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Jan 23, 2017

Andres Rico M. Gonzales III, grade 9, from Colegio De San Juan De Letran achieved a perfect score in the 1st round of International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS) conducted in November last year.

Gonzales will receive the high distinction certificate from the IMAS executive council. It should be noted that he was awarded with Peter O’ Holloran Certificate of Excellence, AMC Medal and Prize Award for his unspoiled mark in the 2015 Australian Mathematics Competitions.      

This year, the Philippines yielded 117 awardees of high distinction certificates, 212 and 751 recipients of distinction and credit certificates respectively, bringing a total of 1080 awardees from the middle primary, upper primary, junior and intermediate divisions.

The second round of IMAS will be conducted in February 25,  2017 for those students wh o are in the top 5% to 10% of all participants of each country. Therefore, whoever the qualifiers may be are advised to always log on to this website for the names of participants eligible to sit for the 2nd round of IMAS.

The following are the winners of the high distinction, distinction and credit certificates.

1Senior HighGonzales, Andres Rico M. IIIColegio de San Juan de LetranHigh Distinction
2Senior HighChong, Jinger SiaSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
3Senior HighWu, Farrell EldrianMGC New Life Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
4Senior HighYu, Julian RaymundBritish School ManilaHigh Distinction
5Senior HighCruz, Jan Joshua P.Pasig Catholic CollegeHigh Distinction
6Senior HighTorres, Vince JanSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolHigh Distinction
7Senior HighOng, Dion StephanAteneo de Manila Junior High SchoolHigh Distinction
8Senior HighMelendrez, Romeo DaneRegional Science High School - IIIHigh Distinction
9Senior HighDy, Lawrence GabrielCCF Life Academy FoundationHigh Distinction
10Senior HighMiguel, AlfonsoGrace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
11Senior HighSimbol, Jan Vincent A.BHC Educational Institution, IncHigh Distinction
12Senior HighChiew, Simon S.Ateneo De Davao University - Junior High SchoolHigh Distinction
13Senior HighWong, EasonPhilippine Cultural College - CaloocanHigh Distinction
14Senior HighQue, Shaquille Wyan T.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
15Senior HighCandano, Gabrielle Jackie C.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentHigh Distinction
16Senior HighOng, Stefan MarcusSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
17Senior HighMontañez, Marjana Ysabella O.Philippine Science High School - MainHigh Distinction
18Senior HighGonzales, Mark EdwardSt. Paul College MakatiHigh Distinction
19Senior HighGo, Xavier Jefferson Ray M.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
20Senior HighPeña, Leonard Luis B.Philippine Science High School - MainHigh Distinction
21Senior HighNaraval, Victor Dominic D.BHC Educational Institution, IncDistinction
22Senior HighLiao, Shamira SharlyneSt. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
23Senior HighHo, Shannon Gail O.De La Salle University Integrated School - Taft CampusDistinction
24Senior HighLim, Jarrett Ian G.Philippine Academy of SakyaDistinction
25Senior HighShi, Kenneth G.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanDistinction
26Senior HighMarquez, John HenryPhilippine Science High School - MainDistinction
27Senior HighCarpio, Moses Christopher C.Agoo Kiddie Special SchoolDistinction
28Senior HighSo, Sean Marcus S.Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
29Senior HighPua, Gabriel Joseph TingSt. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
30Senior HighUy, Robert Gerard D.St John's InstituteDistinction
31Senior HighChan, Vicente Raphael C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
32Senior HighTy, Sean Anderson L.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
33Senior HighLim, Fedrick Lance R.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
34Senior HighAlbo, Aeram Clester A.Quezon City Science High SchoolDistinction
35Senior HighYu, Jonathan Conrad G.Philippine Christian Gospel SchoolDistinction
36Senior HighLiu, Hans LeightonSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
37Senior HighLimsiy, Gerrick Spencer C.Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
38Senior HighAbansi, Kasler Dell O.BHC Educational Institution, IncDistinction
39Senior HighSison, Kathleen AnnHua Siong College of IloiloDistinction
40Senior HighKing, William Joshua G.Bethany Christian SchoolDistinction
41Senior HighFadri, Joan LynMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
42Senior HighGomez, Miguel AngeloMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
43Senior HighParra, Ma. Leibniz Charisse D.St. Paul College PasigDistinction
44Senior HighChan, Adam ChristopherGrace Christian CollegeDistinction
45Senior HighKing, Grant AaronGrace Christian CollegeDistinction
46Senior HighDavid, Andrei Phillip L.First Asia Institute of Technology and HumanitiesDistinction
47Senior HighTanada, Patricia InaMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
48Senior HighSan Gabriel, AndrheaUniversity of Baguio of Science and TechnologyDistinction
49Senior HighRojas, Kenneth GabrielMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
50Senior HighLaurio, John RobbieMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
51Senior HighKo, Lance Adrian TanSt. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
52Senior HighAplacador, Jan PaulMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
53Senior HighKah, Norwyn Nicholson L.De La Salle University Integrated School - Taft CampusDistinction
54Senior HighCasugbo, Shannen MariHua Siong College of IloiloDistinction
55Senior HighElman, Blue AndreiMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
56Senior HighGo, Albert TimothyMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
57Senior HighTan, Alison Chloe L.Tarlac Living Faith AcademyCredit
58Senior HighBranzuela, Jeremy BrianSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
59Senior HighAmante, David Alexander R.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
60Senior HighSy, Ryan JerichoChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
61Senior HighShi, Charles JustinPhilippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
62Senior HighTan, Genesis Jacinth C.Quezon City Science High SchoolCredit
63Senior HighGocheco, Alvin BensonHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
64Senior HighDelatore, Myles DenzelBethany Christian SchoolCredit
65Senior HighHuang, TrishaChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
66Senior HighFerrer, Marc Christopher E.De La Salle LipaCredit
67Senior HighUy, Hans Mackenzie D.Saint Joseph SchoolCredit
68Senior HighOng, Sanielle Meliz H.St John's InstituteCredit
69Senior HighSy, CamilleZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
70Senior HighLim, JacobChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
71Senior HighSebastian, Lance Kendrick K.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
72Senior HighVaron, Carissa Elaine F.Ateneo de Manila Senior High SchoolCredit
73Senior HighTiu, Sherwin AdrienSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
74Senior HighOrillo, Fernando Jose E.Las Piñas City National Science High SchoolCredit
75Senior HighDe Leon, Juan CarlosSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolCredit
76Senior HighAurellano, Lizette C.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentCredit
77Senior HighLim, Galvin BriceChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
78Senior HighSy, Kylee Wiona V.Pace AcademyCredit
79Senior HighMarquez, Hanzel R.Itaas Elementary SchoolCredit
80Senior HighCortes, Christian A.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
81Senior HighDy, Marverick Myron S.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
82Senior HighYoung, James Matthew U.Iloilo National High School Credit
83Senior HighMasbano, Raymund Carlo A.St John's InstituteCredit
84Senior HighPolicarpio, Patrick NiñoPhilippine Science High School - MainCredit
85Senior HighSace, Johann Sebastian V.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
86Senior HighLim, Sean ChristianPangasinan Universal InstituteCredit
87Senior HighRecto, Aiella Antonia B.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentCredit
88Senior HighBosita, Lanz Lorenzo D.De La Salle LipaCredit
89Senior HighChan, Beatrice Marie D.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentCredit
90Senior HighCo, Darwin AlexanderChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
91Senior HighManahan, Jake Matthew T.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
92Senior HighTan, Audrey Gabrielle P.Malayan High School of ScienceCredit
93Senior HighChua, Anjelo JorelGrace Christian CollegeCredit
94Senior HighCatibog, Ron Gian Aleksei P.De La Salle LipaCredit
95Senior HighLazaro, Charles Daniel C.Elizabeth Seton SchoolCredit
96Senior HighRoque, Karl Raymond D.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
97Senior HighRillera, Jose MariSan Beda College AlabangCredit
98Senior HighElma, Jake KitzrodsterAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
99Senior HighCheng, Jhervey EdricChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
100Senior HighShi, Erika Jo T.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
101Senior HighRustia, Nathaniel FranzMakati Science High SchoolCredit
102Senior HighGabaton, Mary Beatrice U.Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
103Senior HighOgayon, Juzzel Brylle G.Itaas Elementary SchoolCredit
104Senior HighGabon, Denielle Kahlil Kyro S. Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
105Senior HighGadiaza, Hazel MaeSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolCredit
106Senior HighUy, Jillian Hannah D.Saint Joseph SchoolCredit
107Senior HighDela Fuente, Jence Christian P.Ateneo de Naga University Credit
108Senior HighTee, Madeline L.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
109Senior HighArafiles, Efrilea Eistel T.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
110Senior HighRamos, Russel M.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
111Senior HighSmith, Allison Danielle M.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
112Senior HighChan, Ethan Spencer S.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
113Senior HighFujimori, YoshikiInternational School For Better BeginningsCredit
114Senior HighMadayag, Miles G.Ateneo De Davao University - Junior High SchoolCredit
115Senior HighCo, Jehmianne K.Saint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
116Senior HighAbiong, James David A.Malayan High School of ScienceCredit
117Senior HighRodriguez, Ma. Janina G.Las Piñas City National Science High SchoolCredit
118Senior HighEspinosa, Christian Dean L.St John's InstituteCredit
119Senior HighAlzona, Miguel Dominico M.Southville International School and CollegesCredit
120Senior HighBermejo, Gwyneth Nicole S.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
121Senior HighDesuyo, Wynzel L.Philippine Normal UniversityCredit
122Senior HighOng, Joyce HeidiChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
123Senior HighSioco, Gabrielle AshleyImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
124Senior HighBacani, Justin James L.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
