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Jun 11, 2019

The Mathematics Trainer’ Guild, Philippines has revealed another lineup of young Filipino mathematicians who have been chosen to represent the Philippines in the 2019 China Primary Math Olympiad which will be held on July 26-31, 2019.

The prospective participants must send their confirmation of participation by filling out the form in the link below not later than Saturday, June 15, 2019. 


2019 CPMO Registration Form


 For queries, you may contact the person-in-charge through email addresses mtg.cpmo@gmail.com

As soon as the person-in-charge receives the confirmation, he/she sends out the registration form and other initial requirements for compliance.

These are the following students assigned to join in the 2019 China Primary Math Olympiad:


1Alan, Gabriel Sebastian L.Gr. 3Tuguegarao North Central School
2Bauzon, Hans GabrielGr. 3Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.
3Hortelano, Kayl Eyher R.Gr. 3Catherina Cittadini School
4Lim, Gabriel Royce M.Gr. 3Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
5Mallari, Rhyan Yuan P.Gr. 3Taguig Integrated School
6Medina, Harvey C.Gr. 3Tenement Elementary School
7Mijares, Markiel Jaze M.Gr. 3Kapt. Eddie Reyes Integrated School
8Pancubila, Alexandrelle F.Gr. 3Maria Montessori Holy Christian School
9Pe, Daphne Lois L.Gr. 3Pace Academy
10Tizon, George AngeloGr. 3St. Francis Of Assisi College
11Aranda, Julleon MarieGr. 4Silangan Elementary School
12Autajay, Christian AllenGr. 4Antique Integrated School
13Buenviaje, Vonn Rydel P.Gr. 4Marist School
14Calicdan, John Remus C.Gr. 4Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.
15Dalut, Leigh Hans C.Gr. 4Minglanilla Special Science Elementary School
16Fortuna, John Liam R.Gr. 4St. Paul College Of Ilocos Sur
17Fortuna, Maria MaxineGr. 4Sped-Integrated School For Exceptional Children
18Leynes, Patricia Jhariz M.Gr. 4Silangan Elementary School
19Magno, Alfred Cj G.Gr. 4Iligan City Sped Center
20Marquez, MerleoneGr. 4Msa Whiz Kids Academy
21Merin, Jamara Denise C.Gr. 4Special Education Center For The Gifted
22Padillo, Alessandra Dennise L.Gr. 4St. Mary'S College Of Meycauayan
23Peliciano, Zach Levi J.Gr. 4West City Exceptional Child Learning
24Rebustes, Kyden Gabriel L. Gr. 4Infant Jesus Academy
25Sumogba, Heidrique KristoffGr. 4Falcon School
26Abdao, Djiren Riel L.Gr. 4Integrated Montessori Center
27David, Ma. Louise Felice M.Gr. 4Putik Central School Sped Center
28Escobedo, Seth A.Gr. 4Taguig Integrated School
29Espenocilla, Matthew R.Gr. 4Taguig Integrated School
30Fortuna, John Liam R.Gr. 4St. Paul College Of Ilocos Sur
31Fortuna, Maria MaximeGr. 4Sped-Integrated School For Exceptional Children
32Gapuz, Calvin Kyle T.Gr. 4Pangasinan Universal Institute
33Mendonza, Mark Christian Gr. 4Samar College, Inc.
34Molina, Maureen T.Gr. 4Pangasinan Universal Institute
35Panolong, Imran JibrilGr. 4Oro Christian Grace School
36Sy, Kiersten CandiceGr. 4Bethany Christian School
37Tan, Annika TheaGr. 4Chong Hua High School
38Torreña, Christopher JohnGr. 4Precious International School Of Davao
39Uy, Selene Jia V.Gr. 4Kong Hua School
40Enero, Stephen Karl P.Gr. 5Silangan Elementary School
41Garcia, Allyssa Mae Y.Gr. 5Agoo Kiddie Special School
42Lim, William MatthewGr. 5PAREF Springdale
43Mariano, Charlize Gabrielle D.Gr. 5Colegio San Agustin-Biñan
