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Jun 07, 2017

 The Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines has finally selected a group of strong math wizards to represent the country in the 13th International Mathematicians Competition – Singapore (IYMC) to be held in Singapore on August 4 – 7, 2017.
After deliberation and screening of participants, the Committee on Screening has eventually come up with a long list of math warriors who will bring the RP banner into the competition arena.
It is expected that large participants will also come from the usual participating countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. 
The prospective participants must send their confirmation of participation (indicating among others the name and passport details) with the following subject header not later than Tuesday, June 13, 2017 to the correct email address:
Grade Level
            Subject Header
Email Addresses
       3 and 4
“IMCSG – Middle Primary”
       5 and 6
“IMCSG – Upper Primary”
       7 and 8
“IMCSG – Junior Secondary”
     9 and 10
“IMCSG - Intermediate ”
As soon as the person-in-charge receives the confirmation, he/she sends out the registration form and other initial requirements for compliance.
These are the following students assigned to join in the 13th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) – Singapore:
No.NameYr LevelSchool
1Ababon, Iris Lexi Q.Gr. 03Colegio San Agustin-Makati
2Bercilla, Aiden Jomeil M. Gr. 03De La Salle Lipa
3Briones, Kody G.Gr. 03Emmanuel Christian School-Santa Rosa
4Campos, Mateo Sebastian F.Gr. 03Saint John's Institute
5Cheng, Josh NeilsenGr. 03Grace Christian College
6Co, Sophie Jill D.Gr. 03Pace Academy
7Felix, Reuben Joseph R.Gr. 03De La Salle Lipa
8Gaffud, Wackiene R.Gr. 03Headway School For Giftedness - Quezon City
9Gomez, Mark S. Jr.Gr. 03Trinity Christian School
10Hong, Ian Gabriel T.Gr. 03Pace Academy
11Laforteza, Emmanuel James V.Gr. 03Mothergoose Science School System Inc.
12Lim Un, Andrew C.Gr. 03Chiang Kai Shek College
13Loretizo, Rezh BerniceGr. 03Ateneo De Iloilo
14Marmita, Nina Mae C.Gr. 03Sto. Nino Sped Center-Tacloban City
15Milan, AngelicaGr. 03Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation
16Sajorne, Heineken JoyceGr. 03Immaculate Conception Parochial School
17Salagoste, Jireh Nino M.Gr. 03Catalina Vda. De Jalon
18Saludo, Kristner Sheyn S.Gr. 03San Beda College Alabang
19Saluta, Michael Angelo L.Gr. 03Pembo Elementary School
20Tan, Anika Gayle C.Gr. 03Makati Hope Christian School
21Tan, Joshua Miguel G.Gr. 03San Beda College Alabang
22Te, Jerome Austin N.Gr. 03Jubilee Christian Academy
23Tongson, Michael Gerard R.Gr. 03Stonyhurst Southville International School
24Wee, Ruth Samantha C.Gr. 03Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
25Wong, Jayce PrestonGr. 03St. Jude Catholic School
26Adique, John Vic A.Gr. 04Itaas Elementary School
27Angeles, Francisco Jr. S.Gr. 04Mothergoose Science School System Inc.
28Bautista, Ervin Joshua V.Gr. 04Southville International School And Colleges
29Bernardo, Casey Lauren C.Gr. 04St. Jude Catholic School
30Castaneda, Franze Micah D.Gr. 04St. Jude Catholic School
31Castillo, Irvin JosephGr. 04Whiz Kids Montessori School
32Costales, Joven AugustusGr. 04Bhc Educational Institution, Inc.
33Dalangin,Gadriel Symone RGr. 04Stonyhurst Southville International School - Lipa
34Encarnacion, Arielle Victoria L.Gr. 04Our Lady Of Caysasay Academy
35Hapin, Laurence B.Gr. 04Rizal Elementary School
36Kasilag, Lorenzo Franco D.Gr. 04Diliman Preparatory School
37Lacuesta, John Louis L.Gr. 04Falcon School - Fairview
38Landicho, Maria Bernadette M.Gr. 04Stonyhurst Southville International School
39Legaspi, Patric Xamwell C.Gr. 04Vel Maris School, Inc.
