the ARML local. Each school may field up to four teams with six students per team. Teams may also be formed with students from different schools.  Winners will have a chance to represent our country in the ARML international contest which will be held in USA June 2009.

ARML Local, which can be completed in about 3.5 hours (allowing for breaks), has a round structure similar to the main ARML competition, so it is an excellent preparation for the main competition, held in USA, at the end of May. The rounds are:

  1. Team Round (40 minutes): A set of 10 short answer questions of various types worked together by the entire team.
  2. Theme Round (60 minutes): A set of 10 short answer questions on a particular topic worked together by the entire team.
  3. Individual Round (5 pairs, 10 minutes/pair): A set of 10 short answer questions worked on independently by each student.
  4. Relay Round (3 rounds, 6/8/10 minutes): The first round has each team breaking into three relay squads of two, the second round breaks the team into two relay squads of three, and the final round is a super relay with all six students. Students work on problems, passing answers back to the next person on their squad to use in their solutions. How quickly the last member of the team produces the final answer determines the number of points awarded to the team.

Prizes:  Trophies and certificates will be awarded to the top three performance teams including cash prizes of P5,000 for the Champion, P3,000 for the 1st runner up and P2,000 for the 2ndrunner-up. The next top seven teams provided they meet the cut off scores will also receive CERTIFICATE of RECOGNITION.

The registration fee for the contest is $50 per team. If you are interested to participate in the ARML local please contact Mrs. Rechilda Villame at tel. no. (02) 625 4625 or at her mobile no. 0917 8105009. The  deadline for Registration is on March 6, 2009.

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