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May 20, 2017

The drive to challenge each other in the mathematical world has been part of human history from the beginning.  One of the most exciting and recent mathematical challenges math wizards from more than 20 countries should do is to display their number prowess in the forthcoming 20th Po Leung Kuk Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC) to be held in Hong Kong on July 15 – 20 2017.
The MTG Philippines has prepared a line-up of strong young math aces armed with considerable math skills and strategies. These trainees chosen to join in this year’s PMWC must send their confirmation of participation (indicating among others the name and passport details) not later than Tuesday, May 23, 2017 with the subject header, ‘Yes to PMWC 2017’ at this email address, renarderic.chua@gmail.com.
Furthermore, all MOSTP trainees who are set to represent the Philippines in different math contests abroad are given important notice and constant reminder to join ONLY MTG-sponsored/supported/sanctioned math competitions. MTG math wizards have been trained to participate in highly regarded competitions and NOT in commercialized math contests. Thus, trainees are advised to verify from MTG if the contest they are invited to join is in the list of MTG sponsored/supported/sanctioned activities.
It should be noted that MTG guides students to join reputable math contests to provide them the essential tools they need to succeed in their future career or chosen field of endeavor, empower and encourage them to take control of their own learning, and endow them with a deep understanding of the challenges that lie ahead. Trainees should know that joining contest is not about winning medals or gaining recognition, it is about personal development, career pathing, enhancing skills and confidence to make meaningful contributions, all these are reasons why MTG selects appropriate contests for trainees.
Therefore, MOSTP trainees joining any math contest other than those competitions sponsored/supported/sanctioned by MTG Philippines will miss the opportunity to be in future trainings.
Finally, as soon as the person-in-charge receives the confirmation, a registration form and other initial requirements will be sent for compliance.
The following trainees are invited to participate in the 2017 PMWC:
1 ABARA, THEODORE D. La Salle Greenhills Grade 5
2 DELA CRUZ, ROVI GABRIEL L. Pasig Catholic College  Grade 5
3 DIMAYACYAC, ARMEA HELENA SIEN G. Notre Dame of Greater Manila Grade 5
4 DIZON, JOHN FLORENCE A Calamba Elementary School  Grade 5
5 LANDICHO, JUAN RAFAEL M. Stonyhurst Southville International School Grade 5
6 LETRAN, WALSH NICO ADRIAN L. St. Jude Catholic School Grade 5
7 MAGNAYE, JOHN DAVID F. Holy Rosary College - Las Pinas Grade 5
8 PAREDES DY, ALVANN WALTER W. St. Jude Catholic School Grade 5

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