40Lei, Tracy Lauren T.Gr. 04St. Jude Catholic School
41Lindayag, Franz Achilles C.Gr. 04Ateneo De Davao University
42Llantero, Alysa CorinneGr. 04De La Salle University Integrated School
43Lozano, Vivien Shane N.Gr. 04Pembo Elementary School
44Lui, Luigi TrevorGr. 04Grace Christian College
45Manauis, Maria EstrellaGr. 04Alaminos City Central School
46Manuel, AlexanderGr. 04Xavier School San Juan
47Mercado, John Paul R.Gr. 04Lourdes School Of Quezon City
48Ngo, Justin Miguel S.Gr. 04Grace Christian College
49Pahunang, Allainah Jade P.Gr. 04Comembo Elementary School
50Ramos, Hannah Y.Gr. 04Mothergoose Science School System Inc.
51Saloma, Cody Arris J.Gr. 04East Rembo Elementary School
52Santos, Carl Jhet N.Gr. 04West Central Elementary School I
53So, Sergei Matteo S.Gr. 04Grace Christian College
54Soriaga, Adrian Guanson C.Gr. 04St. Jude Catholic School
55Sy, Luke SebastianGr. 04Grace Christian College
56Sy, Matteo Tristan C.Gr. 04British School Manila
57Sy, Sydney Kaede DGr. 04Lanao Chung Hua School
58To, Francine Reyna C.Gr. 04St. Jude Catholic School
59Ubando, Jeila BGr. 04Mothergoose Science School System Inc.
60Yu, David Curtis G.Gr. 04St. Jude Catholic School
61Andal, Alex Anthony C.Gr. 05De La Salle Lipa
62Andal, Timothy Lawrence G.Gr. 05St. Philomena Academy Of Lipa Inc.
63Aquino, Ronaldvince Yrlwin T.Gr. 05Young Shepherd's School
64Bulloso, Alexander Benedict C.Gr. 05De La Salle Lipa
65Castillo, Marinoelle G.Gr. 05Notre Dame Of Greater Manila
66Catipay, Arfel Kristoffer B.Gr. 05St. Francis Of Assisi College, Las Pinas
67Chamen, Dash Constantine SGr. 05Rainbow Of Angels Learning Centre, Inc.
68Chan, Ethan JaredGr. 05British School Manila
69Chan, Kei Hang Derek H.Gr. 05St. Jude Catholic School
70Claveria, Elihannah Angeline L.Gr. 05International British Academy
71Cruzado, John Clarence B.Gr. 05West Rembo Elementary School
72De La Fuente, Jence Enrico P.Gr. 05Ateneo De Naga University Grade School
73Dela Cruz, Cris LoraineGr. 05Bolinao Integrated School
74Dimapilis, Alexa Amaya L.Gr. 05Faith Catholic School
75Fabula, Sofia N.Gr. 05Immaculate Heart Of Mary College - Paranaque
76Gendrano, Christian D.Gr. 05De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
77Guisando, James Melbert GGr. 05Bayugan Central Elementary School Sped Center
78Ignacio, Jose LorenzoGr. 05La Marea Academy
79Jacob, Benjamin L.Gr. 05St. Philomena Academy Of Lipa Inc.
