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May 01, 2009

From close to 70,000 participants who took the Canadian Mathematics Competitions organized by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada, at least three Filipino math wizards have been awarded with medals for being the top scorers and two hundred forty six Filipino mathletes have been commended with certificate of distinction for making in the top 25% in 2009 Pascal (Grade 9), Cayley (Grade 10), and the Fermat (Grade 11) contests.

Henry Jefferson Morco of Chiang Kai Shek College has achieved a stunning performance by getting a perfect score, making him a recipient of the CMC 2009 medal while 105 others have been highly praised for acquiring the certificates of distinction in the Cayley Contest. On the other hand, John Russell Virata of Gideon Academy was just a very few points away to obtain the perfect score but of course he is the recipient of the CMC 2009 medal for being this year’s top scorer while the 51 others have been awarded with certificates of distinction in the Fermat Contest. Another medalist is Austin Chua of St. Jude Catholic School whose score has managed to place him on top of the other 90 Filipino math warriors in the Pascal Contest.

The CMC 2009 organizers convey their appreciation to the schools, teachers and parents for their effort in preparing the participants for the contests and for their dedicated support which made possible to run such an extensive competition.

These are the following participants who performed very well in the Pascal Contest (Grade 9):

          NAME                   SCHOOL
01.    Abundo, Ronald-Colegio San Agustin - Makati
02.    Adajar, Beatrice-PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.
03.    Ang, Karli-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
04.    Ang, Nathaniel-Philadelphia High School
05.    Ardon, Adrianne-Juan Sumulong Elementary School
06.    Bacay, Michael-Center of Excellence (CENTEX)
07.    Balbuena, Aljan-Tenement Elementary School
08.    Balete, Nathanael-Saint Stephen's High School
09.    Baquiran, Lorenzo-Jaro 1 Elementary School
10.    Batungbakal, Ana-San Beda College - Alabang
11.    Beltran, John Carlo-Special Education Center for the Gifted
12.    Bisnar, Janine-Makati Science High School
13.    Carranceja, Jason-Grace Christian College
14.    Cayanan, Aaron Jan-Grace Christian College
15.    Celon, Marc Patrick-Diliman Preparatory School
16.    Chan, Wesley-Grace Christian College
17.    Cheng, Deany-Grace Christian College
18.    Chua, Austin-Saint Jude Catholic School
19.    Chua, Ethan-Xavier School
20.    Chua, Eula-Pangasinan Universal Institute
21.    Chua, Kirsten-Uno High School
22.    Chua, Scott-Xavier School
23.    Chuatak, John-Saint Stephen's High School
24.    Co, John-Xavier School
25.    Cobol, Marx-Ateneo de Davao University
26.    Cordon, James-PAREF Southridge School for Boys
27.    Dimatatac, Mary Joy-San Beda College - Alabang
28.    Domingo, Allen-San Beda College - Alabang
29.    Dy, Dieter-Xavier School
