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Nov 16, 2019

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild, Philippines and Philippine Board of Studies Foundation, Inc. have welcomed the KGL English – Philippines Contest, the fastest growing language competition which has been available globally for years now. The KGL English, organized by the International Testing Authority, can be taken by students up to the age of 18 provided they are learning English as a foreign language.

The registration is now open until January 24, 2020. The stage 1 is scheduled on February 8, 2020.

What makes KGL popular?

  • KGL motivates students through a rewarding fun contest.
  • KGL tests are of the highest quality and standards.
  • All KGL Contestants receive a result and information on criteria for selection to Stage 2
  • All levels linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Medals and Certificates are awarded for all winners at each level.
  • Prepares students for future language assessments.

Entry Requirement:

Contestants must enter at their current level. The current level is defined as the level a student was at by the end of the previous academic year. (Example:  Student “A” who was at level A2 at the end of the academic year 2019 can participate at level A2 in February 2020).

A contestant who participated in Stage 1 of the previous contest but did NOT progress to Stage 2; is allowed to participate at the same level in the current contest. (However, a contestant who participated in Stage 1 of the previous contest and progressed to Stage 2 is not allowed to participate at the same level in the current contest).

In order to participate in the KGL Contest contestants must meet the age* requirements below:



Suggested Grade Levels

Pre A1

BORN AFTER 01 JANUARY 2009 (max 11)

1 and 2


BORN AFTER 01 JANUARY 2008 (max 12)

3 and 4


BORN AFTER 01 JANUARY 2006 (max 14)

5 and 6


BORN AFTER 01 JANUARY 2005 (max 15)

7 and 8


BORN AFTER 01 JANUARY 2003 (max 17)

9 and 10


BORN AFTER 01 JANUARY 2002 (max 18)

11 and 12

How to Join:

For more information about the registration requirement, please click this link: 2019 KGL English - PH Invitation

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