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Jul 19, 2017

The Australian Mathematics Competition, one of the world’s largest school-based mathematics competitions with more than 14 million entries since 1978, is scheduled to take place in MTG training centers and selected schools in the Philippines on Thursday, August 3, 2017. 

The Australian Mathematics Trust clarifies some of the following concerns:

A. SITTING THE COMPETITION ON AN EARLIER DATE IS NEVER PERMITTED. This would jeopardize the validity of scores from all schools. 

B.EXTRA TIME: If there is an unplanned distraction, such as power failure or noise disturbance, the competition supervisor may make a professional judgment on granting students extra time. Students with disabilities may be granted reasonable extra time.

C. WRITING MORE THAN ONE PAPER: As some questions appear on more than one paper, students may not submit more than one paper. If more than one set of answers for a student is recorded, only the lowest score will be recognized.

D. Competition package: The test administrator will receive the package that should contain:

• competition papers

• plastic envelope/s for return of answer sheets

• pink certification form

• answer sheets 

The test administrator must store flat the package in a secure place until the day of the competition. If extra answer sheets are required these must be obtained from the MTG National Office. AMT cannot mark photocopies or answer sheets from previous years. In each division, the testing center receives extra competition paper. These can be photocopied if necessary. The testing center receives extra answer sheets. Note: The school will be charged the standard entry fee for each additional answer sheet returned.

The total number of entrants for each testing center is coded onto the testing center address labeled as shown, 

For example:  MP/11  UP/11  J/56  I/48  S/23  A/147 

Each participating school is assigned its own unique school code

MP/11 indicates 11 Middle Primary papers (10 registered + 1 extra)

UP/11 indicates 11 Upper Primary papers (10 registered + 1 extra)

J/56 indicates 56 Junior papers (55 registered + 1 extra)

I/48 indicates 48 Intermediate papers (47 registered + 1 extra)

S/23 indicates 23 Senior papers (22 registered + 1 extra)

A/147 indicates 147 Answer sheets (144 registered + 3 extra)


Note: The total number of papers and answer sheets will not be the same.

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