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Apr 16, 2013

Dear Parents,

The power crisis in Mindanao has captured the headlines of most local and national broadsheets and televisions. These rotating brownouts which last from 6 to 8 hours a day have been destabilizing local economy. The power supply situation further slides down due to low water elevation as a result of the dry spell in summer.

The MTG Philippines national office based in Zamboanga City is not spared from this very despairing circumstance. Despairing in the sense, brownouts do not follow specific schedule, that is, lights go off in the least of our expectation, hence the interruption of our operation.

In as much as MTG wants to be punctual in its production of the lesson materials, to answer emails and to update information in websites, the national office is helpless just as every resident/institution with no generator unit is in Zamboanga City. Imagine our office hours have to be cut short and manpower has to be trimmed down since power interruption makes the whole operation and production down by more or less 40% of our efficiency.

Furthermore, the present set-up of Yahoo is it rejects and even blocks when group messages are sent in large number for fear that our emails are scammed letters. This set-up certainly affects our communication with you.

That is why, we request some parents and trainees to look around and be more sensitive about the whole surrounding rather than to focus on one’s personal interest. Instead of being reactive, why not be proactive. As such, we request some parents to be more patient because we do not only have your son or daughter with us, we have the nation’s best young mathematicians under our care and your son/daughter is one of them.

Indeed, it is nice that many parents out there have something to say but a few really have to say something. Our appeal to all parents is to please bear with us because we will really reach out to all of your kids whom we always place in the center of our training.

Thank you.

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