125Senior HighGiron, Mary Julian F.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
126Senior HighValeriano, ElcidWestfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
127Senior HighQue, Neil Bryant A.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
128Senior HighGaring, Kiana Alecsandra A.De La Salle LipaCredit
129Senior HighAcda, Ron MichaelSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolCredit
130Senior HighTaberdo, Jarek O.Makati Science High SchoolCredit
131Senior HighJarlos, Jose Rafael R.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
132Senior HighLimcuando, Biehn Carlos B.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
133Senior HighDy, Shanice Nicole S.La Union Cultural InstituteCredit
134Senior HighCo, Ma. Samantha YsabelAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
135Senior HighYu, Jae HennesiePhilippine Christian Gospel SchoolCredit
136Senior HighJuanes, John JovenWestfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
137Senior HighCorpuz, Drew Anne M.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
138Senior HighOga, Francis NicoliCebu Eastern CollegeCredit
139Senior HighEvangelista, Emmanuel LinusWestfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
140Senior HighDiaz, Gillianne Marybelle C.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
141Senior HighChua, Nicole Abigail L.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
142Senior HighBaisas, Alodia CareyColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
143Senior HighCepillo, Trisha Angeli G.De La Salle LipaCredit
144Senior HighAraneta, Marvince John P.Iloilo National High School Credit
145Senior HighKanzawa, Miko Precious International School of DavaoCredit
146Senior HighLin, BrianChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
147Senior HighBeriña, Andre Jorge P.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
148Senior HighDe Castro, Stefano CrispinoSouthville International School and CollegesCredit
149Senior HighBonoan, Ron Jasper V.Las Piñas City National Science High SchoolCredit
150Senior HighBautista, Shine-Shine Mae G.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
151Senior HighArgana, Ralph Ernest G.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
152Senior HighJuan, Adrian P.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
153Senior HighOmugtong, Joshua MiguelMakati Science High SchoolCredit
154Senior HighOnofre, Lloyd Alfred O.Westfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
155Senior HighAmog, Jeremae V.St. Paul College PasigCredit
156Senior HighTerceño, Cristin AngelaPangasinan Universal InstituteCredit
157Senior HighMercado, Chini B.First Asia Institute of Technology and HumanitiesCredit
158Senior HighAguba, Laurence JuliennePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
159Senior HighEvangelista, Adrian Nikolai Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
160Senior HighSantos, Ma. Erica Therese G.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
161Senior HighLei, Trisha LorraineSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
162Senior HighGaliza, Jude Anthony C.Philippine Yuh Chiau SchoolCredit
163Senior HighPatiag, Neil Joshua F.Philippine Science High School - Central Luzon CampusCredit
164Senior HighMisa, Rodolfo Jr.Cebu Eastern CollegeCredit
165Senior HighAlgones, LancePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
166Senior HighLarisma, BenedictPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
167Senior HighKoengchiat, EuniceChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
168Senior HighLim, DonChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
169Senior HighSioco, Patricia ChloeImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
170Senior HighTan, Justin M.Quezon City Science High SchoolCredit
171Senior HighSantiago, Carl Andre F.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
172Senior HighEntico, Cassandra Marie R.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentCredit
173Senior HighReyes, James Russell B.Mary Help of Christians SchoolCredit
174Senior HighLee, Jessica Nadine A.St John's InstituteCredit
175Senior HighYapan, Miguel CarloMakati Science High SchoolCredit
176Senior HighLao, FernandoPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
177Senior HighUldama, Izra Myca N.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
178Senior HighLucina, Liza Mae Irish B.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
179Senior HighBernardo, Curt JeremySaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
180Senior HighSese, Stephanie GraceWestfield Science Oriented SchoolCredit
181Junior HighChua, Eion Nikolai S.International School ManilaHigh Distinction
182Junior HighSanchez, Bryce Ainsley A.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
183Junior HighReyes, StevenSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
184Junior HighTy, Stephen James L.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
185Junior HighBalete, Immanuel Josiah A.St. Stephen's High SchoolHigh Distinction
186Junior HighNg, Genrish WendellSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
187Junior HighTamayo, Annika Angela MeiAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSHigh Distinction
188Junior HighMaceda, WestinSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
189Junior HighTiong, Gregory CharlesSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
190Junior HighBona, Sarji Elijah Palawan Hope Christian SchoolHigh Distinction
191Junior HighChan, Kirsten Dominique S.Bayanihan InstituteHigh Distinction
192Junior HighLim, lance Heinrich S.Saint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
193Junior HighKue, Aiman Andrei U.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
194Junior HighCastro, Al PatrickMakati Science High SchoolHigh Distinction
195Junior HighQue, Zachary Gadjiel Breinard G.Bayanihan InstituteHigh Distinction
196Junior HighPerez, Angelo Vince H.De La Salle LipaHigh Distinction
197Junior HighManlises, Maria MonicaSt. Stephen's High SchoolHigh Distinction
198Junior HighUy, Robert Frederik D.Philippine Science High School - Western Visayas CampusHigh Distinction
199Junior HighOng, Daniel Miguel H.St John's InstituteHigh Distinction
200Junior HighKing, Naomi AnneSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
201Junior HighSia, Trisha DanielleChiang Kai Shek CollegeHigh Distinction
202Junior HighMaceda, Danela Kayla T.Saint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
203Junior HighTang, Keean Nathaniel T.Uno High SchoolHigh Distinction
204Junior HighDumale, Marco Eraño A.De La Salle University Science and Tech Complex Integrated School - CanlubangDistinction
205Junior HighGan, Loraine JessicaSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
206Junior HighNobleza, Aaron XavierLittle Angel Study CenterDistinction
207Junior HighAng, Vince DexterPhilippine Cultural College - Main Distinction
208Junior HighJulio, Vanessa Ryanne G.Saint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
209Junior HighPicart, David Kyle R.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentDistinction
210Junior HighPiccio, Tom Manuel O.Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao CampusDistinction
211Junior HighReyes, Allyana ColeenPhilippine Science High School - MainDistinction
212Junior HighTabujara, Oniluv Troy C.Falcon SchoolDistinction
213Junior HighTan, Patricia AngelicaChiang Kai Shek CollegeDistinction
214Junior HighSo, Shane Franklin T.K.Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
215Junior HighKo, Daryll Carlsten L.St. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
216Junior HighKhoo, Justin Teng SoonRegional Science High School - IIIDistinction
217Junior HighGarcia, Josiah C.Philippine Science High School - Central Luzon CampusDistinction
218Junior HighIlagan, Gerard Elmer D.O.Philippine Science High School - MainDistinction
219Junior HighYumol, Princesa JoelColegio San Agustin - BiñanDistinction
220Junior HighDamasco, BedrichAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSDistinction
221Junior HighDela Cruz, Cris Magdalene L.PSHS CARCDistinction
222Junior HighCheng, Sted Micah T.Hope Christian High SchoolDistinction
223Junior HighShu Too, Kaitlyn L.Jubilee Christian AcademyDistinction
224Junior HighChua, Shawn Darren S.MGC New Life Christian AcademyDistinction
225Junior HighTongson, David Zachary R.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalDistinction
226Junior HighCorpuz, Lloyd AndreiSt Paul College of Ilocos SurDistinction
227Junior HighAnglo, Ella Marie A.St John's InstituteDistinction
228Junior HighTumulak, Jose Nell Andrew S.Ateneo De Davao University - Junior High SchoolDistinction
229Junior HighLiwag, Alexa Ysabel D.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalDistinction
230Junior HighGale, Kent Vincent J.Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao CampusDistinction
231Junior HighAala, Andre Louis LaoPhilippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao CampusDistinction
232Junior HighRomero, John Paul C.Malayan High School of ScienceDistinction
233Junior HighDimapilis, Art Gabriel D.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalDistinction
234Junior HighPicart, Roxanne Aimee R.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentDistinction
235Junior HighVillegas, Dominic O.Saint Joseph SchoolDistinction
236Junior HighQuintin, Jan Cedrick J.Philippine Science High School - MainDistinction
237Junior HighFernandez, Jilian Kay Madison S.Pangasinan Universal InstituteDistinction
238Junior HighRamos Jhann Rainey F.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
239Junior HighMarcos, HirayaPhilippine Cultural College - Main Distinction
240Junior HighYu, Joan IsabelAteneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolDistinction
241Junior HighOliveros, Rafael O.San Antonio National High SchoolDistinction
242Junior HighCorto, Christian DavidDe La Salle - Lipa Integrated SchoolDistinction
243Junior HighAdlaon, Kyla Andrea M.International School For Better BeginningsDistinction
244Junior HighLim, Katherine EliseImmaculate Conception AcademyDistinction
245Junior HighTan, Cayenne AudreyImmaculate Conception AcademyDistinction
246Junior HighAlgenio, Deanne GabrielleMakati Science High SchoolDistinction
247Junior HighTrinidad, Wendell M.Pasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
248Junior HighChua, Sean EugeneXavier SchoolDistinction
249Junior HighCasugbo, MarianneHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
250Junior HighDalian, Clarissa Lois R.Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao CampusCredit
251Junior HighAnte, Lorenzo Manuel A.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
252Junior HighSales, Ephraim V.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
253Junior HighChan, Raya ColleenSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
254Junior HighSy, Lance ChristianHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
255Junior HighJocson, Raldz Loren M.Philippine Normal UniversityCredit
256Junior HighMagno, Ron Raphael West Visayas State University - ILSCredit
257Junior HighCruz, Gennelle Kyla D.Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
258Junior HighSoriano, Maricar V.Valenzuela School of Mathematics and ScienceCredit
259Junior HighOrdoño, Brylle Jaden Louise R.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
