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Mar 31, 2012

Filipino students bagged 17 medals and awards and awards including four gold medals, a perfect score CUP and four first-places in two international math competition in Valcea, Romania.

The Philippines participated in the 15th Clock Tower School Math Contest, held from March 23-25, and organized by Romania's Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport; Romania Math Society, Valcea County School Inspectorate and Valcea Teacher Development Center.

Winning gold medals for the Philippines are Kaye Janelle Yao of Grace Christian College, Czarina Angela Lao of Saint Jude Catholic School, Adrian Reginald Sy of Saint Jude Catholic School, and Jervis Chua of Philippine Cultural College - Main.

Yao also holds the distinction of getting a perfect score to top Grade 8 (or 2nd year) in the contest.  For her feat, she was awarded a gold cup in addition to a gold medal.

Silver medalists are Shaquille Wyan Que of Grace Christian College, Kelsey Lim Tion Soon of Grace Christian College, Hubert Yao of Iloilo Central Commercial High School and Himig Marcos of Philippine Cultural College - Main. Adam Chan of Grace Christian College
got a merit award.

The Philippine Team also won in the Blitz Contest.

Bagging individual first prizes for the country are Kelsey Lim Tion Soon, Adrian Reginald Sy, Kaye Janelle Yao and Hubert Yao.

Second Pizes winners are Czarina Angela Lao and Shaquille Wyan Que while third prize winners are Himig Marcos and Jervis Chua.

Head of the Delegation in Arvie Ubarro of Phil Institute of Quezon City.

Serving as trainers are Arvie Ubarro of Phil Institute of Quezon City and Josephine Lorenzo Sy-Tan of Grace Christian College.

Besides the Philippines, other participating countries in the contests included Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Indonesia and Philippines.


By: Jonathan Hicap

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