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Aug 18, 2014

Four young female Filipino math wizards were on the spotlight for winning medals and awards in the 13th China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (CGMO), held in Zhongshan City in Guangdong, China from August 10 to 14, 2014.
The CGMO is a math competition with a proof-based format similar to the International Mathematics Olympiad, which our female mathletes managed to sail through it, hooking two silver and two bronze medals.
Winning silver medals were Kelsey Lim Tiong Soon of Grace Christian College and Andrea Jessica Jaba of St. Jude Catholic School and bringing home the silver medals were Isabel Jocyn Villanueva of PAREF Woodrose School and Isabella Mae Tan of St. Jude Catholic School.
The CGMO is far from the ordinary since it contains really brain-racking and mind-boggling problems which make only the best in mathematics worthy to be in the circle of the very few survivors of the contest.
Our female math crunchers made a significant headway by winning Best in Creativity, Best in Cooperation and Best in Stage Style awards in the aerobics dance contest, a side event of the CGMO.

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