260Junior HighBerin, Julia James P.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentCredit
261Junior HighUygongco, Daryll KevinPhilippine Science High School - Western Visayas CampusCredit
262Junior HighChan, Andrei Lenard R.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
263Junior HighChiew, Silas S.Ateneo De Davao University - Junior High SchoolCredit
264Junior HighSo, Sofia Marianne S.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
265Junior HighBautista, Ralde Anuel S.MGC New Life Christian AcademyCredit
266Junior HighArcadio, Jodi Marcia D.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
267Junior HighGullon, Deric MiguelPhilippine Science High School - MainCredit
268Junior HighReyes, MadeleineSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
269Junior HighAbanes, John Ramel YugaInternational School ManilaCredit
270Junior HighEspiritu, Czhean Klyde L.De La Salle LipaCredit
271Junior HighDimaculangan, Karl VincentSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolCredit
272Junior HighWee, Robin Spencer C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
273Junior HighTopacio, Paul SamsonMakati Science High SchoolCredit
274Junior HighSimbol, Ronn Derick A.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
275Junior HighPines, Cassandra Allison F.Tarlac Living Faith AcademyCredit
276Junior HighMagnaye, EnriqueUniversity of the Philippines Rural High SchoolCredit
277Junior HighTondo, Trisha T.Oton National High SchoolCredit
278Junior HighChuabio, Vincent A.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
279Junior HighMorales, Sophia Marie T.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
280Junior HighOrpilla, Uriel Nathan D.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
281Junior HighKo, Carl Vincent T.St. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
282Junior HighAzarcon, Mary Alyenne Josephine G.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
283Junior HighTorio, Noel Christopher D.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
284Junior HighSenson, Andrea Nicole G.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
285Junior HighJoson, Anton Leo MiguelDe La Salle LipaCredit
286Junior HighPagadora, Ellijah Emmar JohnSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolCredit
287Junior HighLim, Jannica Allison S.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
288Junior HighTrompeta, Seth MarchenPhilippine Science High School - MainCredit
289Junior HighGo, Paul Jason C.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
290Junior HighHasegawa, Maikeru Yuichi P.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
291Junior HighEnojo, Shealtiel ShawnCebu Eastern CollegeCredit
292Junior HighCheng, Joie Frances Y.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
293Junior HighCuayzon, Daniel B.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
294Junior HighMatociños, Yvez Mathrim O.Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
295Junior HighTeng, John RaphaelPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
296Junior HighUy, Hance LouiePhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
297Junior HighTangog, Gwyneth Margaux G.Southville International School and CollegesCredit
298Junior HighYu, Victor Ruben B.Aquinas University of Legaspi High School DepartmentCredit
299Junior HighMuralla, Isaac Milo Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
300Junior HighTraifalgar, Michael RainikenAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
301Junior HighSiapuatco, Aaron Dave A.Precious International School of DavaoCredit
302Junior HighChan, Sean AustinPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
303Junior HighDuran, Julian Raymund T.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
304Junior HighCunanan, Ruben Farrish T.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
305Junior HighChing, Lyonel Justin L.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
306Junior HighRamas, Ramon Alberto Y.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
307Junior HighTan, Tyler HernandezUno High SchoolCredit
308Junior HighAguilar, Eugene A.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
309Junior HighLim, Raphael Justin T.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
310Junior HighMenguita, Adrian Carlo A.Precious International School of DavaoCredit
311Junior HighTorreña, Kassandra Celine Jennifer D.Precious International School of DavaoCredit
312Junior HighMercado, Justinne Alessandra C.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
313Junior HighConception, Chritian A.Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
314Junior HighAcla, Leandro MartinPhilippine Science High School - Western Visayas CampusCredit
315Junior HighSioco, Alexandra MeganImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
316Junior HighElpedes, Mark AndreiMakati Science High SchoolCredit
317Junior HighCea, Lorenz Isaak L.Quezon City Science High SchoolCredit
318Junior HighRiguerra, Kyara Christelle D.Malayan High School of ScienceCredit
319Junior HighDy, Maxine Angela S.La Union Cultural InstituteCredit
320Junior HighGabon, Denielle Kahril Kayla S.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
321Junior HighValderama, Matthew W.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Credit
322Junior HighCo, Cheron KishesCebu Eastern CollegeCredit
323Junior HighPorras, Ferndale Val G.University of Negros Occiddental - RecoletosCredit
324Junior HighDy, Journey Christian C.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
325Junior HighTee, Marcelline L.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
326Junior HighAng, Jershon Ainsleigh E.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
327Junior HighNarvasa, Jose Oliver F.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
328Junior HighVillagomez, Julie Irish P.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
329Junior HighZaragoza, Leigh Dominique CarvajalSt. Paul College PasigCredit
330Junior HighKang, Min JeongSt. Paul College PasigCredit
331Junior HighPrestoza, Hilary Rose F.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
332Junior HighAguilar, CholoDe La Salle Santiago Zobel School - AlabangCredit
333Junior HighSong, Min GeunAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
334Junior HighTiu, Mikel KendrickIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
335Junior HighLimboy, Franz YetsinBohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
336Junior HighAguba, Lawrence Christian UlaoPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
337Junior HighTing, Amanda LexineImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
338Junior HighRivera, Ninna Beatrice V.St. Paul College PasigCredit
339Junior HighPalma, King JamesSanta Rosa Science and Technology High SchoolCredit
340Junior HighLumawag, Rylle EnzoAteneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
341Junior HighCabalisa, Mark Lorrewnce L.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Credit
342Junior HighTee, HansZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
343Junior HighBaroman, Noelle Sophie MSU-IIT National Coop AcademyCredit
344Junior HighMacariola, Brendon RyllePhilippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao CampusCredit
345Junior HighChan Huan, Kyle KristofferChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
346Junior HighAng, Louie AndreHope Christian High SchoolCredit
347Junior HighFernandez Jalen Kody MilesPangasinan Universal InstituteCredit
348Junior HighBernardo, Aljean Lester S.Philippine Yuh Chiau SchoolCredit
349Junior HighMediavillo, Hannah IsabelleColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
350Junior HighUygongco, Cassey JulesHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
351Junior HighOtar, Terson LawrenceCebu Eastern CollegeCredit
352Junior HighBeltran, John Paul Noel B.Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao CampusCredit
353Junior HighCarambas, Gabriel Cheo M.Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
354Junior HighPalitog, Jose MiguelSan Beda College AlabangCredit
355Junior HighTancinco, Charleen Gail G.Senator Renato "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science & Technology High School Credit
356Junior HighHsu, BelenBayanihan InstituteCredit
357Junior HighQue, Nate Brevin A.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
358Junior HighTabat, Brendon JoshCebu Eastern CollegeCredit
359Junior HighVeloso, Enna MikaelaBohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
360Junior HighIndab, Micah Marie F.Lanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
361Junior HighDamaso, Ysabelle T. Precious International School of DavaoCredit
362Junior HighBenito, Mark Harold N.Colegio de San Juan de LetranCredit
363Junior HighSadie, Imerry Heart J.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
364Junior HighTantamco, Sophia Francine B.St. Paul College PasigCredit
365Junior HighPanganiban, Coleen AdrianneLas Piñas City National Science High SchoolCredit
366Junior HighTabadero, Marc Andrei C.Agoo Kiddie Special SchoolCredit
367Junior HighUbongen, Jeric John N.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
368Junior HighConception, Bernadette C.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
369Junior HighMariposa, Brian Justin V.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
370Junior HighCo, Sara Crysty S.Lanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
371Junior HighChan Huan, Johan Cedric Chiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
372Junior HighAng, Gianine Olivia DychiaoImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
373Junior HighLee, Harold Evian S.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
374Junior HighSaluta, Lesmon Andres LeninMakati Science High SchoolCredit
375Junior HighPolicarpio, Shazel Ctherine B.Makati Science High SchoolCredit
376Junior HighGloria, Pamela AnnMakati Science High SchoolCredit
377Junior HighLim, Jiro Phoenix G.Philippine Academy of SakyaCredit
378Junior HighEbriega, Bren Daniel J.Quezon City Science High SchoolCredit
379Junior HighAlicias, Eunice Patricia G.St. Paul College PasigCredit
380Junior HighFlores, Stephanie Christensen V.St. Paul College PasigCredit
381Junior HighOrtega, Cecil Chloe M.St. Paul College PasigCredit
382Junior HighMetrillo, Brian David E.De La Salle LipaCredit
383Junior HighDuya, Ma. Alyssa BeaIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
384Junior HighJamboy, Audrey Marie J.Iloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
385Junior HighVenus, Chloe Anne Y.Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
386Junior HighFlorento, PilarImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
387Junior HighTumale, Rianna Patricia V.St. Paul College PasigCredit
388Upper PrimaryDalida, Raphael Dylan T.St. Mary's AcademyHigh Distinction
389Upper PrimaryTan-Gatue, Chiara BernadetteSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
390Upper PrimaryDequito, Noel StephenXavier School NuvaliHigh Distinction
391Upper PrimaryParedes Dy, Alvann WalterSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
392Upper PrimaryTan, Cassidy Kyler L.Davao Christian High SchoolHigh Distinction
393Upper PrimaryWu, Filbert EphraimMGC New Life Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
394Upper PrimaryPeña, Janssen Reign B.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - UrdanetaHigh Distinction