30.    Echavez, Dominic-Precious International School of Davao
31.    Escordial Ma. Sheena-Education Training Center School
32.    Estampador, Gabriel-San Beda College - Alabang
33.    Fernandez, Jason-San Beda College - Alabang
34.    Fredeluces, Joanne Rei-Special Education Cntr for the Gifted
35.    Friedlander, Jason-Xavier School
36.    Gamboa, Jasmine-St. John Institute
37.    Ho, Hanna-Grace Christian College
38.    Hong, Jung Won-St. Paul College - Pasig
39.    Juguilon, Vince Paul-Saint Francis of Assisi College
40.    Julio, Wilford-Saint Jude Catholic School
41.    Jumangit, Adrian-Elizabeth Seton School - South
42.    Khow, Darren-Saint Jude Catholic School
43.    Koa, Martin-Saint Jude Catholic School
44.    Lao, Czarina-Saint Jude Catholic School
45.    Legaspi, Enrico-Xavier School
46.    Lim Tiong, Soonkelsey-Jubilee Christian Academy
47.    Lizarda, Philip-San Beda College - Alabang
48.    Lopez, Matthew-Integrated Montessori Center
49.    Madriaga, Danielle-San Beda College - Alabang
50.    Magaoay, Polychase-Dominican School
51.    Marcos, Himig-Philippine Cultural College
52.    Marmeto, Gabriel-Special Education Cntr for the Gifted
53.    Ng, Seanne-Saint Jude Catholic School
54.    Ngo, Raenelle-Chiang Kai Shek College
55.    Olegario, Rigil Kent-Camiling Central Elem School
56.    Ong, Andrew-Chiang Kai Shek College
57.    Ong, Daniel-Uno High School
58.    Ong, Ezekiel-Uno High School
59.    Ong, Hans Bryan-Grace Christian College
60.    Ong, Paul-Uno High School
61.    Ongkiko, Mario-Xavier School
62.    Palma, Pascal-Colegio San Agustin
63.    Palma, Raececille-Makati Science High School
64.    Penas, Carlos Jan-San Beda College - Alabang
65.    Ramirez, Jon Charles-Spcl Education Cntr for the Gifted
66.    Ravelo, Leiko-Ateneo de Davao University
67.    Reyes, Sophia-St. Paul College - Pasig
68.    Rojo, Rachel-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
69.    Santelices, Leif-Philippine Science High School-Quezon
70.    Say, Vince-Saint Jude Catholic School
71.    Sia, Lawrence-Grace Christian College
72.    Sy, Abigail-Saint Jude Catholic School
73.    Sy, Adrian-Saint Jude Catholic School
74.    Sy, Andrew-Saint Jude Catholic School
75.    Sy, David-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
76.    Sy, Marvin-Saint Jude Catholic School
77.    Tan, Benson-Jubilee Christian Academy
78.    Tan, Jason-Jubilee Christian Academy
79.    Tan, Mark-Saint Stephen's High School
80.    Tan, Matthew-Saint Jude Catholic School
81.    Tan, Timothy-Trinity Christian School
82.    Tanno, Gen Mark-Southville International School
83.    Tio, Dielle-Saint Stephen's High School
84.    Tiu, Benedict-Saint Stephen's High School
85.    Tiu, Sterling-Saint Stephen's High School
86.    Umbina, Jalan Joy-Special Education Cntr for the Gifted
87.    Uy, Mikaela-Saint Jude Catholic School
88.    Wong, Samuel-Grace Christian College
89.    Yao, Kaye-Grace Christian College
90.    Yturzaeta, Justin-Jubilee Christian Academy
91.    Yu, Keith-Saint Jude Catholic School

