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Mar 17, 2012

Please be informed of the following schedules and other important announcement regarding the 2012 MTG Young Mathematicians' In-house Intensive Training Program (YMIITP):



Iloilo Grand Hotel

Iznart Street, Iloilo City


A. High School - March 22-25, 2012

    Registration  7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.    

    Opening Program  9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.   


B. Elementary  March 26-29, 2012

      Registration  7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.    

    Opening Program  9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.    


C. Grades 1 and 2 trainees- March 26-29, 2012

   Trainees must proceed immediately to 

   The Grand Tower Suites, TTK Building

   Iznart Street, Iloilo City


D. Other Announcement:

1. Please wear your 2011-2012 12-Saturday t-shirts on the first day of the training.

2. Bring your personal towel and toiletries, though the hotel will provide them.

3. As much as possible, do not bring any valuables with you.


2012 YMIITP house rules 


A. For Parents/Accompanying Persons

a. Strictly observe visiting hours at designated area.

b. The whole hotel is a restricted area during training sessions.

c. Hotel Rooms and classrooms are always off limits.

d. Parents may pull out their child’s luggage a night before the last training day.

e. See the information officer for any concern.

 f.  The parent /accompany person shall pay the amount charged by the management for any deliberate or unintentional damage in the room.


B. Participants:

a. Training Sessions:

1.  The trainees must attend all training sessions, take and pass all quizzes and submit all assignments so as not to affect the score and performance;

2.  They must be attentive to their lecturers during sessions, sleeping and chatting are prohibited;

3.  They must observe punctuality during session time and other activities;

4.  They should be polite and courteous to the lecturers, MTG officers/staff and hotel personnel ;

5.  Using of mobile phones Ipods, MP3and other electronic gadgets, Rubik’s cube are prohibited;

6.  Reading of pocketbooks, comics and other reading materials may be done elsewhere but not during the training sessions;

7.  Vandalism is ground for disqualification from the training.


b. Hotel (Hotel Room/Lobby/Dining Area)

1.  No participant should leave the hotel even with his/her parents without prior notice and approval of the MTG officers;

2.  While inside the room, please refrain from talking aloud, shouting, or making any noise that will disturb other roommates;

3.   No trainees are allowed to loiter or stay out of their rooms after the curfew time at 9:30 pm. Defiance means demerits.

4.  Be on time in going to the dining area for the breakfast, lunch and dinner; please get food just enough for your consumption;

5.  Be considerate in using the rest rooms, that is, don’t stay long and keep it clean for the next user; Please keep your bed clean and tidy before leaving for the sessions;

6.  Using hotel telephone line for long distance call is not allowed unless permitted by the management and to be paid by the trainee;

7.  Please do not leave your money and other valuable items in your room. The organizer will not be held be responsible for any lost items left unattended;

8.  Always double check your room for any left item before checking out of the hotel;

9.  Key to the room must always be deposited to the hotel staff. The room occupants must pay Php 1000 for the lost key. Failure to pay is a ground for disqualification in any future training;

10.  The participant shall pay the amount charged by the management for any deliberate   

      or unintentional damage in the room; and

11.  If any problem arises, please coordinate or see your center coordinator or any MTG officer.

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