80Jaluague, Bryan Jole I.Gr. 05Albay Central School
81Lim Tiong Soon, KrystalGr. 05Grace Christian College
82Lim, Mayah Christine C.Gr. 05Notre Dame Of Greater Manila
83Lopez, Martin Gabriel M.Gr. 05First Asia Institute Of Technology And Humanities
84Madrazo, Angelene Erika T.Gr. 05Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
85Mariano, Joshua MiguelGr. 05Colegio San Agustin- Binan
86Monzales, Joseph Brian C.Gr. 05Mary Nymph Montessori School
87Moraleda, Zach LorenzoGr. 05St. Agnes' Academy
88Otero, Alianjecon B.Gr. 05International British Academy
89Penullar, Kathleen Gabrielle C.Gr. 05Kalalake Elementary School Center Of Excellence
90Reyes, Dan Narciso IvGr. 05St Marys School Mandumol
91Reyes, Isabella MarieGr. 05De La Salle University Integrated School
92Reyes, LaurenGr. 05St Jude Catholic School
93Sanico, John BenedictGr. 05Ann Arbor Montessori-Binan
94Tan, Jerome SamuelGr. 05Makati Hope Christian School
95Templo, Vigor Amil T.Gr. 05La Milagrosa School
96Timtiman, Jacques SimonGr. 05Iloilo Scholastic Academy
97Ting, Hans Ethan KGr. 05Rainbow Of Angels Learning Centre, Inc.
98Vibal, Erwyn Aenas M.Gr. 05Up Integrated School
99Villalon, Martin Rafael B.Gr. 05School Of St. Anthony
100Yeo, Sean Kendrick N.Gr. 05Pace Academy
101Alfonso, Ruzh AnthonyGr. 06Ateneo De Iloilo
102Almandres, Julie AnnGr. 06Little Angel Study Center
103Atienza, Persus T.Gr. 06Stonyhurst Southville International School
104Bautista, Euan Gabriel F.Gr. 06Palawan State University - LES
105Calubayan, Phylline Cristel O.Gr. 06Bhc Educational Institution, Inc.
106Chua, Matthew Eugene N.Gr. 06British School Manila
107Cruz, Evgeny D.Gr. 06Palanan Elementary School
108Cuadro, Jonathan Gabriel T.Gr. 06Integrated Montessori Center
109Dalumpines, Carl D.Gr. 06Statefields School Inc.
110De Jesus, Lance Chrysler V.Gr. 06Escuela De Sophia Of Caloocan Inc.
111De Leon, Ashley Julie MarieGr. 06De La Salle Lipa
112Dollison,Hedelito IiiGr. 06Colegio San Agustin- Binan
113Espino, Mary Grace U.Gr. 06Ateneo De Davao University
114Eugenio, Leonardo Florenz S. Gr. 06Notre Dame Of Dadiangas University - Ibed
115Gomez, Chelsea Lianne T.Gr. 06De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
116Gupo, Chelsea Jemimah V.Gr. 06Comembo Elementary School
117Hernandez, Lyneth AnneGr. 06Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation
118Jalando-On, Derick TimothyGr. 06Silangan Elementary School
119Ong, Carlos Benedict R.Gr. 06Chiang Kai Shek College
120Padayao, Russel Lei G.Gr. 06San Antonio Village Elementary School
121Questorio, Qin Alfred ChristianGr. 06Belison Central School
122Roberto, Ronniel Vincent P.Gr. 06The Peninsula School
123Salazar, Carlos Miguel Angelo S.Gr. 06Siliman University
124Salazar, Jose Carlo C.Gr. 06St. Agnes' Academy
125Santelices, John Patrick B.Gr. 06San Beda College Alabang
126Tabanao, Theah Grachella T.Gr. 06Mary Infant Jesus School
127Valdez, Mikaela Ysabel H.Gr. 06Stonyhurst Southville International School
128Vinas, Melyza Jane E.Gr. 06Palanan Elementary School
129Wu, Filbert Ephraim S.Gr. 06Mgc New Life Christian Academy
130Yu, Spencer BryantGr. 06Sacred Heart School - Hijas
131Algenio, Deanne Gabrielle D.Gr. 07Makati Science High School
132Alteza, Gabriel P.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School - Main
133Ang, Vince Dexter Y.Gr. 07Philippine Cultural College - Main
134Arcadio, Jodi Marcia D.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
135Bermonte, Andrea Monique B.Gr. 07Taguig Science High School