44Abgelina, Dana FrancescaGr. 5Colegio San Agustin Makati
45Almirol, AlyannaGr. 5Falcon School
46Bayate, Gideone ReyGr. 5Sped-Integrated School For Exceptional Children
47Berana, Jerrold Kyler VGr. 5Calamba Elementary School
48Bergantiños, Audrey Marielle Gr. 5Colegio San Agustin - Biñan
49Eligan, Andren MarieGr. 5Liceo De Cagayan University
50Gellido, Jhoenica Gr. 5Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.
51Mendez, Eric Fabian Deiv A.Gr. 5Ateneo De Naga University - Grade School
52Mendoza, Angelica A. Gr. 5St. Francis Of Assisi College - Dasmarinas
53Mendoza, Sebastian Rajo P.Gr. 5S.V. Montessori Puerto Princesa City
54Mendoza, Von MarkGr. 5Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.
55Palicpic, Liam Gabriel A.Gr. 5Stanford School Of Batangas
56Plaza, Democrito Miguel V.Gr. 5Butuan City Sped Center
57Briones, Marrion Mikyle Jairo R. Gr. 5Aklan Learning Center
58Bonyog, Patrick C. Gr. 6Aklan Learning Center
59Calderon, Josiah D. Gr. 6Bacoor Elementary School
60Cantila, Joseph Daniel L. Gr. 6Dr. Jose P. Rizal Elementary School
61Consulta, Kristoff Nathan B.Gr. 6Pinaglabanan Elementary School
62Dela Rama, Angelo James P.Gr. 6Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation, Inc.
63Paned, Hazze LaurenceGr. 6Upper Bicutan Elementary School
64Tabio, Miguel J.Gr. 6International School For Better Beginnings
65Abergos, Sean Arman E.Gr. 6Ateneo De Naga University - Grade School
66Alarcon, Xiomara Yezia C.Gr. 6Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation, Inc.
67Aparecio, Enrico Miguel Gr. 6Santa Rosa Elementary School Central 3
68Delumen, Markco RufinoGr. 6Kapt. Jose Cardones Memorial Elem School
69Emata, Denise Nicole M.Gr. 6Palar Integrated School
70Espino, John William M.Gr. 6Santa Barbara Ces
71Galban, Arienn G.Gr. 6Agoo Kiddie Special School
72Herrera, Janamae B.Gr. 6Kapt. Jose Cardones Memorial Elem School
73Machate, Natalie Danielle Gr. 6Colegio San Agustin-Biñan
74Mercado, John Paul R.Gr. 6Lourdes School Of Qc
75Pahilangco, RhiaGr. 6Palar Integrated School
76Parugrug, Carl HenrikGr. 6Villamor Air Base Elem.School
77Pinlac, William IiiGr. 6Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.
78Pinlac, William YohanGr. 6Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.
79Tomaneng, Elan VictoriaGr. 6Butuan City Sped Center
80Bagay, Hendrich Francis B.Gr. 5Tabaco Northwest Central School
81Castillo, Seth LukasGr. 5Centro Montessori
82Conquilla, Jossh WalterGr. 6St. Mary'S College Of Meycauayan
83Suarez, Lenard Sebastian M.Gr. 5Saint Francis Of Assisi College
84Martinez, Cedrick Matthew H.Gr. 5Butuan City Sped Center
85Real, Marc Janzen NGr. 5De Castro Elementary School
86Sarza, Jaycee D.Gr. 5East Rembo Elementary School
87Calderon, Sebastian B.Gr. 5Philippine Institute Of Qc
88Ang, Robert William C.Gr. 5Xavier School San Juan
89Yu, Clare Bernice D.Gr. 5St. Jude Catholic School
90Custodio, Hannah MelodyGr. 5Special Education Center For The Gifted
91Morales, Mikailah D.Gr. 5Cadiz West 2 Elem. School
92Chan, Alexandra LouisGr. 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
93Lim, Keane TimothyGr. 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
94Yong, Karl RovinGr. 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
95Camay, Denric MosesGr. 6University Of Santo Tomas - Legazpi

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