395Upper PrimaryNoceda, Erin Christen L.Special Education Center for the Gifted High Distinction
396Upper PrimaryLetran, Walsh Nico AdrianSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
397Upper PrimaryIsaguirre, Jairus CarleSt Paul College of Ilocos SurHigh Distinction
398Upper PrimaryLim, Reginald Cedric A.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
399Upper PrimaryJao, Ethan CedricSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
400Upper PrimaryEligio, JaredSt. Francis of Assisi College - Bacoor High Distinction
401Upper PrimaryLandicho, Juan Rafael M.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalHigh Distinction
402Upper PrimaryEspino, Mary Grace U.Ateneo De Davao University - Grade SchoolHigh Distinction
403Upper PrimaryChua, Matthew Eugene N.British School ManilaHigh Distinction
404Upper PrimaryMagpantay, Davis NicholoSan Beda College AlabangHigh Distinction
405Upper PrimaryChan, Kei Hang DerekSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
406Upper PrimaryMariano, Joshua MiguelColegio San Agustin - BiñanHigh Distinction
407Upper PrimaryPak, Mi JungColegio San Agustin - BiñanHigh Distinction
408Upper PrimaryBacomo, Hannah Denise B.De La Salle University - Integrated SchoolHigh Distinction
409Upper PrimaryUbanos, Filbert Joseph A.Elizabeth Seton SchoolHigh Distinction
410Upper PrimaryChua, Kian ColinSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
411Upper PrimaryDela Cruz, Rovi GabrielPasig Catholic CollegeHigh Distinction
412Upper PrimarySanico, John BenedictAnn Arbor Montessori High Distinction
413Upper PrimaryDollison, Hedelito IIIColegio San Agustin - BiñanHigh Distinction
414Upper PrimaryTan, Sean Matthew G.Jubilee Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
415Upper PrimaryAbara, Theodore D.La Salle Green HillsHigh Distinction
416Upper PrimaryCruz, Evgeny D.Palanan Elementary SchoolHigh Distinction
417Upper PrimaryBulloso, Alexander Benedict C. De La Salle LipaHigh Distinction
418Upper PrimaryQuiatchon, Allanis Mika D.Tanauan South Central SchoolHigh Distinction
419Upper PrimaryCarpio, Matthew Charles C.Agoo Kiddie Special SchoolHigh Distinction
420Upper PrimaryTorralba, Jeremie Keon T.Ateneo de Manila Grade SchoolHigh Distinction
421Upper PrimaryThe, Kristen Steffi S.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
422Upper PrimaryBautista, Euan Gabriel F.Palawan State UniversityHigh Distinction
423Upper PrimaryConsebido, Carlyne CuChiang Kai Shek CollegeHigh Distinction
424Upper PrimaryLim, Mayah ChristineNotre Dame of Greater ManilaHigh Distinction
425Upper PrimaryAvanceña, Noreen IsabelleColegio San Agustin - BiñanHigh Distinction
426Upper PrimaryKwan, Sigfred Kerwayne G.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
427Upper PrimaryPenullar, Kathleen Gabrielle C.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolDistinction
428Upper PrimaryMuldez, Lineth Julia B.St. Francis of Assisi College - Bacoor Distinction
429Upper PrimaryFernando, Sidney Lance C.Elizabeth Seton SchoolDistinction
430Upper PrimaryLim Tiong Soon, Krystal O.Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
431Upper PrimaryGomez, Michael JeremyPasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
432Upper PrimaryAmante, Andre Jerahmy R.De La Salle LipaDistinction
433Upper PrimaryBorbe, Mikhail StefanSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
434Upper PrimaryYoung, James MartinSPED Integrated School for Exceptional ChildrenDistinction
435Upper PrimaryGatmen, Joseph Benedict C.Cembo Elementary SchoolDistinction
436Upper PrimaryRubico, Mico Xander DC.Morning Star Montessori School Inc.Distinction
437Upper PrimaryMarquez, Alyssa Mae S.Iloilo Scholastic AcademyDistinction
438Upper PrimaryCalubaquib, Kiersten Gene M.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
439Upper PrimaryValdez, Mikaela YsabelStonyhurst Southville InternationalDistinction
440Upper PrimaryDy, Nathan Mayer Q.St John's InstituteDistinction
441Upper PrimaryTing, Hans Ethan K.Rainbow of Angels Learning Center Inc.Distinction
442Upper PrimaryBarandino, Zachary Ian D.Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
443Upper PrimaryLim, Manuelle ChristianNotre Dame of Greater ManilaDistinction
444Upper PrimaryYeo, Sean Kendrick N.Pace AcademyDistinction
445Upper PrimaryBernardo, Daphne LaurenSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
446Upper PrimaryTorreon, Ambrose James G.Rainbow of Angels Learning Center Inc.Distinction
447Upper PrimaryToma Cruz, Lei Dojoan S.Dee Hwa Liong AcademyDistinction
448Upper PrimaryDomenden, JehanSt Paul College of Ilocos SurDistinction
449Upper PrimaryRonda, Jabez MariNotre Dame of Greater ManilaDistinction
450Upper PrimaryPadayao, Russell LeiSan Antonio Village Elementary SchoolDistinction
451Upper PrimaryVinluan, Anton Marie G.De La Salle University Integrated School - Taft CampusDistinction
452Upper PrimaryNevado, Precious Laiana T.Philippine Yuh Chiau SchoolDistinction
453Upper PrimaryLopez, Martin Gabriel M.First Asia Institute of Technology and HumanitiesDistinction
454Upper PrimaryDalumpines, Carl D.Statefields School, INC.Distinction
455Upper PrimaryAquino, Ronalvince Yrlwin T.Young Sheperds SchoolDistinction
456Upper PrimaryCartagena, Foye AngelieMaasin Central Elementary SchoolDistinction
457Upper PrimaryLim, Renise A.Philippine Christian Gospel SchoolDistinction
458Upper PrimaryArgame, Denise PauleenPrecious International School of DavaoDistinction
459Upper PrimaryAspuria, Mickaela A.Integrated Montessori CenterDistinction
460Upper PrimaryOng, Joaquin Andien U.Philippine Yuh Chiau SchoolDistinction
461Upper PrimaryNevado, Jim Allyson T.Philippine Yuh Chiau SchoolDistinction
462Upper PrimaryChan, Enzo Rafael S.Bayanihan InstituteDistinction
463Upper PrimaryAtienza, Persus T.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalDistinction
464Upper PrimarySargado, J IahHua Siong College of IloiloDistinction
465Upper PrimaryCervantes, Ronald John S.Philippine Normal UniversityDistinction
466Upper PrimaryYap, Christopher James C.St John's InstituteDistinction
467Upper PrimaryMaraye, Abdurrazzaq La Salle AcademyDistinction
468Upper PrimaryKiak, Chelsie JoieSt. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
469Upper PrimaryCheng, Cellin Louise P.La Marea AcademyDistinction
470Upper PrimaryRacho, Michael PaulBohol Wisdom SchoolDistinction
471Upper PrimaryMari, Teddy Niño M.Palo I - Central SchoolDistinction
472Upper PrimaryKing, Anika Gayle K.Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
473Upper PrimaryAlingod, Lorraine AishaSan Beda College AlabangDistinction
474Upper PrimaryPalitog, Jose MarcoSan Beda College AlabangDistinction
475Upper PrimaryChua, Kaitlynne MareeSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
476Upper PrimaryIgnacio, Jose Lorenzo R.La Marea AcademyDistinction
477Upper PrimaryAn, Janiea Beyonce D.La Marea AcademyDistinction
478Upper PrimaryAbario, EthanSPED Integrated School for Exceptional ChildrenDistinction
479Upper PrimaryAndal, Timothy Lawrence G.St. Philomena Academy Inc.Distinction
480Upper PrimaryJacob, Benjamin LantoSt. Philomena Academy Inc.Distinction
481Upper PrimaryMagnaye, John David F.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityDistinction
482Upper PrimaryCahibayan, Sydney C.Integrated Montessori CenterDistinction
483Upper PrimaryGochian, Alexandra BrianneSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
484Upper PrimaryHong, Zachary AidenSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
485Upper PrimaryReyes, LaurenSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
486Upper PrimarySangueza, Max RichmondBayanihan InstituteDistinction
487Upper PrimaryQue, Nyle Brently A.Bayanihan InstituteDistinction
488Upper PrimaryManuel, Jessy Jewel C.Special Education Center for the Gifted Distinction
489Upper PrimaryDizon, John Florence A.Calamba Elementary School - Special Science ClassDistinction
490Upper PrimaryRosales, Maria JesusaColegio San Agustin - BiñanDistinction
491Upper PrimarySala, Paul Ceazar G.Cabatuan Central Elementary SchoolDistinction
492Upper PrimaryTimtiman, Jacques SimonIloilo Scholastic AcademyDistinction
493Upper PrimaryJaranilla, Kyle Fancis D.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloDistinction
494Upper PrimaryYap, Christian Jacob C.St John's InstituteDistinction
495Upper PrimaryAldevera, Charlemagne IIIPrecious International School of DavaoDistinction
496Upper PrimaryCua, Hans KennethPhilippine Cultural College - CaloocanDistinction
497Upper PrimaryDe Ocampo, AxelSan Beda College AlabangDistinction
498Upper PrimaryRemorin, Sean Kyle I.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
499Upper PrimarySeva, Maria Antonina Anaielle S.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
500Upper PrimarySalazar, Jose Carlo C.St. Agnes AcademyCredit
501Upper PrimaryLim, Eliana Mari P.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
502Upper PrimaryOliva, Janna MichaellaPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
503Upper PrimaryChan Huan, Kean RaileyChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
504Upper PrimarySo, Andrew Brian T.Jubilee Christian AcademyCredit
505Upper PrimaryDela Cruz, John Daniel San Beda College AlabangCredit
506Upper PrimaryMauricio, Erin SophiaSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
507Upper PrimaryJagorin, Kristian AaronSt. Mary's CollegeCredit
508Upper PrimaryCasupang, Kirsten ChantalMeridian International Learning ExperienceCredit
509Upper PrimaryManlapaz, Jodi EmrianSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
510Upper PrimarySoliman, Sean Andrew Kurt M.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
511Upper PrimaryDawe, Andre GeraldColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
512Upper PrimaryReyes, Isabella Marie S.De La Salle University - Integrated SchoolCredit
513Upper PrimaryKitamura, Thomas Jade F.Ateneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolCredit
514Upper PrimaryRamos, Charles Edison C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
515Upper PrimaryPalay, Leonardo Louis R.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
516Upper PrimaryLozada, Luc G.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
517Upper PrimaryCuadro, Jonathan Gabriel T.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
518Upper PrimaryCo, Anthony VinceXavier SchoolCredit
519Upper PrimaryPerez, Kirsten Mackenzie R.Falcon SchoolCredit
520Upper PrimaryCalubayan, Phylline CristelBHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
521Upper PrimaryFerolino, Johann Audric B.Ateneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolCredit
522Upper PrimaryGallegos, Jeson Juross B.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
523Upper PrimaryBorbe, Miguel SebastianSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
524Upper PrimaryLiao, Hashanti NikishaSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
525Upper PrimaryCokai, Lance JacobXavier SchoolCredit
526Upper PrimaryCalica, Lorraine Joy L.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
527Upper PrimaryDela Cruz, Cris Lorraine L.Bolinao Integrated SchoolCredit
528Upper PrimaryMariposa, Kevin Mathew V.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
529Upper PrimaryLim, Amber Nicole T.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
530Upper PrimaryManaois, Niña Angeline P.St. Paul College BalayanCredit
531Upper PrimarySiaton, Janah Sofia Francheska F.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