The following is the list of awardees of the Cayley Contest (Grade 10):

         NAME                         SCHOOL
01.    Abola, Isabela-PAREF Woodrose School
02.    Acopiado, Oscar Jr.-Philippine Science High School-Main
03.    Alba, Arvin-Philippine Science High School - Main
04.    Alba, Maxime-Phil. Science HS - Eastern Visayas Campus
05.    Alcantara, Rommel-Manresa School
06.    Alipio, Aloysius-Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation
07.    Alvarez, Neall-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
08.    Ang, Bryan-Philippine Cultural College
09.    Antonio, Charles-Pasig Catholic College
10.    Baluyut, Arianne-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
11.    Bangayan, Job-Regional Science High School
12.    Batara, Amina-Saint Pedro Poveda College
13.    Bonamy, Kate-Grace Christian College
14.    Brodeth, Michael-Colegio San Agustin
15.    Bulaong, John-Ateneo de Naga University HS
16.    Cajayon, Lamb Harold-Olongapo City National High School
17.    Caram, Francine-SPED-Integrated Schl-Exceptional Children
18.    Castillo, Arvin Paul-Saint Francis of Assisi College (Main)
19.    Chan, Brandon-Philippine Cultural College
20.    Chan, Janssen-Saint Jude Catholic School
21.    Cheng, Sean-Grace Christian College
22.    Chiong, Meliton-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
23.    Chiu, Samuel-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
24.    Chong, Justin-Grace Christian College
25.    Chua Goy, Neil-Grace Christian College
26.    Chua, Aldrin-Saint Jude Catholic School
27.    Chua, Gari-Saint Jude Catholic School
28.    Co, Adrian-Xavier School
29.    Co, Kenneth-Philippine Science High School-Main
30.    Co, Paul-Tarlac Living Faith Academy
31.    Cu, Aileen-Uno High School
32.    Dee, Camille-Immaculate Conception Academy
33.    Dy, Aaron-Xavier School
34.    Flores, Johanne-MSU-IIT Integrated Dvptl School
35.    Garcia, Lawrence-Bethany Christian School
36.    Go, Brendon-Xavier School
37.    Go, Christian-Xavier School
38.    Go, Vance-Saint Jude Catholic School
39.    Grau, Isabel-Colegio San Agustin
40.    Holaysan, Sed-Bethany Christian School
41.    Hulleza, Ritchelle-Philippine National University
42.    Kho, Niel-Philippine Science High School
43.    Kotah, Janssen-Philippine Cultural College
44.    Lao, Audrey-Saint Jude Catholic School
45.    Lao, Carmela Antoniette-Saint Jude Catholic School
46.    Lao, Jamiessonn-Xavier School
47.    Lee, Joseph-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
48.    Lee, Tae Hyun-Grace Christian College
49.    Lim, Kyla-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
50.    Lim, Kyna-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
51.    Lim, Nathan-Xavier School
52.    Limbago, Allan-Phil. Science HS-Central Visayas Campus
53.    Limsuan, Alister-Philippine Science High School-Main
54.    Lin, Eugene-Chiang Kai Shek College
55.    Lucanas, Patrick-Leyte National High School
56.    Masalunga, Brian-Naga Hope Christian School
57.    Meguizo, Kyle-Saint Jude Catholic School
58.    Mendoza, Michael-Ligao National High School
59.    Milante, Richard-Chiang Kai Shek College
60.    Molina, Yvonne-Camarines Sur National High School
61.    Montecillo, Jane-University of Cebu
62.    Morco, Henry-Chiang Kai Shek College
63.    Narvaez, Alexis-St. Simon Montessori School
64.    Neri, Angelica-Saint Paul College, Pasig
65.    Ng, Matthew-Chiang Kai Shek College
66.    Ngo, Charles-Leyte Progressive High School
67.    Nuñez, Kimver-Phil. Science HS- Central Visayas Campus
68.    Ong, Samuel-Uno High School
69.    Onglao, Mario-Xavier School
70.    Onglao, Peter Nich-Xavier School
71.    Orense, Jessica-Colegio San Agustin
72.    Palaganas, Jerome-Angelicum College - Quezon City
73.    Palaganas, Katrina-Negros Occidental Science High School
74.    Palejaro, Eula-Phil. Science HS- Eastern Visayas Campus
75.    Pascua, Jerold-Divine Light Academy
76.    Que, Shaun-Grace Christian College
77.    Saavedra, Cathlyna-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
78.    Sabado, Pamela-Philippine Science High School-Main
79.    Santelices, Joanna-Philippine Science High School-Main
80.    Santos, Miguel-Philippine Science High School-Main
81.    Siao, Michelle-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
82.    Sy, Amiel-Philippine Science High School - Main
83.    Sy, Jade-Saint Jude Catholic School
84.    Sy, Julius-Saint Stephen's High School
85.    Tan, Carl-Grace Christian College
86.    Tan, Carlo-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
87.    Tan, Charina-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
88.    Tan, Ellaine-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
89.    Tan, Keefe-Saint Jude Catholic School
90.    Teope, Amaya Rose-Bicol Regional Science High School
91.    Tiambeng, Katrina-Colegio San Agustin
92.    Tieng, James-Xavier School
93.    Tiu, Charles-Saint Jude Catholic School
94.    Tiu, Sabrina-Saint Stephen's High School
95.    Tung, Jason-Xavier School
96.    Turingan, Casey-San Beda College - Alabang
97.    Utanes, Kerwin-Philippine Science High School
98.    Uy, Maedeliene-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
99.    Varela, Isabela-Saint Paul College, Pasig
100.    Wang, Tsz Chun-Grace Christian College
101.    Wong, Sarah-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
102.    Yao, Hubert -Iloilo Central Commercial High School
103.    Yao, Jhereme-Grace Christian College
104.    Yao, Lean-Philippine Cultural College
105.    Yap, Jeremy-Grace Christian College
106.    Young, Daniel-Jubilee Christian Academy

