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Oct 01, 2011

The Philippines will be sending 4 teams of 4 members each to participate in the 2011 Asian Inter-cities Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad (AITMO) to be held in Malpi International School, Kathmandu, Nepal on November 10 -17, 2011.

A total of 24 countries of which some are outside Asia will be bringing their best math wizards to display their number prowess. As for the PH teams, our bets have not only undergone stages of intensive trainings but also have collected many winning moments in local and international math contests.

Since AITMO is held in the country where the majestic Mt. Everest is located, then our teams will, in the literal sense, go on top of the world bringing our hopes for gold higher than their dreams. The 16 strong Pinoy whiz kids are:

  1. ANG, Nathaniel Ryan T.
  2. CHAN, Brandon
  3. CHAN, Sherralyn Bernice C. 
  4. CHAN, Ethan Riley
  5. CHENG, Deany Hendrick
  6. CHENG, Sean Timothy
  7. CONCEPCION, Georemie Arrianne
  8. CABANES, Shawn Gabriele
  9. LAO, Audrey Celine S.
  10. REYNOSO, Reine Jiana
  11. ROJO, Rachel
  12. SY, Julius Vincent
  13. TAN, Keefe Collin A.
  14. TAN, Timothy James
  15. TAN, Kennichi
  16. UY, Mikaela Angelina

All AITMO participants are required to attend the training starting on Saturday, October 1, 2011 and every Saturday thereafter, from 9AM to 4PM at Arellano University in Legarda, Manila.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sid Aguilar at cp no. 0917-858-8054.

Good luck to all of you!!!

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