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Jun 05, 2009

Geared up for the final encounter to outwit the equally best Asian math contenders, six Filipino math wizards, up to the mark, will have their foreign challengers on the run. These Pinoy kids where three will participate in the elementary division and the three others in the high school division will not gamble their victory on mere luck nor chance but on the wealth of their math abilities amassed during the series on MTG’s intensive trainings. Confident and determined to reap honors for the country, the six Pinoy mathletes whom MTG carefully selected to represent the Philippines will face the ultimate math challenge in Hua Bei Sai China Math Contest in Huizhou, China on July 14-17, 2009.

Marching on with the Philippine banner towards the competition arena of the elementary category are Deany Hendrick Cheng of Grace Christian College, Dielle Tio of St. Stephens’ High School and Austin Edrich Chua of St. Jude Catholic School.

Our high schoolers: Audrey Lao of St. Jude Catholic School, Samuel Christian Ong of UNO High School, and Kenneth Co of Philippine Science High School- Main are more ready to meet their challengers face to face.

Furthermore, the above participants should start showing their intention and confirmation by e-mailing at rjd182001@yahoo.com within 3 days after the posting of this announcement. The Registration Form will be send to you once you made the confirmation. Failure to give an affirmation on or before June 10, 2009 means that the participant is backing out from the Philippine team, thus, MTG will give the slot to other interested participants.

Good luck to you kids! May you bring the laurels home.

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