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Aug 10, 2019

The Filipino math wizards won their deal as seventy five of them reached first base, reaping medals, and awards in the 2019 China Primary Mathematics Olympiad which was held in HangZhou, China on July 26 to 31, 2019.

This year, sixteen whiz kids stayed ahead of the pack for winning gold medals in the individual contest. On the other hand, gleaming absolutely under the sun were the twenty five mathletes for winning silver medals and thirty four others for bringing home a bronze medal each, still in the individual contest.

The winning streak continued as the Filipino primary students grabbed twelve gold, eighteen silver and twenty three bronze medals and twenty two merit awards in the team contest. Furthermore, the Pinoy whiz kids also garnered nine gold, nine silver and seventeen bronze medals plus seventeen merit awards in the relay competition.

These are the complete lists of winners in CPMO for the individual, team and relay contests.   

No.NamesSchoolsGrade IndividualTeam
1Medina, Harvey C.Tenement Elementary School3GoldSilver
2De Sotto, Rhianna Mikaella V.South Cembo Elementary School3GoldGold
3Pancubila, Alexandrelle F.Maria Montessori Holy Christian School Inc3GoldGold
4Alan, Gabriel Sebastian M.Tuguegarao North Central School3SilverGold
5Lim, Gabriel Royce M.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School3SilverBronze
6Mijares, Markiel Jaze M.Kapt. Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School3SilverSilver
7Padayao, Rhian Louise San Antonio Village Elementary School3SilverMerit
8Escalona, Bernardo Isaiah IIIDE LA SALLE SANTIAGO ZOBEL SCHOOL3SilverMerit
9Aguada, John Iain Inigo V.De La Salle Santiago Zobel School3SilverBronze
10Madrazo, Lance Gabriel T. Zamboanga Chong Hua High School3BronzeMerit
11Macapodi, Sittie Reham G. San Antonio Village Elementary School3BronzeMerit
12Dizon, Miara B.Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School3BronzeMerit
13Mallari, Rhyan Yuan P. Taguig Integrated School3BronzeSilver
14Tan, Anykka Thea W.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School3BronzeBronze
15Chua, Jaslene SophiaSAINT JUDE CATHOLIC SCHOOL3BronzeMerit
16Panolong, Imran Jibril A.Oro Christian Grace School4GoldGold
17Gapuz, Calvin Kyler T.Pangasinan Universal Institute4GoldGold
18Leynes, Patricia Jhariz M.Silangan Elementary School4GoldMerit
19David, Ma. Louise Felice M.Putik Central School Sped Center4SilverSilver
20Tiu, Henry IIIAgusan Del Sur Pilot Learning Center4SilverMerit
21Sy, Kiersten Candice D.P.Bethany Christian School 4SilverSilver
22Escobedo, Seth A.Taguig Integrated School4SilverMerit
23Fortuna, John Liam R.St. Paul College Of Ilocos Sur4SilverSilver
24Tan, Ayianna Therese W.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School4BronzeBronze
25Uy, Selene Jia V.Kong Hua School 4BronzeBronze
26Espenocilla, Matthew R.Taguig Integrated School4BronzeMerit
27Autajay, Christein Allen T.Antique Integrated School4BronzeMerit
28Dalut, Leigh Hans C.Minglanilla Special Science Elementary School4BronzeBronze
29Rebustes, Kyden Gabriel L.Infant Jesus Academy Kalibo4BronzeGold
30Aranda, Julleon Marie E.Silangan Elementary School4BronzeMerit
31Rodriguez, Joaquin Gabriel A.San Beda College Alabang5GoldGold
32Plaza, Democrito Miguel V.Butuan City Sped Center5GoldMerit
33Bagay, Hendrich Francis B.Tabaco Northwest Central School5GoldBronze
34Mendoza, Von Mark II D.V.Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. 5GoldMerit
35Luya, Aurelio Nicolas D. San Beda College Alabang5SilverSilver
36Awingan, Elisha Kharyl D.R.Upper Bicutan Elementary School5SilverSilver
37Perez, Jakob ImmanuelWest Central Elementary School5SilverBronze
38De Sotto, Rhianna Mikaella V.South Cembo Elementary School5SilverSilver
39Morales, Mikailah D.Cadiz West Ll, Elementary School5SilverGold
40Yong, Karl Rovin Y.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School5SilverGold
41Briones, Marrion Mikyle Jairo R.Aklan Learning School5SilverMerit
42Lim, William MatthewPAREF Springdale5BronzeSilver
43Enero, Stephen Karl P.Silangan Elementary School5BronzeSilver
44Padayao, Rafael LaurenceSan Antonio Village Elementary School5BronzeMerit
45Lim, Keane Timothy M.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School5BronzeMerit
46Uy, Sam Jacob V.Kong Hua School 5BronzeMerit
47Sarza, Jaycee D.R.East Rembo Elementary School5BronzeBronze
48Hernandez, Donn Yzachar E.University Of Perpetual Help System Dalts5BronzeMerit
49Martinez, Cedrick Matthew H.Butuan City Sped Center5BronzeMerit
50Arago, Sydny Ryz Cameron P.Silangan Elementary School5BronzeBronze
51Bagalanon, Ashera Cdyne B.Kapitan Jose Cardones Memorial Elementary School5BronzeSilver
53Dagale, Angelo Josel D. Rizal Elementary School5BronzeMerit
54Tomaneng, Elan Victoria G.Butuan City Sped Center6GoldSilver
55Emata, Denise Nicole M.Palar Integrated School6GoldSilver
56Mercado, John Paul R.Lourdes School Of Quezon City6GoldGold
57Galban, Arienn G.Agoo Kiddie Special School6GoldGold
58Gomos, Jose Ma. AlfonsoSan Beda College Alabang6GoldBronze
59Malazarte, Stephani Kyle P. Sen. Rene Cayetano MSTHS6GoldBronze
60Baniqued, Marky Miguel CLourdes School Quezon City6SilverBronze
61Cantila, Joseph Daniel L.Dr. Jose P. Rizal Elementary School6SilverSilver
62Bonyog, Patrick C.Aklan Learning Center6SilverBronze
63Paned, Hazze Laurence U.Upper Bicutan Elementary School6SilverBronze
64Agmata, Jolita M.Philippine Yuh Chiau School6SilverBronze
65Calderon, Josiah D.L.Bacoor Elementary School 6SilverGold
66Bauan, Darling A.Silangan Elementary School6SilverBronze
67Tirazona, Kert Jireh N.Silangan Elementary School6BronzeBronze
68Delumen, Markco R.Kapt.Jose Cardones Memorial Elementary School6BronzeBronze
69Fernandez, Prince Matt Joseph P.Taguig Integrated School6BronzeSilver
70Caranguit, Milcah Kaye R.Tenement Elementary School6BronzeBronze
71Cuanico, Francis Maxel T.Don Bosco Technical Institute - Victorias6BronzeSilver
72Cinco, Kyle Loeffler T.Taguig Integrated School6BronzeBronze
73Herrera, Janamae B.Kapitan Jose Cardones Memorial Elem School6BronzeSilver
74Pahilangco, Rhia C.Palar Integrated School6BronzeBronze
75Chua, Sean Justin G.St. Jude Catholic School6BronzeBronze

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