These are the following participants who excelled in the Fermat Contest (Grade 11):

        NAME              SCHOOL
01.    An, Thae Hoon-Southville International School & Colleges
02.    Ayroso, Elvis-Philippine Science High School
03.    Baniqued, Angeline-Saint Paul College - Pasig
04.    Baniqued, Geraldine-Saint Paul College - Pasig
05.    Bardon, Remylene-St. Francis of Assisi College
06.    Basada, Geronimo Jr-Las Piñas East National HS
07.    Cabanes, Hanz-Zamboanga Chong Hua HS
08.    Calanog, Michael-Colegio San Agustin - Makati
09.    Chan, Alvin Ian- Saint Paul College - Ilocos Sur
10.    Chan, Matthew-Saint Stephen's High School
11.    Chong, Cheryl-Saint Stephen's High School
12.    Chua, Aileen-Grace Christian College
13.    Chua, Aissa Mei-Phil. Science HS - Ilocos Region
14.    Chua, Arielle-Saint Jude Catholic School
15.    Chua, Charlene-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
16.    Chua, Earl-Grace Christian College
17.    Co, Joan-Grace Christian College
18.    Cua, Milthon-Grace Christian College
19.    Diaz, Darryl-Manila Science High School
20.    Elpedes, Throy-Taguig Science High School
21.    Gawidan, Andrew-Phil. Science HS-Ilocos Region
22.    Gayangos, Shar Mae-Zamboanga Chong Hua HS
23.    Lao, Carmela-Saint Jude Catholic School
24.    Lim, Mazie-Uno High School
25.    Limsiy, Goldielyn-Grace Christian College
26.    Manalang, Dane Marc-Regional Science High School
27.    Maravillas, Lance-MSU-IIT Intergrated Developmental School
28.    Monsalud, Jan Alexis-Regional Science High School III
29.    Oliveros, Diane-Philippine Science High School - Main
30.    Ong, Gisel-Grace Christian College
31.    Onglao, Ma. Regina-Saint Paul College - Pasig
32.    Ongue, Clint-MSU-IIT Intergrated Developmental School
33.    Ortiz, Raissa-Regional Science High School
34.    Pakson, Paul-Phil. Science HS – Central Visayas Campus
35.    Reyes, Aldric-Chiang Kai Shek College
36.    Saavedra, Stephanie-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
37.    Shi, Hazel Joy-Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan
38.    Sia,Chanel-Philippine Institute of Quezon City
39.    Sy Sim, Emily-Philippine Cultural College - Main
40.    Tan Lee, Andrew-Saint Jude Catholic School
41.    Tan, Adrian-Hope Christian High School
42.    Tan, Israel-Saint Stephen's High School
43.    Tan, Jordan-Xavier School
44.    Tan, Marquis-Xavier School
45.    Timogan, Aljohn-MSU-IIT Intergrated Developmental School
46.    Valles, Dianna-Taguig Science High School
47.    Virata, Russell-Gideon Academy
48.    Wong, Jonathan-Grace Christian College
49.    Wu, Zheng Rong-Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
50.    Ylanan, Aveline-Philippine Science High School - Main
51.    Yu, John Lemuel-Saint Stephen's High School
52.    Zhang, Zixin-Grace Christian College

Moreover, the results of the competition and the certificates for the other awards will be sent to your respective schools. In few days time, both the results and certificates will be in your hands. Congratulations!

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