532Upper PrimaryLim, Petz Jacob T.Mary Help of Christians SchoolCredit
533Upper PrimaryWee, Riane Stefi C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
534Upper PrimaryTan, Kyla KeithLanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
535Upper PrimaryRojo, Chauncey Rayle M.Mary Infant Jesus School, INC.Credit
536Upper PrimarySolis, Isaac NormanPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
537Upper PrimaryEstabillo, Agatha Bianca R.San Beda College AlabangCredit
538Upper PrimaryTropicales, Bert Jacob A.Southernside Montessori SchoolCredit
539Upper PrimaryCueto, Karil AndreiColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
540Upper PrimaryGonzaga, Thomas Jeremy S.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Credit
541Upper PrimaryCao, JingwenColegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
542Upper PrimaryCaritan, Amber Dorothy L.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
543Upper PrimaryTan, Janina Kiara M.Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
544Upper PrimaryMiguel, Keanne Mchale Andreus C.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
545Upper PrimaryYapan, Michaela CarynPasig Catholic CollegeCredit
546Upper PrimaryLim, Gef Eigen B.San Beda College AlabangCredit
547Upper PrimarySeok, Ki MinSouthville International School and CollegesCredit
548Upper PrimaryBautista, Jose Miguel Ryan D.Key School ManilaCredit
549Upper PrimaryDela Cruz, Karl Uriel B.St Albert the Great SchoolCredit
550Upper PrimaryDimate, Adriaan M.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
551Upper PrimarySolis, Francis Adrian G.Cabatuan Central Elementary SchoolCredit
552Upper PrimaryChamen, Dash Constantine S.Rainbow of Angels Learning Center Inc.Credit
553Upper PrimaryDancel, Johannes RaphaelPasig Catholic CollegeCredit
554Upper PrimaryTrinidad, WesleyPasig Catholic CollegeCredit
555Upper PrimaryCruzado, John Clarence B.West rembo Elementary SchoolCredit
556Upper PrimaryMalambut, Aryan Jibril P.Stanford School of BatangasCredit
557Upper PrimaryDalangin, Michelle AntoinettePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
558Upper PrimaryEntrata, Deyzon Christian C.Cembo Elementary SchoolCredit
559Upper PrimaryEvasco, Cedric Gabriel F.East Rembo Elementary SchoolCredit
560Upper PrimaryGomez, Maria Alysa Jane P.East Rembo Elementary SchoolCredit
561Upper PrimaryUy, Matthew Brian P.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
562Upper PrimaryLondon, Jarvey Meejel C.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
563Upper PrimaryJapitan, Joana D.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
564Upper PrimaryRivera, Maria Anezka L.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
565Upper PrimaryVibal, Erwyn AenasUniversity of the Philippines Intergrated School (UPIS)Credit
566Upper PrimaryNino, EdwardSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
567Upper PrimaryYoroc, Janiel Marvani J.Iloilo Central Elementary SchoolCredit
568Upper PrimaryChua, Jan Anthony C.Ateneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolCredit
569Upper PrimaryCao, Daniela Almarie LL.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
570Upper PrimaryDela Rama, Katrina Isabelle P.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
571Upper PrimaryRelato, James Rafael G.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
572Upper PrimaryMayuga, Mark Glen E.Makati Elementary SchoolCredit
573Upper PrimaryOlegario, Hubert EllysonNotre Dame of Greater ManilaCredit
574Upper PrimaryReyes, John Paul V.Philippine Academy of SakyaCredit
575Upper PrimaryRillera, Ramon EnriqueSan Beda College AlabangCredit
576Upper PrimaryMariazeta, Emily Raine P.St. Paul College PasigCredit
577Upper PrimaryTalabucon, Phoemela Ashley Mari O.University of the Philippines Integrated SchoolCredit
578Upper PrimaryMolino, Matt GiancarloXavier SchoolCredit
579Upper PrimaryMatanguihan, Sophia AinFalcon SchoolCredit
580Upper PrimaryVillanueva, Gabrielle DomingoImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
581Upper PrimaryCacatian, Miguel Kristofer M.Claret School of Quezon CityCredit
582Upper PrimaryCustodio, Joshua Allen T.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
583Upper PrimarySacramento, Bianca Marie G.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
584Upper PrimaryBurgos, Angel LannaColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
585Upper PrimaryDeodores, Kristen AnneColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
586Upper PrimarySan Juan, Carl VincentColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
587Upper PrimaryGarcia, Lorenzo K.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Credit
588Upper PrimaryGilongos, Paul Robert A.West Visayas State University - ILSCredit
589Upper PrimaryCamello, Zack Kenshin C.Mary Help of Christians SchoolCredit
590Upper PrimaryShimizu, Daniel YusukeAteneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolCredit
591Upper PrimaryAng, Eunice Stephanie G.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
592Upper PrimaryChu, Avery SimoneSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
593Upper PrimaryValenciano, Arianna Francesca St. Paul College PasigCredit
594Upper PrimaryMatanguihan, Anisha Zwi C.Falcon SchoolCredit
595Upper PrimaryMalinao, Yvone Lorein J.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
596Upper PrimaryRealin, Nina LouchelSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
597Upper PrimaryContreras, Princess Alexis G.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
598Upper PrimaryAtienza, Jester Jude P.Stanford School of BatangasCredit
599Upper PrimaryMontevirgen, Gyen Zenith R.Stanford School of BatangasCredit
600Upper PrimaryIbañez, Van KeizerMaasin Central Elementary SchoolCredit
601Upper PrimaryDatorin, Zynna Vien T.Philippine Normal UniversityCredit
602Upper PrimaryQuisumbing, Rhianne Marie C.Ateneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolCredit
603Upper PrimaryVillanueva, Joshua Louise R.Living Spring AcademyCredit
604Upper PrimaryAng, Riyen BerniceChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
605Upper PrimarySuñas, John Vincent O.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
606Upper PrimaryLimjap, Carla Jacqueline A.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
607Upper PrimaryDe Castro, Joaquin GabrielXavier SchoolCredit
608Upper PrimaryOlpoc, Rianne Jessica C.Falcon SchoolCredit
609Upper PrimaryDasugo, RuthSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
610Upper PrimaryCajandig, Keesha Franchina MarieIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
611Upper PrimaryPerez, Hugh AinsleyZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
612Upper PrimaryPaden, Vincent JayPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
613Upper PrimaryDavid, Andrea NicoleColegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
614Upper PrimaryKo, Shaira Trish G.Dee Hwa Liong AcademyCredit
615Upper PrimaryProtasio, Elijah Gabriel P.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
616Upper PrimaryLim, Juliana MarieSt. Paul UniversityCredit
617Upper PrimarySerapio, Tyrone KirkXavier SchoolCredit
618Upper PrimaryKaw, AlfonsoXavier SchoolCredit
619Upper PrimaryCheong, Melissa C.Key School ManilaCredit
620Upper PrimaryTan, Ariane Stephanie P.St. Peter The Apostle SchoolCredit
621Upper PrimaryJabanes, Jeffrey JanPangasinan Universal InstituteCredit
622Upper PrimaryTan, George SanderPangasinan Universal InstituteCredit
623Upper PrimaryEnriquez, Raiven AndrewSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
624Upper PrimaryBonpin, Tiffany Claire R.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
625Upper PrimaryEduvane, Julianna Erika O.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
626Upper PrimaryBelleza, Ralph UzzxyllSPED Integrated School for Exceptional ChildrenCredit
627Upper PrimarySoliven, Angela Therese R.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
628Upper PrimaryRomero, Kal-el Andrei L.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
629Upper PrimaryGabriel, Emille Angelie F.Calamba Institute - HalangCredit
630Upper PrimaryPabellano, AndreiDe La Salle University - Integrated SchoolCredit
631Upper PrimaryKaw, Julianne Ycel D.S.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalCredit
632Upper PrimaryAbainza, Andreia Elainne D.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
633Upper PrimaryBelarmino, Ma. Czarina Thea B.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
634Upper PrimaryDela Fuente, Jence Enrico P.Ateneo de Naga University Credit
635Upper PrimaryGenovatin, Alexis Griff S.Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
636Upper PrimaryTobias, Ren Marc T.Cabatuan Central Elementary SchoolCredit
637Upper PrimaryUygongco, Justin TimothyHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
638Upper PrimaryChua, Jay Miguel O.St John's InstituteCredit
639Upper PrimaryPatriarca, Moira EdsellePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
640Upper PrimaryDavid, Alonzo Miguel P.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
641Upper PrimaryDe Guzman, Daniella Sophia T.East Rembo Elementary SchoolCredit
642Upper PrimaryChavez, Renjiroh NathanielPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
643Upper PrimaryMasilungan, Mattea A.Southville International School and CollegesCredit
644Upper PrimaryUy, Zoe AngeliSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
645Upper PrimaryOliva, IraSt. Mary's CollegeCredit
646Upper PrimaryPaz, Ehenne Roderick B.St Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
647Upper PrimaryEchipare, Dyanna Rose C.Nellie E. Brown Elementary SchoolCredit
648Upper PrimarySimsiman, Aziza Neysa V.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
649Upper PrimaryAurellano, Gerard C.St. Agnes AcademyCredit
650Upper PrimarySamson, Lana Jorich B.Iloilo Central Elementary SchoolCredit
651Upper PrimaryServano, Althea LorraineIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
652Upper PrimaryDolar, Davin Matthew V.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Credit
653Upper PrimaryAmamanglon, Ken Lorenzo H.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Credit
654Upper PrimaryJimenez, Gianna PatriciaSan Beda College AlabangCredit
655Upper PrimaryPacis, Charles Keith Darrel C.Falcon SchoolCredit
656Upper PrimaryPasia, Dizah PytheaSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
657Upper PrimaryApolinario, RushCollege of Saint AnthonyCredit
658Upper PrimaryDumangas, Erika JoyColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
659Upper PrimaryArriola, Pauline Gabrielle T.Blessed Lights International Christian AcademyCredit
660Upper PrimarySelera, Danielle Gail S.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloCredit
661Upper PrimaryTallador, Ma. Cristina Isabel N.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloCredit
662Upper PrimarySendico, Ansley Joyce H.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloCredit
663Upper PrimaryAlastra, Marchel Julia T.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
664Upper PrimaryCapistrano, Allyza MienPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
665Upper PrimaryJumilla, Kaye AndreaPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
666Upper PrimaryPanugayan, Evan WilliamsonChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
667Upper PrimaryDimayacyac, Armea Helena SienNotre Dame of Greater ManilaCredit