136Bernardo Ii, Jose MariaGr. 07Ateneo De Manila University
137Bona, Sarji ElijahGr. 07Palawan Hope Christian School
138Carambas, Gabriel Cheo MGr. 07Philippine Science High School - Main Campus
139Chan, Andrei Lenard R.Gr. 07Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
140Ching, Lyonel Justin L.Gr. 07Jubilee Christian Academy
141Chua, Sean EugeneGr. 07Xavier School San Juan
142Corto, Christian David P. Gr. 07De La Salle Lipa
143Dumale, Marco EranoGr. 07De La Salle University Integrated School
144Dy, Maxine Angela S.Gr. 07La Union Cultural Institute
145Gutierrez, Christine Angelica BGr. 07Morning Star Montessori School - Los Banos
146Ilagan, Gerard ElmerGr. 07Philippine Science High School - Main
147Jocson, Raldz Loren M.Gr. 07Philippine Normal University
148Khoo, Justin Teng SoonGr. 07Rshs Iii
149Lim, Lance Heinrich S.Gr. 07St. Jude Catholic School
150Lomibao, Isabela Gabrielle P.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
151Magnaye, EnriqueGr. 07University Of The Philippines Rural HS
152Martinez, Enrico RolandoGr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
153Montales, Celine Amanda R.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
154Narvasa, Jose Oliver F.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
155Obien, Juan Paolo F.Gr. 07Lourdes School Of Quezon City
156Oringo, John Angelo O.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School - BRC
157Panaligan, Rexza MaeGr. 07Philippine Science High School
158Panganiban, Coleen Adrianne L.Gr. 07Las Pinas City National Science High School
159Picart, David KyleGr. 07Aquinas University Of Legazpi
160Reyes, Allyana Coleen C.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
161Tan, Patricia Angelica P.Gr. 07Chiang Kai Shek College
162Tangog, Gwyneth Margaux G.Gr. 07Southville International School And Colleges
163Torres, Paolo MiguelGr. 07Philippine Science High School - Main
164Trompeta, Seth Marchen S.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Main
165Uy, Robert Frederik D.Gr. 07Philippine Science High School-Wvc
166Abad, Jose Lorenzo P.Gr. 08Philippine Science High School-Main
167Abareta, Ethel Joy M.Gr. 08Valenzuela City School Of Mathematics & Sci
168Bagsic, Albriz Moore C.Gr. 08Philippine Science High School - Main
169Bautista, Ralde Anuel S.Gr. 08Mgc New Life Christian Academy
170Capito, Patricia Faith E.Gr. 08Philippine Science High School-Main
171Castro, Al Patrick C.Gr. 08Makati Science High School
172Cheng, Sted Micah T.Gr. 08Hope Christian High School
173Cudio, Maruel Elfred VincentGr. 08Life College Palawan
174Dela Cruz, Brian Dominic C.Gr. 08Ateneo De Manila Junior High School
175Dela Cruz, Cris MagdaleneGr. 08Philippine Science High School-Carc
176Fadri, Vincent Paul C.Gr. 08Philippine Science High School-Main
177Gan, Jessica Loraine N.Gr. 08St. Jude Catholic School
178King, Naomi Anne A.Gr. 08St. Jude Catholic School
179Ko, Daryll Carlsten L.Gr. 08St. Stephen's High School
180Maceda, Westin Darren T.Gr. 08St. Jude Catholic School
181Magnetico, JamieGr. 08Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation
182Mallillin, Mark Andrei T.Gr. 08Taguig Science High School
183Manlises, Maria MonicaGr. 08St. Stephen's High School
184Marcos, Hiraya S.Gr. 08Philippine Cultural College
185Mariano, Mikaela YsabelleGr. 08Philippine Yuh Chiau School
186Ng, Genrish WendellGr. 08St. Jude Catholic School
187Ordono, Brylle Jaden Louise R.Gr. 08Bhc Educational Institution, Inc.
