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Mar 18, 2020

The MTG Philippines is one with the Philippine government urging all its trainees to stay home in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 which the World Health Organization declared as pandemic.

In these trying times, the home is still the best place to be for it is where the heart of the family is because it ensures comfort, safety and security for all its members. But for a home with a math wizard, it is more exciting if he/she is in the “in-house” with MTG at his/her own home through the ONLINE TRAINING!

Therefore, all qualified MTG trainees who want to be in the “in-house” at their own home can easily make their payment through BPI online banking transaction (Transfer Money) to this Account Number, 1405-0002-68.  On the “NOTE” part, please indicate the following details: Name of student, grade level and mobile number.

Once payment is made and registration is completed, the MTG Philippines will send through email all lessons covering the sessions of the “in-house” a week before the online training starts. In this manner, the trainee has complete materials to work on or answer the problems first before following the particular lesson with detailed solutions presented online.

The Online Training starts on April 5 to 8, 2020.

NOTE: Since this is an online training, please DO NOT anymore comply with the following requirements:

a.       Printed electronic bar code (EBC)

b.      Medical Insurance

c.       Waiver from the parent

d.      Medical Certificate


This year’s sessions include some of the following topics:

Youngster Group: Age Problems; Chicken and Rabbit in a Cage Problems; Counting Small Cubes; Make a List, Make a Table; Missing Digits in Arithmetic Sentence; Quickies and Tricky in Calculation; Separating and Combining Figures; Simple Reasoning; Sum of Two Expressions and Working Backwards

Middle Primary Division: Speed Distance and Time; Cryptarithms, Planting Trees Problems, More on Chicken and Rabbit in the Cage Problems; Counting Embedded Figures; More on Number Theory; Fractions and Estimation; Ratio and Proportion; Finding Average

Upper Primary Division: Number System and Applications; More on Special Numbers: Square, Even and Odd; Word Problems Related to Percents; Geometry and Pie Chart; Simple Polynomials and Problem Solving; Expansion of Algebraic Expression with Applications; Reasoning and Presentation of Solution; Challenge Mensuration Problems; and More on Tangram

Junior Division: More about Binary Operation on Numbers; Basic Inequalities; Intro to Proof related with Inequalities; Heron’s Formula and more…

Intermediate Division: Quadratic Equations; Indeterminate Equations; Problem Solving Using Auxiliary Lines; and Solving Higher Degree Equation and many more…

Enroll now and be a part of the first MTG online training!!!


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