668Upper PrimarySorongon, Zaphia CelissePasig Catholic CollegeCredit
669Upper PrimaryCheng, Tim SabienXavier SchoolCredit
670Upper PrimaryLim, Aaron ChristopherXavier SchoolCredit
671Upper PrimarySison, Aura Eloise R.St. Paul College PasigCredit
672Upper PrimaryLopez, Caesar P. Jr.Claret School of Quezon CityCredit
673Upper PrimaryVelasco, Gio CarloSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
674Upper PrimaryTunguia, Anne BeatrizSPED Integrated School for Exceptional ChildrenCredit
675Upper PrimaryValaquio, Ziron JohnSPED Integrated School for Exceptional ChildrenCredit
676Upper PrimaryViolan, Cedric James V.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
677Upper PrimaryCalimlim, David Addison B.De La Salle University - Integrated SchoolCredit
678Upper PrimaryAtienza, Lorenzo A.St. Paul College BalayanCredit
679Upper PrimaryBayobo, Althea Jilian B.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
680Upper PrimaryCura, Dasha Andre Louis S.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
681Upper PrimaryAmurao, Edward Nathaniel H.Aquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
682Upper PrimaryMangalus, Joseph Angelo Y.Bacolod Tay Tung High School, Inc.Credit
683Upper PrimaryChiu, Lance AlbertBohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
684Upper PrimaryPellosis, Justin Carlo E.Tagbilaran City Central Elementary SchoolCredit
685Upper PrimaryUy, Charles Joshua T.Bethel International SchoolCredit
686Upper PrimaryChua, Bernstein Joachim H.Bethel International SchoolCredit
687Upper PrimaryLee, Charise Nicole A.St John's InstituteCredit
688Upper PrimaryChang, Adrienne Mikayla C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
689Upper PrimaryYong, Jan Steven Y.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
690Upper PrimaryAndales, Chiz Josh AngeloPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
691Upper PrimaryAlampayan, Irene BiancaPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
692Upper PrimaryLegita, Daphne RainPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
693Upper PrimaryTe, Joshua FrellPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
694Upper PrimaryLazaro, Charlemagne Hayden C.Elizabeth Seton SchoolCredit
695Upper PrimaryHwan, Ryu YeonSouthville International School and CollegesCredit
696Upper PrimaryDumlao, Jana Antoinette C. St. Paul College PasigCredit
697Upper PrimaryRamos, Martina Angela D.St. Paul College PasigCredit
698Upper PrimaryRaymundo, Angela Louise B.St. Paul College PasigCredit
699Upper PrimaryLaciste, Ramona, Miekaela S.St. Paul College PasigCredit
700Upper PrimaryEspiritu, Margherita Ninon U.St. Paul College PasigCredit
701Upper PrimaryTansiongkun, Marcus Sean Xavier SchoolCredit
702Upper PrimarySalvador, Eunice Danielle R.Falcon SchoolCredit
703Upper PrimaryAndal, Alex Anthony L.De La Salle LipaCredit
704Upper PrimaryLantin, Adrian JorenStonyhurst Southville InternationalCredit
705Upper PrimaryChua, Nathaniel RobertsonHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
706Upper PrimaryTan, Anthony AndreiIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
707Upper PrimaryCalo-oy, Alliyah Nicole S.Philippine Normal UniversityCredit
708Upper PrimaryAlidon, Alec Dave M.Bohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
709Upper PrimaryMadrazo, Angelene Erika T.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
710Upper PrimaryRamos, Erika Claire C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
711Upper PrimarySy, Kyler Hewitt DyBritish School ManilaCredit
712Upper PrimaryPelaez, Josh Gabriel S.Colegio de San Juan de LetranCredit
713Upper PrimaryIsidro, JulianColegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
714Upper PrimaryRivera, Robert Jeremiah F.Southville International School and CollegesCredit
715Upper PrimaryOng, Eiress BasseySaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
716Upper PrimaryKiak, Kristine DanielleSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
717Upper PrimaryReotutar, Jeanna Mae B.Meridian International Learning ExperienceCredit
718Upper PrimaryAnteza, Roanne Frances T.Falcon SchoolCredit
719Upper PrimaryXu, Alvin X.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
720Upper PrimaryDulay, Rhianne NicoleTarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
721Upper PrimaryDela Cruz, Grace H.De La Salle LipaCredit
722Upper PrimaryValdez, Jon Raymond H.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalCredit
723Upper PrimaryYap, Sean Dominic D.Iloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
724Upper PrimaryMendez, Jose LorenzoIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
725Upper PrimaryTallador, Rey Gabriel N.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloCredit
726Upper PrimaryGarzon, Salvy Faith B.West Visayas State University - ILSCredit
727Upper PrimaryDalumpines, Karol Luis A.Bacolod Tay Tung High School, Inc.Credit
728Upper PrimarySalgado, Ellice Samantha T.Bacolod Tay Tung High School, Inc.Credit
729Upper PrimaryGonzales, Francine MarielleUniversity of San Carlos - North CampusCredit
730Upper PrimaryGo, Czander Vaughn WesleyChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
731Upper PrimaryRamirez, Maria Angela D.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
732Upper PrimaryMiguel, Yosh Matthew A.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
733Upper PrimaryRomasanta, Sofia Kenan B.East Rembo Elementary SchoolCredit
734Upper PrimaryCheng, Josh Neilsen V.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
735Upper PrimaryDomingo, Annatalia Sophia T.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
736Upper PrimaryOng, John Ericson C.Philippine Academy of SakyaCredit
737Upper PrimaryChua, Wynette KristiSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
738Upper PrimaryVelasco, Ivan Luigi St Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
739Upper PrimaryEscalante, Diodel AlexisCenter of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
740Upper PrimaryBelleza, HarveyAquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
741Upper PrimaryFernandez, Maria Concepcion D.Don Bosco Technical InstituteCredit
742Upper PrimaryBatacandolo, HannahMaasin Central Elementary SchoolCredit
743Upper PrimaryCarriaga, Glen Paul O.Philippine Normal UniversityCredit
744Upper PrimaryLimboy, Taize BelleInternational Academe of EnsciemaCredit
745Upper PrimaryNacario, Roiselie L.Mary Help of Christians SchoolCredit
746Upper PrimaryHupp, Jody Isobelle E.University of San Carlos - North CampusCredit
747Upper PrimaryGuadayo, AJ Jorich E.Liceo Del Verbo Divino Credit
748Upper PrimaryAmik, Annmarie Maxime R.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
749Upper PrimaryDebalucos, Audrey Victoria L.Living Spring AcademyCredit
750Upper PrimaryFelix, Nina GiannaPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
751Upper PrimaryFelix, Roxel MelizPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
752Upper PrimaryCastolo, Christadawn Paola F.CCF Life Academy FoundationCredit
753Upper PrimaryTan, Jovanna LimChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
754Upper PrimaryTormon, David Dylan M.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
755Upper PrimaryEstrada, Ma. Sophia IsabelleImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
756Upper PrimaryGloria, Darlene Chandler S.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
757Upper PrimaryMaliwat, Ralph JustinPasig Catholic CollegeCredit
758Upper PrimaryDiaz, Elexys Rae Tan Philippine Academy of SakyaCredit
759Upper PrimaryChua, Rosh GabrielPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
760Upper PrimaryLee, A rinSouthville International School and CollegesCredit
761Upper PrimaryMaat, Raven BreannaSouthville International School and CollegesCredit
762Middle PrimaryLua, Nicholas MarcusSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
763Middle PrimaryTe, Jerome Austin N.Jubilee Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
764Middle PrimaryLlantero, Alysa Corinne T.De La Salle University - Integrated SchoolHigh Distinction
765Middle PrimarySoriaga, Adrian Guanson C.Saint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
766Middle PrimaryChan, Sophia MouiqueZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
767Middle PrimaryLandicho, Maria Bernadette M.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalHigh Distinction
768Middle PrimarySamson, Samantha Louise C.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanHigh Distinction
769Middle PrimarySaloma, Cody Arris J.East Rembo Elementary SchoolHigh Distinction
770Middle PrimarySo, Sergei Matteo S.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
771Middle PrimaryDalangin, Gadriel Symone R.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalHigh Distinction
772Middle PrimaryLei, Tracy LaurenSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
773Middle PrimaryGutierrez, Lia Isabelle E.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
774Middle PrimaryLim Un, Andrew C.Chiang Kai Shek CollegeHigh Distinction
775Middle PrimaryTo, Francine ReynaSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
776Middle PrimaryGondra, Nathan Dominic M.First Asia Institute of Technology and HumanitiesHigh Distinction
777Middle PrimarySy, Luke Sebastian C.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
778Middle PrimarySy, Sandrene Rylie D.MGC New Life Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
779Middle PrimaryNgo, Justin Miguel S.Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
780Middle PrimaryYu, David CurtisSaint Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
781Middle PrimaryBriones, KodyEmmanuel Christian School - Santa RosaHigh Distinction
782Middle PrimaryPanganiban, Periel Matthew B.Ateneo de Naga University High Distinction
783Middle PrimaryKe, Aaron ChesterPhilippine Cultural College - Main High Distinction
784Middle PrimaryKasilag, Lorenzo FrancoDiliman Preparatory SchoolHigh Distinction
785Middle PrimaryDela Cruz, Margaret Ellyse S.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
786Middle PrimaryMadrid, Sid MatthewPasig Catholic CollegeHigh Distinction
787Middle PrimaryDolar, Harvey James B.Falcon SchoolHigh Distinction
788Middle PrimaryBautista, Ervin Joshua V.Southville International School and CollegesHigh Distinction
789Middle PrimaryLacuesta, John Louis L.Falcon SchoolHigh Distinction
790Middle PrimaryPalisoc, Andrea Zyrene P.BHC Educational Institution, IncHigh Distinction
791Middle PrimaryOng, Giliane Dominique G.Pangasinan Universal InstituteHigh Distinction
792Middle PrimaryDoromal, Reysheil AnneHua Siong College of IloiloHigh Distinction
793Middle PrimarySendico, Bea Rey Joyce H.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloHigh Distinction
794Middle PrimaryHupp, Jana Sofia E.University of San Carlos - North CampusHigh Distinction
795Middle PrimaryGalande, Hans Cedric L.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
796Middle PrimaryAbabon, Iris Lexi Q.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
797Middle PrimaryVelez, Mihos VinzonSt John's InstituteDistinction
798Middle PrimaryRongo, Alec Nathan U.St John's InstituteDistinction
799Middle PrimaryEscobido, MichaelColegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
800Middle PrimaryWong, Jayce Preston S.Saint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
801Middle PrimaryMartinez, Marie Emmanuelle B.University of the Philippines Intergrated School (UPIS)Distinction
