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Mar 23, 2009

Call it an elevation for it is certainly is! The Business Mirror- a dynamic partner of the MTG, Philippines in spelling the success of the Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge has just moved the Sudoku puzzles from the ‘Life' section to the Main section on page A2.

The MTG National Office has been receiving some emails and text messages from MTG kids and Sudoku aficionados expressing their delight on this move. One texter appreciatively said, "Great! With just one turn of the BM page, we see the Sudoku puzzle".

BM has decided to move the puzzle because it is its way of bringing Sudoku close to all the puzzlers other than promoting it to those who have not heard nor solved the puzzle yet. Of course, with BM's help in advancing the puzzle in the Philippines, Sudoku finally emerges to be the latest craze in many offices, schools, homes, and parks.

It should be noted that it is only BM newspaper through the contribution of the MTG, Philippines that enthusiasts find varieties of Sudoku puzzles. Some puzzles featured in BM were used in the national and international Sudoku championship while some were a creation of Sudoku super master, Dr. Simon Chua, MTG President. Therefore, let's do Sudoku!!!

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