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Jul 03, 2011

The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) has just awarded the 2011 BH Neumann Award for Excellence in Mathematics to Dr. Simon L. Chua, MTG President and AMC national Director- Philippines for his invaluable contribution in promoting excellence in mathematics in the Philippines and in Asia.

The particular aim of the Australian Mathematics Trust is to raise the academic, educational and public awareness of the important role that Dr. Chua and two other recipients have played in the enrichment of young students’ educational experiences and in their involvement in math activities for many years.

Dr. Chua's significant contribution over many years, in helping to stimulate the learning of mathematics in the Philippines received a unanimous consensus from the AMT Board to present him The B H Neumann Award for Excellence in Mathematics Enrichment. Furthermore, the award is limited, by strict quota to at most three per year for outstanding service and contribution to the mathematics education.

The other awardees have been Jane Breidahl, an outstanding teacher in Victoria, Australia, for her significant contribution in providing many contest problems for AMC papers and Gary Carter, Deputy State Director of AMOC for Queensland, for having worked in close cooperation with the AMC Director and Trust matters in general in Queensland.

No less than the AMT Executive Director, Professor Peter Taylor presented the award to the winners during the AMC State and National Directors' Meeting at Alice Spring, Darwin, Australia.

Dr. Simon Chua is also recipient of the of the prestigious Paul Erdos Award presented by the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions in 2006 in England and the Aryabhatta International Award presented by Indian Governmentt in 2007 at Lucknow, India. Both awards made him the only Filipino to be acknowledged for his significant contribution to the enrichment of Mathematics Learning in the Philippines

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