802Middle PrimaryCastro, MarcusXavier SchoolDistinction
803Middle PrimaryChan, Eliza Shannel S.Bayanihan InstituteDistinction
804Middle PrimaryUmahag, Cailah Shane C. Bacolod Tay Tung High School, Inc.Distinction
805Middle PrimaryUbanos, Francis Jeremiah A.Elizabeth Seton SchoolDistinction
806Middle PrimaryCo, Sophie Jill D.Pace AcademyDistinction
807Middle PrimarySeñas, Jerry E.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanDistinction
808Middle PrimaryTajan, Maria B.St. Paul College PasigDistinction
809Middle PrimaryDe Leon, Karl BenedictSt. Mary's CollegeDistinction
810Middle PrimaryChavez, John RyanColegio San Agustin - BiñanDistinction
811Middle PrimarySalome, Charles Patrick E.St. Francis of Assisi College - Bacoor Distinction
812Middle PrimaryTongcua, Hanne MargaretPrecious International School of DavaoDistinction
813Middle PrimaryTan, Jacob Miles AnthonyXavier SchoolDistinction
814Middle PrimaryFelix, Reuben Joseph R.De La Salle LipaDistinction
815Middle PrimaryTimtiman, Joachim SantinoIloilo Scholastic AcademyDistinction
816Middle PrimaryYong, Karl Rovin Y.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
817Middle PrimaryAgcaoili, JacobXavier SchoolDistinction
818Middle PrimaryChan, Riesha CaitlynSt Paul College of Ilocos SurDistinction
819Middle PrimaryRodrigues, Marco Paulo, E.Rainbow of Angels Learning Center Inc.Distinction
820Middle PrimaryJerafusco, Trisha O.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityDistinction
821Middle PrimaryFrancisco, Samantha Mykhyle S.Integrated Montessori CenterDistinction
822Middle PrimaryChua, Madison WynnXavier SchoolDistinction
823Middle PrimaryYap, Ivan Benedict L.Ateneo de Cebu Sacred Heart SchoolDistinction
824Middle PrimaryHong, Ian Gabriel T.Pace AcademyDistinction
825Middle PrimaryUy, Stan MartinPhilippine Cultural College - Main Distinction
826Middle PrimaryNg, Rahard JermainneXavier SchoolDistinction
827Middle PrimaryTumanan, Abren Marner F.Diliman Preparatory SchoolDistinction
828Middle PrimaryAngeles, Francisco Jr.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanDistinction
829Middle PrimaryDeloso, Rachel LaurycelBohol Wisdom SchoolDistinction
830Middle PrimaryValdez, Ronald Kadine S.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityDistinction
831Middle PrimarySze, Ralph JustinSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
832Middle PrimaryLim, Tyler SamuelXavier SchoolDistinction
833Middle PrimaryLuchangco, CodyXavier SchoolDistinction
834Middle PrimaryAngelo, Lian Marx B.Cabatuan Central Elementary SchoolDistinction
835Middle PrimarySoluta, Josh EspaCasa Bambini Elementary SchoolDistinction
836Middle PrimaryPatrimonio, Cosette SashaIloilo Scholastic AcademyDistinction
837Middle PrimaryMaminta, Mukhandes Lee G.Tambo Central SchoolDistinction
838Middle PrimaryTiamzon, Arra Jhane T.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityDistinction
839Middle PrimaryForonda, Carla JosephinePasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
840Middle PrimaryDuran, Danielle Maria Mikaella C.St. Paul College PasigDistinction
841Middle PrimaryManuel, Alexander RyanXavier SchoolDistinction
842Middle PrimaryFrane, Stephanie Joy D.Pembo Elementary SchoolDistinction
843Middle PrimaryReyes, Janelle VenzColegio San Agustin - BiñanDistinction
844Middle PrimaryNg, Keefe MalcolmSaint Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
845Middle PrimaryHernandez, Eleana Louise A.St. Paul College PasigDistinction
846Middle PrimaryZabala, Emily AnnSt. Mary's CollegeDistinction
847Middle PrimaryEstioco, Vinze Symoun J.St. Mary's CollegeDistinction
848Middle PrimaryRamos, Hannah Y.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanDistinction
849Middle PrimaryBergantinos, Audrey MarielleColegio San Agustin - BiñanDistinction
850Middle PrimaryVentenilla, Natalie KaitlynColegio San Agustin - BiñanDistinction
851Middle PrimaryMalabanan, Margareth Karelle P.St. Paul College BalayanDistinction
852Middle PrimaryTongson, Michael Gerard R.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalDistinction
853Middle PrimaryTereul, Seth JadrienIloilo Scholastic AcademyDistinction
854Middle PrimaryDoligosa, Luiz Miguel A.PAREF Westbridge School, Inc.Distinction
855Middle PrimaryFluri, Patrick AnthonyPrecious International School of DavaoDistinction
856Middle PrimaryChing, Enzo Grant D.CCF Life Academy FoundationDistinction
857Middle PrimaryPerez, Ramon JurelleCalamba Institute - HalangCredit
858Middle PrimarySantos, Rich AngeloColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
859Middle PrimaryChu, Markey Vernon Y.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
860Middle PrimaryLao, Gabrielle DeniseSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
861Middle PrimaryRoxas-Chua, ColinXavier SchoolCredit
862Middle PrimaryBaqueriza, Zxyllian SueirievSPED Integrated School for Exceptional ChildrenCredit
863Middle PrimaryNieva, Maeve Princess Reonielle E.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
864Middle PrimaryCatinan, Ysabella Beatrice U.West Visayas State University - ILSCredit
865Middle PrimarySiao, Rich Wayne C.Bohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
866Middle PrimaryDiaz, Jayde ElyszeLanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
867Middle PrimaryTiu, Rhiannon Kassia S.Lanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
868Middle PrimaryConquilla, Kristina CamyllePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
869Middle PrimaryPeralta, Princess Angela R.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
870Middle PrimaryTan, Aaron MatthewSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
871Middle PrimaryJoaquin, Raffy John Karl A.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
872Middle PrimaryUygongco, Ashley NicoleHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
873Middle PrimaryAnas, Dwayne Angelo D.Iloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
874Middle PrimaryTrumpeta, Matt AlfonsoBohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
875Middle PrimaryAmper, Shawn Renfred O.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
876Middle PrimaryValdez, Tracey Joy O.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
877Middle PrimaryCostes, JoediChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
878Middle PrimarySangalang, Gwyneth Shiloh R.Grace Christian CollegeCredit
879Middle PrimaryBriñes, Miguel Shanty L.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
880Middle PrimaryAbrigo, Lance DannielPasig Catholic CollegeCredit
881Middle PrimaryGo, Junky XavierPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
882Middle PrimaryPunzalan, JacobSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
883Middle PrimarySo, Kaleena Clarice G.Key School ManilaCredit
884Middle PrimaryUbando, Jeila B.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanCredit
885Middle PrimaryDe Jesus, Mary Clare Therese L.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
886Middle PrimaryBulloso, Alexis Laurence C.De La Salle LipaCredit
887Middle PrimaryPama, Hans KenzoHua Siong College of IloiloCredit
888Middle PrimaryTabornal, Rico Angelo D.Iloilo Central Elementary SchoolCredit
889Middle PrimaryWee, Ruth Samantha C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
890Middle PrimaryAbgelina, Dana Francesca D.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
891Middle PrimaryMorata, Gian Hendrich Lloyd P.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
892Middle PrimaryAbles, Aydan Gabriel A.Diliman Preparatory SchoolCredit
893Middle PrimaryLozano, Vivien Shane N.Pembo Elementary SchoolCredit
894Middle PrimaryVinluan, Angelo Miguel G.De La Salle University Integrated School - Taft CampusCredit
895Middle PrimaryLaforteza, Emmanuel James V.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanCredit
896Middle PrimaryOrongan, Dian ChrisseColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
897Middle PrimaryCarambas, Ron Chelo M.Morning Star Montessori School Inc.Credit
898Middle PrimaryUy, Charles David T.Bethel International SchoolCredit
899Middle PrimaryDela Cruz, Mark Ernest S.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
900Middle PrimaryMinoc, Khalliya Sephina D.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
901Middle PrimaryLai, Samantha RaeImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
902Middle PrimaryTadena, Clyde Aldwin R.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
903Middle PrimaryLim, Juliana LouisePhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
904Middle PrimaryAng, Robert WilliamSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
905Middle PrimaryChua, Kolby CarterSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
906Middle PrimaryMonzon, Sean ElliotSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
907Middle PrimaryCham, EthanXavier SchoolCredit
908Middle PrimaryAmoyo, LarissaSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
909Middle PrimaryBercilla, Aiden Jomeil M.De La Salle LipaCredit
910Middle PrimaryAlemania, Neil JosephBohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
911Middle PrimaryPasana, Karl Gavriel B.Mary Help of Christians SchoolCredit
912Middle PrimaryEscario, Jared Niel L.University of San Carlos - North CampusCredit
913Middle PrimaryChan, Alexandra Lois R.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
914Middle PrimarySy, Sydney Kaede D.Lanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
915Middle PrimarySalvacion, Lance Zachary B.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
916Middle PrimaryChua, Bianca Marie N.British School ManilaCredit
917Middle PrimaryAspa, Miane DominiqueLa Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
918Middle PrimarySeco, KennethPhilippine Cultural College - Main Credit
919Middle PrimaryBernardo, Casey LaurenSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
920Middle PrimaryIndita, Roy RandalSt. Mary's CollegeCredit
921Middle PrimaryYaomuntek, Drake MarcusXavier SchoolCredit
922Middle PrimaryPaatan, Adam KeninXavier SchoolCredit
923Middle PrimaryPolicarpio, Gerard Enzo V.Falcon SchoolCredit
924Middle PrimaryAng, Josiah CodyChiang Kai Shek CollegeCredit
925Middle PrimaryConte, Adryan GabrielMother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanCredit
926Middle PrimaryCheng, Lerwin Chester P.La Marea AcademyCredit
927Middle PrimarySibal, Dorothy Clare C.Bayanihan InstituteCredit
928Middle PrimaryVillaseñor, Armand Jhacobo G.Calamba Elementary School - Special Science ClassCredit
929Middle PrimaryCuevas, Nia Mari Erica M.St. Paul College BalayanCredit
930Middle PrimaryLoyogoy, Constantine DC.Blessed Lights International Christian AcademyCredit
931Middle PrimaryBernal, Karel MayCabatuan Central Elementary SchoolCredit
932Middle PrimaryFontanilla, Fiona C.Solomon Integrated School de IloiloCredit
933Middle PrimarySupremo, Sharlene A.Liceo Del Verbo Divino Credit
934Middle PrimaryPadilla, Skye Andrei A.Rainbow of Angels Learning Center Inc.Credit
935Middle PrimaryDaguno, Dominic S.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
936Middle PrimaryParay, Abraham SidColegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
937Middle PrimaryBuenviaje, Marielle Kate A.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
938Middle PrimaryMuharrani, Keanne Pearldauz P.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
939Middle PrimaryCastillo, Hannah Monique D.St. Paul College PasigCredit