188Pagadora, Elijah Emmar JohnGr. 08Santa Rosa Science & Technology High School
189Pasumbal, Marc Zendrijk V.Gr. 08Lipa City National Science High School
190Picart, Roxanne Aimee R.Gr. 08Aquinas University Of Legazpi
191Piccio, Tom ManuelGr. 08Philippine Science High School - SMC
192Que, Nate Brevin A.Gr. 08Bayanihan Institute
193Que, Zachary Gadjiel Breinard G.Gr. 08Bayanihan Institute
194Salazar, Adrian Richard C.Gr. 08Philippine Science High School - BRC
195Simbol, Ronn Derick A.Gr. 08Bhc Educational Institution, Inc.
196Tansiongkun, MatthewGr. 08Xavier School
197Tiong, Gregory Charles K.Gr. 08St. Jude Catholic School
198Tongson, Angelo Karl Luis R.Gr. 08Philippine Science High School - Main
199Tres Reyes, Jay Aundrey G.Gr. 08Cebu City National Science High
200Vinarao, Leira Mari P.Gr. 08Taguig Science High School
201Alejo, Albert Matthew C.Gr. 09Paref Southridge School
202Aplacador, Jan Paul B.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
203Argana, Ralph ErnestGr. 09Bhc Educational Institution, Inc.
204Castillo, Trisha Denise L.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
205Cepillo, Trisha AngeliGr. 09De La Salle Lipa
206Cheng, Jhervey Edric R.Gr. 09Chiang Kai Shek College
207Co, Darwin Alexander O.Gr. 09Chiang Kai Shek College
208Daduya, Hans GabrielGr. 09Paref - Westbridge School For Boys
209Espinosa, Christian DeanGr. 09Saint John's Institute
210Esquierdo, Leoj Phoebe M.Gr. 09Bangkal High School
211Evangelista, Adrian NikolaiGr. 09Pasig Catholic College
212Ferrer, Marc ChristopherGr. 09Philippine Science High School - Main
213Gaw Te, Hans Benedict B.Gr. 09Bacolod Tay Tung High School
214Gomez, Miguel Angelo P.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
215Hieras, Czyril C.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
216Hingan, John Ian Lenix T.Gr. 09San Beda College Alabang
217Huang, Tiffany T.Gr. 09Chiang Kai Shek College
218Jimenez, Katrina Day I.Gr. 09Benigno 'Ninoy' S. Aquino High School
219Laurio, John Robbie S.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
220Mandapat, Maljon Eduard M.Gr. 09City Of Mandaluyong Science High School
221Marquez, Hanzel R.Gr. 09Muntinlupa Science High School
222Mejica, Crizanne Chanelle L.Gr. 09City Of Mandaluyong Science High School
223Parra, Ma. Leibniz Charisse D.Gr. 09St. Paul College, Pasig
224Penoliar, Zaira Mae P.Gr. 09Gen. Pio Del Pilar National High School
225Policarpio, Patrick NinoGr. 09Philippine Science High School - Main
226Que, Neil Bryant A.Gr. 09Bayanihan Institute
227Ramones, Nino Philip C.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
228Roberto, Ronnie Vience P.Gr. 09Philippine Science High School-Main
229Shi, Charles Justin G.Gr. 09Philippine Cultural College Caloocan
230Taberdo, Jarek O.Gr. 09Makati Science High School
231Tan, Audrey Gabrielle P.Gr. 09Malayan High School Of Science
232Tiongson, Jesper Chris T.Gr. 09Gen. Pio Del Pilar National High School
233Tropicales, Bert JosephGr. 09Philippine Science High School-Main
234Valeriano, Elcid B.Gr. 09Westfield Science Oriented School
235Yapan, Miguel Carlo S.Gr. 09Makati Science High School

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