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Jun 22, 2023

The 2023 MTG Young Mathematicians In-house Intensive Training Program (MTG YMIITP) of Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines (referred to as MTG) has been successfully completed from June 2nd to 4th in Cebu (Visayas and Mindanao regions) and from June 11th to 13th in Manila (Luzon and capital regions). After a day and a half of intensive training, the children's mathematical gifts were released to the fullest. After the esoteric test in the afternoon of the second day, the students enjoyed a delicious dinner relaxedly. In the evening, everyone gathered again in the activity hall and sat together in their class groups. There was a group for grades three and four, a group for grades five and six, a group for grades seven and eight, a group for grades nine and ten, and a group for grades eleven and twelve. They participated in two intellectual activity competitions arranged by the host, where all members worked together to discuss and brainstorm. The first was to use a pack of drinking straws to build a tower that was the same height as the human body and could stand.

These five groups of students, from children to teenagers, enthusiastically discussed and tried various methods, and finally "built" five towers within the set time frame. Some were based on triangles and others were based on squares, each with their own thoughts and ingenuity. The most interesting thing was that the youngest third and fourth graders first used some straws tied together as pile legs, and inserted the ends of some straws into others, then put the bundle of  into it and connected it to the foot of the pile, and surprisingly, he also stood up. The second item is that each group assigns a Sudoku (Sudoku) problem, and all members of the group cooperate to complete it within the set time. The parents who were present also automatically formed a team to participate, and the situation was very excited and enthusiastic. From these two activities, it is proven that children have powerful mental energy, waiting to be induced and cultivated by appropriate education.

In these two in-house training camps, outstanding students will be arranged to represent the Philippines in various international mathematics competitions.

At the closing and award ceremony of the Cebu training, we were honored to invite Salustiano T. Jimenez, Regional Director of the Seventh Region of the Department of Education as the guest of honor, while the Manila training had invited Yul Servo Nieto, Vice Mayor of Manila, City of Manila as the guest of honor.

The MTG Mathematics Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program, a 12 Saturdays regular training program organized by MTG, will officially resume face-to-face classes from September 2023 to February 2024. At that time, MTG will notify public and private schools in more than 50 cities and municipalities across the country. School principals, mathematics coordinators and parents are also welcome to contact the association to inquire about the registration information. Contact person: Robert Degolacion, mobile number: 09173246302, email address: confirmation@mtgphil.org.

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