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Jul 30, 2011

It’s another homerun for the Filipino kids who went to meet the challenge in the 16th Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Youth Math Invitational Competition held in Huizhou, Guandong, China on July 22-25, 2011.

Participated by more than 600 math wizards from China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia and the Philippines, the contest brought forth around 200 participants who received awards. Among them was the Filipino mathlete, Adrian Reginald Sy, Grade 6 of St. Jude Catholic who hooked the only silver medal for the Philippines.

Winners of bronze medals were John Angel Aranas 1st year of Makati Science High School, Kelsey Lim Tiong Soon of Grace Christian College, John Thomas Chuatak 1st year of St. Stephen's High School, James Daniel Cordon 1st year of Philippine Science High School-Main Campus and Matthew Ryan Tan 1st year of St. Jude Catholic School.

The Philippine team was also composed of the following math wizards Engelberg Jeremy See- grade 6 -Jubilee Christian Academy; Lou Irish Gonzales, grade 5, Pasig Catholic College; Andrew Vince Lee- grade 5, Xavier School; Christopher Banzon- grade 5, Nemesio I. Yabut Elementary School; Gabrielle Anne Gabaton, 1st year, Pasisg Catholic College and Jason Carlo Carranceja, 2nd year, Grace Christian.

This math competition had been conducted in honor and acknowledgment to the great contribution of the outstanding Chinese Mathematician, Hua Luogeng (Hua Loo-Keng). He was the founder and pioneer of many fields in new China's mathematics research. He wrote more than 200 theses and monographs, many of which have become classic documents of immortal value. Besides pure mathematics, Hua also did a lot of work in the fields of mathematics applications. He made the mathematics serve the national economy and became the first Chinese scientist who closely combined the mathematics theoretic studies and practical production, and obtained enormous economic results in many fields.

Dr. Simon L. Chua, MTG president, is leading the MTG family in congratulating the winners of the 16th Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Youth Math Invitational Competition for placing the Philippines in the map of the international math competitions. Dr. Chua said, “I commend the winners and all those who are part of the Philippine team for showing their courage to face the challenge. I really attribute this success to the overwhelming support of the parents and the schools to the giftedness of these children."

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