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Jan 11, 2015

Three Filipino math wizards, all from St. Jude Catholic School, got two thumbs up for achieving a perfect score in the first round of the 2014 International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS) held on November 22, 2014.

Bringing the house down for their flawless performance in the contest are Andrea Jessica D. Jaba (Junior Division), Ethan Cedric Jao and Chiara Bernadette Tan-Gatue (Middle Primary Division). Jaba, Jao and Tan-Gatue along with one hundred nineteen others will recieve certificates of High Distinction for being top scorers.

From a total of 2448 participants from the Philippines, only one hundred twenty two top math performers, that is, 24 from the middle primary, 31 from the upper primary and 67 from the junior divisions triumph over all the others, not only winning high distinction certificates but also making it all the way to the second round of IMAS scheduled in February 2015.

This year, one hundred seventy three and eight hundred two participants from the 3 divisions will receive distinction and credit certificates respectively, while the others will receive the certificates of participation.

The participants, recieving High Distinction certificates, are automatically considered qualifiers for the 2nd Round IMAS which contains 5 problems in multiple choice type, 8 problems requiring short answers and 2 problems requiring detailed solution.

These are the math wizards who make the cut and qualify for the 2nd Round IMAS:

    MIDDLE PRIMARY DIVISION – High Distinction
    Names  Schools
1   Bacomo, Hannah Denise B. De La Salle Univ. Integrated School
2   Bautista, Euan Gabriel Special Education Center For the gifted 
3   Borbe, Miguel Sebastian St. Jude Catholic School
4   Chan, Kei Hang Derek St. Jude Catholic School
5   Chua, Kaitlyn maree  St. Jude Catholic School
6   Chua, Kian Colin St. Jude Catholic School
7   Chua, Matthew Eugene The British School Manila
8   Dalida, Raphael Dylan St. Mary's Academy
9   Dequito, Noel Stephen De La Salle Univ. Int. STC
10   Dy, Nathan Mayer  Q.                  St. John Institute
11   Fang, Johnny Yzekiel II St. Jude Catholic School
12   Isaguirre, Jairus Carle St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
13   Jao, Ethan Cedric St. Jude Catholic School
14   Kwan, Sigfred Kerwayne Zamboang Chong Hua High School
15   Noceda, Erin Christen Special Education Center For the gifted 
16   Pak, Mi Jung Colegio San Agustin - Biñan
17   Peña, Janseen Reign Mother Goose Special School System INC
18   Taburnal, Luke John Sale Placido Del Mundo Elem. School
19   Tan, Patricia Angelica Chiang Kai Shek College
20   Tan-Gatue, Chiara Bernadette St. Jude Catholic School
21   Teh, Kristen Steffi Grace Christian College
22   Torralba, Jeremie Keon Southville International School and Colleges
23   Uygongco, Justin Timothy Hua Siong College of iloilo 
24   Wu, Filbert Ephraim MGC New Life Christian Academy
    UPPER PRIMARY DIVISION- High Distinction
    Name School
1   Bagsic, Albriz Moore Lilyrose School
2   Balanon, Bethena Clarisse Tuguegarao West Central School
3   Balete, Immanuel Josiah St. Stephen's High School
4   Bautista, Ralde Anuel MGC New Life Christian Academy
5   Belino, Martin Rey Special Education Center For the gifted 
6   Capito, Patricia UP Integrated School - Quezon City
7   Castro, Al Patrick Pasig Catholic College
8   Cheng, Angelica Samantha Immaculate Conception Academy
9   Cheng, Sted Micah Hope Christian High School
10   Chua, Shawn Darren MGC New Life Christian Academy
11   Gan, Jessica Lorraine  St. Jude Catholic School
12   Julio, Vanessa Ryanne St. Jude Catholic School
13   King, Naomi Anne St. Jude Catholic School
14   KO, Daryll Carlsten St. Stephen's High School
15   Lim, Lance Heinrich Sy St. Jude Catholic School
16   Maceda, Danela Kayla T. St. Jude Catholic School
17   Maceda, Westin Darren  St. Jude Catholic School
18   Manlisos, Maria Monica St. Stephen's High School
19   Mercado, Rico Daniel Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elem. School
20   Narag, Kristin Angela Colegio San Agustin - Biñan
21   Ng, Genrish Wendell St. Jude Catholic School
22   Pantaleon, Erika Emmanuelle Small World Christian School Foundation
