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Sep 07, 2013

Some people think about perfection, others dream about it. But still a select few actually achieve it. In the Philippines, five Filipino students with a penchant for numbers stand out with only few peers for notching a perfect score in the 2013 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).


Making a historic feat in the 2013 AMC are Matthew Angelo Isidro and Adrian Reginald Sy of   St. Jude Catholic School, Shaquille Wyan Que of Grace Christian College, Cylde Wesley Ang  of Chiang Kai Shek College and Kyle Patrick Dulay  of Philippine Science High School. Each will receive the Peter O'Halloran certificate; an award given in honor of the AMC founder Peter O'Halloran.  

The big news about the Philippine participants making headway in this year’s AMC continues as five more Filipino math wizards together with the perfect scorers stay ahead of the pack, making each of them a recipient of the Prize Award. Other than the “perfectionists”, the following also earn the prize award, Matthew Ryan Tan of St. Jude Catholic School, Christian Philip Gelera of Philippine Science High School – Main, Dion Stephan Ong of Ateneo De Manila University Grade School, Dominic Lawrence Bermudez of Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City and Shawn Chua of MGC New Life Christian Academy.

The number of AMC winners in the Philippines has grown in leaps and bounds as sixty three (63) math aces make it in the top 2%, an achievement assuring each to receive a high distinction certificate.  This year, the Philippines has a total of 468 distinction awardees for being in the top 15% and 1266 credit awardees for making it in the top 50% of their year and region.

The recipients of prize awards and high distinction certificates will likely be awarded by no less than Prof. Mike Clapper, Executive Director of the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) at 9 o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. This year is his first time to award the AMC winners as new AMT executive director, replacing Dr. Peter Taylor who retired in December 2012. The venue will be announced soon in this website.

This time, letter of invitation to attend the 2013 AMC awarding ceremonies will be sent to respective school and it will be the school head to do the confirmation of attendance.

The following are the awardees of high distinction certificates.


    Names Grade/Level Schools
1   Chan Enzo 3 Bayanihan Institute 
2   Ching Lyonel Justin 3 Jubilee Christian Academy
3   Dy Nathan Mayer 3 St. John's Institute 
4   Gutierrez Keshia Ianthe 3 Special Education Center For the Gifted
5   Kua Keng Mikyla Taryn 3 UNO High School 
6   Tang Keean Nathaniel 3 UNO High School
7   Abrigo Jedd Sebastian 4 Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City
8   Balete Immanuel Josiah 4 St. Stephen’s High School 
9   Cheng Sted Micah 4 Hope Christian High School 
10   Dalian Clarissa Lois 4 Precious International School of Davao
11   Ko Daryll Carlsten 4 St. Stephen’s High School 
12   Ongchua Rene John 4 Solomon Integrated School de Iloilo
13   Reyes Allyana Coleen 4 Falcon School
14   Tan Ron Lian Nikolaus 4 Morning Star Montessori Los Banos
15   Capito Patricia Faith 5 University of the Philippines - Integrated School 
16   Chua Eion Nikolai 5 MGC New Life Christian Academy
17   Co Drew Skyler 5 Jubilee Christian Academy 
18   Co Maxinne Louise 5 Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCS
19   Gan Jessica 5 St. Jude Catholic School
20   Ng Genrish 5 St. Jude Catholic School
21   Pascua Francis Matthew 5 Kaj-Play and Learn Center of Bolinao
22   Reyes Steven 5 St. Jude Catholic School 
23   Rosales Colin Beiel 5 Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City
24   Sanchez Bryce Ainsley 5 Grace Christian College
25   Tiu Sherwin Adrien 5 St. Stephen’s High School 
26   Abola Juan Pablo 6 PAREF Southridge School 
27   Marquez John Henry 6 University of the Philippines - Integrated School
28   Ong Stefan Marcus 6 St. Jude Catholic School
29   Pe Mickel Lyle Angelo 6 Antique SPED Center 
30   Policarpio Patrick Nino 6 Greenpark Montessori Learning Center
31   Pua Gabriel Joseph 6 St. Stephen’s High School 
32   San Gabriel Andrhea 6 Small World Christian School Foundation
33   Sison Kathleen Ann 6 Huasiong College of Iloilo
34   Sy Audrey 6 St. Jude Catholic School 
35   Tan Matthew 6 St. Stephen’s High School 
36   Chong Jinger 7 St. Jude Catholic School 
37   Cruz Jan Joshua 7 Pasig Catholic College, High School Dept. 
38   Keh Sedrick 7 Xavier School-High School 
39   Locsin Jose Ignacio 7 Philippine  Science High School-Main 
40   Tagupa Angelika Joie 7 Philippine  Science High School-Main
41   Wang Steven John 7 UNO High School 
42   Wong Eason 7 Philippine Cultural College 
43   Claveria Elijamin 8 DOST-Science Education Institute
44   Ildesa Miguel Lorenzo 8 Phil. Science High School-Main 
45   Suarez Errol John 8 Aquinas University of Legazpi
46   Wu Farrell Eldrian 8 MGC New Life Christian Academy
47   Abella Alfonso Miguel 3rd  Grace Christian College
48   Carta Johann 3rd Hope Christian High School 
49   Chan Andrew John 3rd Hope Christian High School 
50   Fadri Raymond Joseph 3rd Makati Science High School
51   Lim Tiong Soon Kelsey 3rd Grace Christian College
52   Pascua Gerald 3rd DOST-Science Education Institute
53   Sy Andrew Lawrence 3rd Xavier School-High School 
54   Tan Isabella 3rd St. Jude Catholic School
55   Balete Nathanael Joshua 4th  St. Stephen’s High School 
56   Chua Austin Edrich 4th St. Jude Catholic School 
57   Chuatak John Thomas 4th St. Stephen’s High School 
58   Cordon James Daniel 4th Philippine  Science High School-Main 
59   Lao Ma Czarina Angela 4th St. Jude Catholic School 
60   Nogales Emilio Paul 4th Philippine  Science High School-Main
61   Ongkiko Mario Antonio 4th Xavier School-High School
62   Sin Immanuel Gabriel 4th Ateneo de Manila University High School
63   Yao Kaye Janelle 4th Grace Christian College

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