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May 19, 2009

It’s once again a season of international mathematics competitions! Our Filipino math warriors after having been through a series of intensive trainings are now prepared more than ever to triumph over the challenges of the math contests. Undaunted of the equally best mathletes in the world, the Filipino math fighters, armed to the teeth, are set to cross the sky of several thousand miles towards this year’s venue of the 10th Invitational World Youth Mathematics Inter-cities Competition (IWYMIC) in Durban, South Africa on July 5-10, 2009.

The MTG, Philippines has completed the official line-up of participants who will set foot in South Africa for the first time ever to join a mathematics competition. Since all Filipino math trainees have their own respective contests to go, thirteen of them have been chosen to go to Durban, South Africa to represent the country for the IWYMIC 2009.  The following are the thirteen young and fearless Filipino math Olympians:

John Russell P. Virata- Gideon Academy
Geraldine L. Baniqued- St. Paul College, Pasig
Zheng Rong S. Wu- Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Vance Eldric O. Go-  St. Jude Catholic School
Arielle Elise Chua- St. Jude Catholic School
Ostin John S. Ong- Bacolod Trinity Christian School
Matthew Chris Y. Chan- St. Stephen’s High School
Elvis DJ. Ayroso- Philippine Science High School
Alvin Lim S. Uy- Quezon City High School
Sarah Jane T. Cua- Pangasinan Universal Institute
Adrian Raphael T. Co- Xavier School
Paolo Manuel Iyulores- Ateneo De Manila High School
Janssen M. Kotah-Philippine Cultural College 

Going along with them are Mrs. Ayroso, Mrs. Tan-Co, Mrs. Cheng, Mrs. Cua, Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Baniqued and Mr. Kotah whose accompanying person’s application forms have already been sent to the IWYMIC ’09 organizers. Notice of their application will be immediately disseminated once it reaches the MTG’s office.

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