23   Perez, Angelo Vince De La Salle - Lipa
24   Reyes, Madeleine St. Jude Catholic School
25   Reyes, Steven St. Jude Catholic School
26   Sanchez, Bryce Ainsley Grace Christian College
27   Sy, Ryan Jericho Chiang Kai Shek College
28   Tansiongkun, Matthew Shawn Xavier School
29   Teh, Justine Lauren Immaculate Conception Academy
30   Tiong, gregory Charles St. Jude Catholic School
31   Wee, Pauline Sherice Immaculate Conception Academy
    Name School
1   Abella, Alfonso Miguel Grace Christian College
2   Albo, Aeram Clester Quezon City Science High School
3   Andales, Hillary Diane Philippines Science High School - EVC
4   Ang, Clyde Wesley Chiang Kai Shek College
5   Balete, Lesley Clarise Grace Christian College
6   Bisnar, jasper Ryan Integrated Montessori Center
7   Braganza, Aimee Gizelle BHC Educational INC.
8   Carpio, Moses Christopher Agoo kiddie Special School
9   Chan, Adam Christopher Grace Christian College
10   Chan, Vicente Raphael Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
11   Chong, Jinger St. Jude Catholic School
12   Chu, Warren Edrick Philippines Science High School - EVC
13   Chua, Eion Nikolai  MGC New Life Christian Academy
14   Claveria, Elijamin Philippine Science High School - Main Campus
15   Co, Miko Johnson St. Stephen's High School
16   Cua, Mark david Pangasinan Universal Institute
17   Dalan, Gerald  St. Joseph College Olongapo, Inc.
18   De Ocampo. Nathaniel Adriand Quezon City Science High School
19   Doble, Kristine Ashley Philippine Science High School - CMC
20   Dy, lawrence Gabriel CCF Life Academy Foundation
21   Dy, Natalia Beatrice Q.             St. John Institute
22   Go, Gene Jr Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
23   Go, Xavier Jefferson Ray Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
24   Gonzales, Andres Rico Colegio de San Juan De Letran
25   Gonzales, Mark Edward St Paul College of Makati
26   Guevara, Alyssa Colegio San Agustin - Biñan
27   Gumilao, Thamania Keith  Pasig Catholic College
28   Isidro, Matthew Angelo St. Jude Catholic School
29   Jaba, Andrea Jessica David St. Jude Catholic School
30   Keh, Sedrick Scott S. Xavier School
31   King, Grant Aaron Grace Christian College
32   Lim Tiong Soon, Kelsey Grace Christian College
33   Lim, Fedrick Lance Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
34   Lim, Joshua Nathan Tarlac Montessori School
35   Limsiy, Gerrick Spencer Grace Christian College
36   Liu, Hans Leighton St. Jude Catholic School
37   Melendrez, Romeo Dane Regional Science High School III
38   Naraval, Paul Jeremiah  BHC Educational INC.
39   Nullar, Lovely Ann BHC Educational Inc.
40   Ong, Dion Stephen Ateneo de Manila High School
41   Ong, Stefan Marcus St. Jude Catholic School
42   Ong, Tiffany Mae Immaculate Conception Academy
43   Que, Shaquille Wyan Grace Christian College
44   Santos, Daryl Joe Sen. Renato "Comapnero" Cayetano MSTHS
45   Say, Vince Benedict  St. Jude Catholic School
46   Segismundo, Jasper John Pasig Catholic College
47   Shao, Ryan Mark Xavier School
48   Shi, Kenneth Philippine  Cultural College - Caloocan
49   Sim, Phil Eldridge Jubilee Christian Academy
50   Simbol, Jan Vincent BHC Educational Inc.
51   So, Selena marie Grace Christian College
52   Suarez, Errol John Aquinas Univ. of Legaspi High School Dept.
53   Sy, Adrian Reginald  St. Jude Catholic School
54   Tan, Genesis Jacinth Quezon City Science High School
55   Tan, Hans Markson St. Stephen's High School
56   Tan, Isabella mae St. Jude Catholic School
57   Tanno, Gen Mark Southville International School and Colleges
58   Ton, Daniel Hope Christian High School
59   Torres,Vince Jan Santa Rosa Science & Tech High School
60   Tsai, Terence Brian Chiang Kai Shek College
61   Uy, mark Christopher Xavier School
62   Uy, Matthew Johann Xavier School
63   Villanueva, Isabel Jocyn Paref Woodrose School
64   Wong, Eason U. Philippine  Cultural College - Caloocan
65   Wu, Farrell Eldrian MGC New Life Christian Academy
66   Young, Ezekiel Jubilee Christian Academy
67   Yu, Jonathan Conrad Philippine  Christian Gospel School

These are the following mathletes who will be awarded distinction certificates:


These are the eight hundred two recipients of the credit certificates:           


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