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Apr 05, 2013

Sleepless nights, grueling problems and exhaustive hours spent on lectures, examinations assignments and another assignments characterized the 2013 Youth Mathematicians' In-House Intensive Training Program (YMIITP) for high school which lasted for three days in these two venues: Cebu City for Visayas and Mindanao trainees and Tagaytay City for NCR and Luzon trainees last March 23-26, 2013 and April 1-4, 2013 respectively.

The hour after hour sessions and series of mind-boggling problems had almost knocked down neophytes but their unflagging spirits and untrampled hopes sustained them to move on to the end of the challenge. However, the senior trainees were not exceptions. They too, felt the blows and whips of the math problems which consumed much of their neurons. Of course, some few seasoned trainees who have all the aces, though they felt some twinges, strode out of the challenge with some smiles.

And so, whatever the impact of the training to more than 1500 mathchievers, the 2013 YMIITP had truly made every trainer smarter than smartest and better than the best. From among the best trainees, some shine brighter indeed for they had the cheers and applause of the crowds, speaking the same language…mathematics. Thus, finishing the training with flying colors were the qualifiers who were bestowed with top scorer medals while the alternates, with “I made it” feeling were presented certificates of merits.

The qualifiers and alternates are eligible to move on to the third and final stage of the training program, the 2013 Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program (MOSTP) which starts on Wednesday, April 10 and ends on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, while the final examination is on the following day, Thursday, May 16, 2013. The training is from Monday to Saturday, 8:00AM to 12:00 noon and 1:00PM to 4:00PM. Therefore, both qualifiers and alternates should follow the confirmation procedures:

(a) Make a confirmation of attendance (indicate your name, year level as of last school year and name of school attended last school year) on or before 5PM of April 8, 2013; and

(b) Email the confirmation of attendance to mtgp.mostp@yahoo.com.

Furthermore, only the qualifiers and alternates with confirmation shall be given access to enter the training venue, that is, the Arellano University, Abad Santos Campus, Taft Avenue corner Gil Puyat. Near Gil Puyat LRT station. The university regrets to deny entry to those whose names are not in the list of confirmed attendees of the 2013 MOSTP. No Walk-ins are allowed, they too will be denied entry.

All qualifiers and alternates must be ready with your passport the soonest. Please do not book your own ticket for we are going to make a group booking for the Philippine delegations as required by contest organizers.

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The qualifiers and alternates for the 2013 MOSTP are as follow:

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