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Aug 06, 2011

Gene Go, Grade 6 pupil of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School hooked the only gold for the Philippine teams in the 2011 Indonesia International Mathematics Competition (IIMC) held last July 18-23, in Bali, Indonesia.

Having been a first timer to embark in an international math contest, Go received the cheers and applause from the Philippine delegation as he went up the stage to get his medal. Other than the gold, Errol John Suarez, a Grade 5 student of Bicol University-Legaspi City, took home the only silver medal.

Ma. Czarina Angela Lao of High School Team A won a bronze medal while her teammates Daniel Young of Jubillee Christian Academy, Austin Edrich Chua of St. Jude Catholic School, and Kaye Janelle Yao of Grace Christian College each won a Merit Award. 

Winning a bronze medal each from the Philippine HS Team B were Jason Joseph Fernandez of Philippine Science High School – Main Campus in Quezon City and Charles Kenneth Dee Lui of St. Jude Catholic School of High School Team while their teammates Hans Bryan Geremy Ong of Grace Christian College and Aldreich Aldwin Mayoralgo of Xavier School won a Merit Award each.

Karli Ang of Philippine Institute of Quezon City, Francis Concepcion of Philippine Cultural College, Lu Christian Ong of Grace Christian College, and Dielle Tan Tio of St. Stephen’s High School, all of High School Team C, won a bronze medal each.

Two members of the Philippine Team D, Charles Emerson Ngo of Leyte Progressive High School and Ethan Riley Chan of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School of High School Team D won a bronze medal each while their teammates Mikel Jason Allas of Valenzuela City Science High School and Arthur Christian Cabatingan of Zamboanga City High School-Main won a Merit Award each.

Raenell Ean Ngo of Chiang Kai Shek College who joined the ASEAN All-Girls Team composed of participants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan won a bronze medal.

John Aries Ceazar Hingan of San Beda College-Alabang of Elementary Team A won a bronze medal while his teammates Cary Albert Chan of St. Jude Catholic School, and Miguel Lorenzo Ildesa of Westbridge School of Iloilo won Merit Awards.  On the other hand, Raymond Joseph Fadri of San Beda College-Alabang of Elementary Team D brought home a bronze medal while his fellow team members Gabriel Angelo Estampador of San Beda College-Alabang and Albert Jason Olaya of Morning Star Montessori each won a Merit Award.  

Hans Markson Tan and Miko Johnson Co of Sr. Stephen’s High School and Jan Kendrick Ong of Chiang Kai Shek College, of Philippine Elementary Team B and Anna Sofia Serrano of Philippine Science High School-Main Campus Quezon City of Elementary Team C all won Merit Awards. 

Also participating in the math competition were Mark Davidson Cua of Pangasinan Universal Institute, Luke Matthews Bernardo of Philadelphia High School, Josh Thomas Clement of West Visayas State University of Iloiolo, Christiana Marie Calderon of Falcon School.

This year's IIMC had been participated in by 67 teams for Stage II (Elementary Level) and 87 teams for Stage III (High School Level) from 30 countries such as  Australia, Brunei, Bulgaria, China, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Iran, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, South Africa, USA, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bangladesh, South Africa, Korea, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and host country Indonesia.

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