940Middle PrimaryViñas, Charly Mae P.St. Paul College PasigCredit
941Middle PrimarySantos, Darrine Cathrissa S.St. Paul College PasigCredit
942Middle PrimaryAlicias, Elyssia Phoebe G.St. Paul College PasigCredit
943Middle PrimarySalvador, Andrei BennetXavier SchoolCredit
944Middle PrimaryPalada, Juliene Nissi O.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
945Middle PrimaryJastiva, Mariel Anthonette C.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
946Middle PrimaryPangan, Serg Ansel V.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
947Middle PrimaryIglesia, Nithaiah John B.Tarlac Montessori SchoolCredit
948Middle PrimaryErestain, Reuven Carle Colegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
949Middle PrimaryLozada, PhoebelleColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
950Middle PrimaryValencia, James Gabriel R.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalCredit
951Middle PrimaryVillareal, Wystan S.Blessed Lights International Christian AcademyCredit
952Middle PrimaryPanganiban, Angel Mae B.Naga Central School IICredit
953Middle PrimaryAng, Julia AlessandraIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
954Middle PrimaryTan, Zachary D.Bethel International SchoolCredit
955Middle PrimaryDormal, Leanne JoyBethel International SchoolCredit
956Middle PrimaryYu, James Samartino O.Lanao Chung Hua SchoolCredit
957Middle PrimaryBaroman, Jether NoelTambo Central SchoolCredit
958Middle PrimaryCastolo, Elohgracie Paola F.CCF Life Academy FoundationCredit
959Middle PrimaryGo, Andrea Isabel C.St. Paul College PasigCredit
960Middle PrimaryPeñaflor, Mikaela Eshe Q.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
961Middle PrimarySanchez, Ashlyn Bless C.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
962Middle PrimaryAlfuente, Shekinah YsabelPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
963Middle PrimaryCadungog, Kyle SpencerPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
964Middle PrimaryPerez, Robert Angelo V.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
965Middle PrimaryBernardo, Simon Nathania R.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
966Middle PrimaryReyes, Franchesca R.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
967Middle PrimaryTengasantos, Liam David J.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
968Middle PrimaryOkol, Megan Angeline N.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
969Middle PrimaryValbuena, Alijah Dale S.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
970Middle PrimaryBalaos, Shannon Gail V.La Immaculada Concepcion SchoolCredit
971Middle PrimaryCastro, Arwin PeterPasig Catholic CollegeCredit
972Middle PrimaryCai, Vaness Zyan C.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
973Middle PrimaryYoon, Hyung Jin Southville International School and CollegesCredit
974Middle PrimarySy, Kirsten LouiseSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
975Middle PrimarySalvador, Michael AndreiXavier SchoolCredit
976Middle PrimaryQuinain, Don Joqchim V.Itaas Elementary SchoolCredit
977Middle PrimarySumogba, Heidrique Kristof J.Falcon SchoolCredit
978Middle PrimaryAlmirol, Alyanna B.Falcon SchoolCredit
979Middle PrimaryCostales, Joven Augustus O.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
980Middle PrimaryMercado, Andrea Jolie S.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanCredit
981Middle PrimaryCustodio, Hannah Melody B.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
982Middle PrimaryGabriel, Princess Victoria F.Calamba Institute - HalangCredit
983Middle PrimaryRobles, Maru Adrian D.De La Salle LipaCredit
984Middle PrimaryCollantes, Evan Nathaniel V.Divine Light AcademyCredit
985Middle PrimaryTan, Eliza EuniceIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
986Middle PrimaryMilanes, Ben Leo O.St. Constance SchoolCredit
987Middle PrimaryTatel, Rachel May T.CCF Life Academy FoundationCredit
988Middle PrimaryDagsa, Jayden Ridey V.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
989Middle PrimaryInigo, Luis Enrique S.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
990Middle PrimaryTolentino, Johann Haree G.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
991Middle PrimaryLu, Jasmine SzyannHope Christian High SchoolCredit
992Middle PrimarySalcedo, Julie Sabina V.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
993Middle PrimarySilvederio, Sebastian Conrad C.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
994Middle PrimaryCalma, Drew Benette S.St. Paul College PasigCredit
995Middle PrimaryLaudico, Keona J.St. Paul College PasigCredit
996Middle PrimaryKiak, Yosef IzakSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
997Middle PrimaryChua, Aaron GabrielXavier SchoolCredit
998Middle PrimaryTangsoc, Lance JacobXavier SchoolCredit
999Middle PrimaryDy, Ryan VincentXavier SchoolCredit
1000Middle PrimaryAdique, John Vic A.Itaas Elementary SchoolCredit
1001Middle PrimaryMendoza, Von Mark D. IIMother Goose Special School System, Inc. - DagupanCredit
1002Middle PrimaryLlamas, Nathaniel O.Pangasinan Universal InstituteCredit
1003Middle PrimaryFagel, Hazel AngeliSt Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
1004Middle PrimaryGarcia, Hannah GabrielleColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
1005Middle PrimaryAlgenio, Christian Xavier D.Laguna CollegeCredit
1006Middle PrimaryAñonuevo, Julian AlbhenAquinas University of Legaspi Preschool and ElementaryCredit
1007Middle PrimaryDel Valle, Jireh Micah A.Blessed Lights International Christian AcademyCredit
1008Middle PrimaryLoretizo, Rezh Bernice P.Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
1009Middle PrimaryJose, Unicka Pearl G.Philippine Normal UniversityCredit
1010Middle PrimaryDefante, Keihl Gaia Cate Solomon Integrated School de IloiloCredit
1011Middle PrimaryHsu, Jaeven AllanSt John's InstituteCredit
1012Middle PrimaryChico, Hazina Olyn C.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
1013Middle PrimaryYu, Jay P.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
1014Middle PrimaryVillanueva, Jana Mei C.Philippine Cultural College - CaloocanCredit
1015Middle PrimaryTolentino, Deeyon Rouche E.Southville International School and CollegesCredit
1016Middle PrimaryGocheco, Aethan MikkoXavier SchoolCredit
1017Middle PrimaryMiguel, Justin JayFalcon SchoolCredit
1018Middle PrimaryCatibog, Kyracher Anne P.The Nazareth SchoolCredit
1019Middle PrimaryStanley, Bolivar Jr.Iloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
1020Middle PrimaryLorea, Mary Khryssa Locel C.Iloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
1021Middle PrimaryAnota, Lorenzo Caine M.Dingle Central Elementary SchoolCredit
1022Middle PrimaryOng, BeatriceBohol Wisdom SchoolCredit
1023Middle PrimaryNulada, Khloe Noelle T.St. Constance SchoolCredit
1024Middle PrimaryTubo, Elizeo Benn F.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
1025Middle PrimaryReclosado, Rafhaela D.Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
1026Middle PrimaryMaderse, Curt Matthew L.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
1027Middle PrimaryPraxidio, Frank Joash B.St. Mary's AcademyCredit
1028Middle PrimaryAngeles, Sean Pio DerrickXavier SchoolCredit
1029Middle PrimaryMuñoz, Caden ColeXavier SchoolCredit
1030Middle PrimaryLedesma, AlphonsusXavier SchoolCredit
1031Middle PrimaryAnabe, Bless Florence C. Pembo Elementary SchoolCredit
1032Middle PrimaryTalabucon, Jeanne Emerose Mari D.Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila SchoolCredit
1033Middle PrimaryPalomar, Satya Venice G.Falcon SchoolCredit
1034Middle PrimaryAbastillas, Kresia Dey L.Center of Excellence - Kalalake Elementary SchoolCredit
1035Middle PrimaryAlegata, Ma. VanessaColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
1036Middle PrimaryBono, Jillian RoseColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
1037Middle PrimaryGilbuena, Adam JoshuaColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
1038Middle PrimaryCueto, Nina Andrea KassandraColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
1039Middle PrimaryKaw, Jom Riley D.S.Stonyhurst Southville InternationalCredit
1040Middle PrimarySalazar, Rianna Marie C.St. Agnes AcademyCredit
1041Middle PrimaryGoonetilleke, Tracy JoanneIloilo Scholastic AcademyCredit
1042Middle PrimaryQuirante, Faith Jarren N.Mary Help of Christians SchoolCredit
1043Middle PrimaryGuibay, Ruthcell C.La Salle AcademyCredit
1044Middle PrimaryBuot, Aira JoeleneLiving Spring AcademyCredit
1045Middle PrimaryLaetitia EdanoImmaculate Conception AcademyCredit
1046Middle PrimaryDalian, Zuleika LouPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
1047Middle PrimaryRulona, ShelliePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
1048Middle PrimaryAplasca, Timi JuliaPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
1049Middle PrimaryAssuit, AlkeziahPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
1050Middle PrimaryJanducayan, YsabellePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
1051Middle PrimarySarza, Jaycee D.East Rembo Elementary SchoolCredit
1052Middle PrimarySandigio, Aleja S.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
1053Middle PrimaryMondido, James Marshall P.Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas CityCredit
1054Middle PrimaryFerrer, James Ronald D.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
1055Middle PrimaryValenzona, Margareth B.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
1056Middle PrimaryYu, Renee ThereseSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
1057Middle PrimaryLinga, Adrienne Lailah P.St. Paul College PasigCredit
1058Middle PrimaryCalingasan, Emmanuelle Grace U.St. Paul College PasigCredit
1059Middle PrimaryDumlao, Raven Angela O.St. Mary's AcademyCredit
1060Middle PrimaryLoo, Myco NathanielXavier SchoolCredit
1061Middle PrimarySaw, Hansly KendrichXavier SchoolCredit
1062Middle PrimaryGauna, Ishmael Davi J.BHC Educational Institution, IncCredit
1063Middle PrimaryValdez, Chelsea Alen V.Special Education Center for the Gifted Credit
1064Middle PrimaryBelen, Miguel LorenzoColegio San Agustin - BiñanCredit
1065Middle PrimaryDungo, Aldren Immanuel D.De La Salle LipaCredit
1066Middle PrimaryAntenor Cruz, Therese P.Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCSCredit
1067Middle PrimaryGonzaga, Katrina Cassandra Tambo Central SchoolCredit
1068Middle PrimaryPacaldo, Lawreen Joyce A.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
1069Middle PrimaryRaiz, Jamir Iverson Z.Tambo Central SchoolCredit
1070Middle PrimaryAmparo, Chuck BrylePrecious International School of DavaoCredit
1071Middle PrimaryBorja, Gwyneth N.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
1072Middle PrimaryTerrena, Persius Rey T.Integrated Montessori CenterCredit
1073Middle PrimaryTambaba, Althea VizannePlacido Del Mundo Elementary SchoolCredit
1074Middle PrimaryTuason, Andre Christian B.Southville International School and CollegesCredit
1075Middle PrimaryYu, Clare BerniceSaint Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
1076Middle PrimaryGesmundo, Mary Caithlin S.St. Paul College PasigCredit
1077Middle PrimaryEspiritu, Ramya Kaie U.St. Paul College PasigCredit
1078Middle PrimaryChua, Samuel CedricXavier SchoolCredit
1079Middle PrimarySalluta, Michael Angelo L.Pembo Elementary SchoolCredit
1080Middle PrimaryGuya, Jasmin N.Aurora, A. Quezon Elementary SchoolCredit

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